Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Couch!

Fall had come early, outside was a mere 40 degrees, rain was falling, giving us that wet chill that would not go away. I had decided to start a fire in the fireplace, hoping that this would take away the chill. I had brought in a dozen or so logs, slightly damp, placing them near the fireplace.

Opening the screen, I positioned two logs so that fire will be easy to start. I light the lighter, reaching below the logs, slightly touching the flame to starter log. The flame raced across the starter log, light and heat began to radiate from the fireplace. Taking away that chill that lingered in the air, warmth was felt immediately.

I stepped back and went to the kitchen to fix myself a drink, something stiff, relaxing me even more, Captain and Coke should do just fine. Drink in hand I found myself fixing a comfortable spot on the couch. A couple of pillows in the corner, a blanket to cover up with, finding the remote I settled down. Looking through the television guide I found a movie just to my liking. Sipping from my glass, I found myself relaxed, enjoying my time to myself.

As I enjoyed my drink and time alone, I heard the garage door open to my surprise, she was home before I expected. She walked through the door, setting her stuff down, rushing to my side. Leaning over kissing me passionately, telling me how much she missed me. She had a glow about her, when she smiled, I could see her sparkle. I loved when she was happy, however, it always made me a bit curious about her intentions.

Smiling she told me she would be right back, leaving me for the bathroom. Patiently waiting I sat there on the couch, pulling the ottoman closer, making room for two. When she returned she was completely naked, climbing onto the couch, snuggling under my blanket. One cold hand on my lower back, the other found my cock. I felt my sac shrivel up, tight against my body. Her fingers teasing the head, playing with my circumcision. I began to stiffen, she took notice.

My left hand was playing with her hair, her body against mine, warming and comforting her. I could feel her hardened nipples pressing against me, I began to run my hand from her hair, down her shoulder. Lowering her head into my lap, her hands found the waist of my boxers, pulling them over my hips, down around my ankles. Looking up at me smiling, a twinkle in her eye.

Looking at my cock, while holding it in her hand, she lowered her mouth down over it, sensations of complete warmth surged through my body. My hand was on her back, digging my fingers slightly into her skin, she arched her back. I could feel her hand on my shaft, slowly stroking, as her mouth took the head. Looking down I could see her concentration, the smile in her eyes. I loved the way she was manipulating my cock, I could feel it getting harder in her mouth.

I began to slide my hand to her ass, she arched her back more, making it possible for me to reach her pussy. As my hand followed the curve of her ass, I felt the moistness that was between her legs. Overflowing onto her outer lips, almost dripping, enjoying the moment as much as I. A slight moan as I ran my fingers over her lips, then taking my index and middle finger, I plunged them deep inside of her. As I did this I could feel her excitement, stroking and sucking harder, exciting me even more.

As my fingers plunged inside of her, I massaged all of the walls, feeling for that slightly different textured patch, I knew when I found the G-spot. I always enjoy finding it, pressing it, rubbing my fingers over it. Driving her absolutely wild as the pleasurable pressure enticed her more. Knowing where it was, I began to systematically try to please her, circular motion, followed by deep plunges with my fingers. It was an absolute turn on, knowing she was enjoying my hand as much as I was enjoying her mouth.

I found myself getting more and more excited, having a hard time trying to hold back. Feeling her back arch, her moans, her determination to make me cum. Her pussy now soaked, juices flowing onto my hand, I could feel her getting close. Moving her ass and pussy, trying to position them so that my hand could hit the spots she wanted. Her mouth was now exquisite on my cock, I was close, very close, I announced that I was cumming. Humming with excitement, she took me all in, swallowing me as I came in her mouth. Concentrating on every last drop, knowing that I was still on edge, she teased the head some more. Keeping me thick and hard, wanting me inside her, she keep her mouth on the head, licking like a lollipop, savoring the moment.

She lifted her head, smiling at me, wiping the drop of cum from her lip. She giggled, pulling herself off of my hand. Standing up, she repositioned my legs, "its my turn" she said. Straddling my cock, she slowly lowered herself onto me. Her mouth has such a different sensation. It was warm and wet, with a slight rigidity with her jaw. Her pussy on the other hand was a warm oasis that my cock fit into so well. I could feel it was warmer, softer, needing to be fucked hard. I could feel the head of my cock pressed up against the cervix. Then when she would lean back, I knew when it was pressed against her G-spot.

She started slow, enjoying the fullness of me inside of her, slowly moving, adjusting, making it hit all of her right spots. Then without notice, apologizing for be direct, she had found that magical spot that she could not resist. She wanted to cum now! Her hips began that familiar rhythmic motion that I loved so much. Watching her expressions, feeling her body move, I knew was close to cumming. I reached up, pulling at her nipples, giving her another sensation to distract her, making her enjoy it for just a bit longer. I loved watching her breasts move above me, small perky and nipples erect. I could see the quivers on her face, those quivers and expressions that I see just before she cums.

Leaning back further she reaches around grabbing my balls, squeezing them, hoping to squeeze out another orgasm. Her body shakes, I feel the cervix contract, sending sensations over the head of my cock. The walls of her vagina squeeze my cock, tickling the head, her hand on my balls. All of these sensations work to my advantage, sending me over the top, cumming again inside of her, causing my toes to curl, my body to shake.

As our bodies shake from the sensitivity, she slowly slows down her pace, enjoying the feeling of each other together. Two pieces of a puzzle, meant to fit together, a perfect match. I reach up with my hands cupping her breasts, she smiles and laughs, gazing into each others eyes. She lowers herself for a kiss, our lips meet, touching and tasting each others sweet taste. Her breasts now pressed against my chest, bodies together, we lie there, wishing this moment would not end.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Enjoying my touch!

I stand behind her, hands on her shoulders, pulling her hair aside. Exposing her succulent neck, innocently waiting to be kissed. My lips touch her soft skin, she tastes sweet and innocent, succumbing to my touch.

The smell of her hair arouses my senses, her body melting in my arms, my hands begin to explore. My hands run down her arms, her soft skin feels silky against my calloused hands. Goosebumps raced across her body as it shivered under my touch. She gasped, releasing her tensions unto me.

My hands at her waist, slip under her shirt, feeling her abdominals tighten as I run them up to her breasts. She inhales deeply, I then take her breasts into my hands encompassing them, pulling her body tightly to mine.

My mouth continues to kiss and taste her neck, she has submissively given herself to me. Using my fingers I circle her aerola's, her nipples poking straight out. Using my teeth, I grab the material of her shirt, pulling it off of her shoulder. I nibble across the top of her shoulder as she moans in ecstasy.

My hands slide down the sides of her body, picking up the bottom of her shirt, sliding it up and over her head. I now turn her so we are face to face, staring in her eyes, I see her begging for me to take her. I reach up into her soft and silky hair, my hand runs across her scalp. Closing her eyes she enjoys my touch, firmly I grab her hair at the root, clenching it in my fist. She gasps deeply, pulling her head to the side, exposing her neck, my lips touch her soft skin again, kissing and sucking as move my way to her shoulder.

My left hand reaches behind her back, unclasping the bra, it falls to the floor. Her breasts perky, nipples hardened, pointing at me. I move my mouth down her shoulder, towards her breasts. My right hand still in her hair, grasping firmly, she is at my mercy. I place her nipple in my mouth, tasting succulent, her gasps deepen in pleasure.

No words are said, I feel her breath, she moans, I know she enjoys my touch!

Monday, August 24, 2009


A selfish act to take one's own life. Leaving those who love you, wondering, lost, confused and alone.

Twenty years of responding to medical calls, seventeen to fire calls, suicide is one that still confuses me. A few years back I was faced with three suicides in three shifts, all but one died. Two were fathers, one was single man, I remember walking away from the house after being approached by one son "What are you doing at my house?" My reply was simple "You need to go talk with your mom." I remember his face all of about 14 years old. Not knowing that his father would be pronounced dead later that day, heart still beating, brain dead from lack of oxygen.

Many times I wonder, in those last few moments, what they were thinking. One of partner's put it simply yesterday "revenge" Is it revenge to your family, the loved ones that huddle in grief, reeling from seeing your body, lying or hanging here? The person's that they are seeking revenge do have to live with it for the rest of their lives, however, that is only one person maybe two, what about the rest of the people that will be there if you were to call them. Stand by your side, hold you, comfort you, help you through this difficult time.

A few years back I attended a funeral for a fire fighter, he took his own life in the garage, hanging himself before dinner. Dinner arrived that evening, someone went to the garage to find him hanging. His comrades were dispatched, with their heart and souls they attempted to revive their friend and colleague. With no avail they were unable to restore his life. During the funeral I sensed the good that this man had done, a leader, a father, husband. He was distraught over the murder of his son, leaving the family without a father, my heart goes to his family, friends and colleagues.

Time and time again, no matter what the circumstance, people are left grieving the loss of a loved one. Children left with out a parent, a parent left with out a child. There is no revenge, there is family left empty and alone with loss of the one they love. Nothing is gained and everything is lost.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Destination Unknown

I just needed to clear my head, no real destination planned. I packed as much as I could fit on my Harley, three pairs of jeans, three shirts, 3 pair of boxers, all stuffed in my bags. A small two person tent, sleeping bag, all strapped to the seat. I was also able to find a spot for my small toilette bag, leaving me life’s minimum's for my time away.

As soon as I left suburbia, my wheels hit the open road, the rumble of the bike began to mesmerize me. Leaving my past behind me, watching it fade as I accelerated. I found myself searching for my soul, searching for my purpose in life, wondering who I had become. My bike was now my partner, helping find the person who I had become.

A few hours later I found myself pulling into a small town, small enough that the only businesses around were three bars and a convience store. Fortunately the gas pumps took credit, I filled my tank, pulled out my map, finding where I was, looking for my next path. I walked inside, the air was cool, and I suddenly felt the sweat on my back. I opened the cooler, grabbing a blue Gatorade, trying to refresh my electrolytes. I walked up to the counter pulling out my wallet, while the man rang up my purchase.

Leaving the store I noticed a nice oak tree adjacent to the property, so I fired up the bike and parked it near the tree. I took off my riding jacket, hanging it on the handle bars, sitting down and resting my back against the tree. I slowly drank my Gatorade, relaxing and enjoying the quietness. I checked my phone, no messages, so I placed it back into my pocket. About fifteen minutes passed and I began to gear up, climbing on my bike, I returned to the road.

Riding through the countryside was relaxing, enjoying the sights and smells while I rode. The only thing I could really hear was the faint music over my pipes rumbling that so familiar Harley tune. I felt as if I were part of the scenery, becoming one in itself. Riding through the hills and valley's, passing through small towns along the way. Stopping every so often to stretch my legs, hydrate, occasionally filling up the tank.

The day was nearing the end as I rolled into this small town of about 1,500 people, a small hotel sat on its edge, the vacancy sign still lit. I pulled the bike into the parking lot, there were about nine cars in the parking lot. The front was brick with black shutters, clean looking, a neon sign hanging over the center door “OFFICE ". As I walked into the office, it looked as if it were the woman's room with a counter. A bell rang over the door as I entered, a cute strawberry blonde woman stepped from her kitchen, smiling, wiping her hands, as she walked towards me.

Her voice had a southern drawl to it, eight hours from home and south, you begin to notice the little things. She was wearing a black tank top without a bra, her nipples poking through. Her smile was quirky, her lips raised more on the left side than right, and teeth were straight and white. She could tell I was tired from the road, immediately asking me "King or Queen?" "King" I said, thirty nine dollars, “You take Discover?" I asked. "Sure do, you must be a city boy!" She said.

I explained I was from the suburbs of Chicago, out to find myself again. "That's how I ended up here" she said. I took my key, thanking her, I exited, walking down the sidewalk to my room. The building was immaculate, not run down at all, I was quite surprised of its cleanliness. Old fashioned like with an actual key, I opened my door. A fairly recent update had been done to my room, newer beige carpet, large 32 inch TV. Not the standard 27 that you find in most budget hotels, fairly new furniture as well. The maroon bed spread was nicely made, wash cloths folded like shells on the bed.

I quickly undressed, turned on the shower and lay on the bed naked. I grabbed the remote and surfed for something good to watch, finally deciding on the weather channel, looking at the forecast for the next couple of days. Once a commercial came on I jumped into the shower. The water was cool, with a touch of warm, closing my eyes as it rained down on me. I just stood there for a few minutes, allowing my body time to relax. I soon lathered up, rinsing the sweat and dirt from my body, my skin felt refreshed.

Turning the shower off, I pulled the curtain open, the cold air felt good. Dripping wet I stepped out onto the bath mat, grabbed a towel, and wiped my face. The towel added warmth to my body, between my wet skin, the cold air conditioning, I was feeling chilled. Drying off my body, I walked over, pulled the bed spread back, again lying on the bed. My naked body enjoying the feel of the clean sheets against my clean body.

Tired from the road, refreshed from my shower, I quickly fell asleep. I was unsure how long I had slept when I awoke to the knocking on my door. I felt as if I had been asleep for a few moments, disoriented and confused I sat up on the edge of the bed. In reality I had slept for almost two hrs, the clock read 9:04pm. I stood realizing I was naked, grabbed my towel wrapping it around my waist, I went to the door. “I will be right there!" I hollered. With the door chained at the top, I opened it slightly, peeking through the crack.

There she stood, the cute lady from the office, holding a plate of food. "I noticed that you hadn't left Ric, I thought you might like some dinner." I reached up and unhooked the chain. I slowly opened the door, standing there in my towel, again I saw her quirky smile. Wondering if she treated all her quests this way. "Thanks, I appreciate the hospitality." "My Pleasure" she exclaimed, as she handed me the plate. I could see her looking, my cock was pressing against the towel, her nipples poking through her shirt.

Sheepishly standing in my door, I offered for her to join me. Explaining that she shouldn't as she stepped into my room. I set the plate down at the table, with only one chair, she sat on the edge of the bed. Meatloaf, potatoes and carrots, a good home cooked meal. We discussed how we both ended up in this small Kentucky town. As I finished my plate, she graciously stood up, picking up my plate.

As she went to leave, I thanked her for dinner. Stopping at the door, turning around, staring at me, afraid to say too much, she smiled again. I then took the plate from her hands, set on the table as I approached her. I could see her take a deep breath, anticipating my next move. I gently brushed the strawberry blonde hair from the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were closed now, my hand continued into her hair, touching her scalp, sending chills down her spine. Her nipples now erect, poking further out of her shirt.

I then touched my lips to hers, I felt her exhale in relief. Turning her around, I slowly walked her to my bed. My body pressed against hers, my lips pressed against hers. I could taste the lip gloss that she was wearing, sweet bubble gum, it made her lips shimmer. The smell of her washed hair,it smelled fruity, felt silky. Her arms remained by her side, submissive to my touch. My towel fell to the floor, now naked, she hardly noticed. She was consumed by my lips, my body, and the moment in which we shared.

My hands found the bottom of her shirt, lifting it over her head, our lips separated for only a moment. Her bare chest pressed against mine, I could feel her nipples pressing into me. Her nipples were rosy pink, surrounded by the white triangles created from her bikini. I always have found that very sexy. My lips left hers, pulling her hair aside. Kissing the nape of her neck, down to her shoulder, then to her breasts. Her hands still by her side, submissive, waiting for direction. My hands grabbed her ass, I heard her moan in pleasure. Walking my fingers around her waist, I began to unbutton her shorts, then unzipping them. Slowly I walked her shorts over her hips, dropping them to the floor.

She could feel my cock pressing against her now, she only stood 5'4. I was 6'1, finally her hands were on my sides. Our bodies touching, finding each others souls. We kissed and touched as long as we both could hold out, finally she sat on the edge of the bed, taking me into her mouth. Cupping my balls while stroking with the other, her mouth wrapped around me, sucking and teasing my cock. Looking up at me, hair on her cheek, amazing green eyes looking up at me. Stopping, she smiled, she pushed herself back onto the bed, spreading her legs wide. Touching herself, showing me her wetness, then taking her finger and sucking it clean.

I climbed onto the bed, lifting her legs onto my shoulders. Grabbing a pillow, placing it under hips, I slowly began to enter her, slowly sliding inside. I pressed slowly, she was soaking wet, I was very thick for her small frame. She moaned with pleasure, asking me to fuck her, I went slowly, while she begged for more. I could see the urgency of her willingness to cum, teasing her with my cock, I made her wait. Her urgency turned into desperation, she reached down with her hand, trying to masturbate herself. I grabbed her wrists, placing them above her head. My thrusts became harder and deeper, her legs now wrapped around my waist. Her breasts moving with her body, everything in motion, suddenly without warning. She began screaming with pleasure, and then her quirky smile was seen again.

I leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips, my cock resting inside of her. I could feel my pulse in my cock, it wanted to unleash it fury deep inside. She then pushed me off, rolling me onto my back, kissing me, then my nipple. Looking at me with those green eyes she slowly worked her way down my abs. Without warning she took me back into her mouth. Savoring her own juices, she giggled as my cock grew more, it excites a man when a woman is willing to suck her own juices.

Her eyes were now dancing with excitement as she climbed on, one leg raised, lowering herself down. She gasped from the fullness as it touched her favorite spots. Both knees on the bed, she began moving her hips slowly. Working my cock into the right places, rubbing her clit on my pubic hair. One hand in her hair, the other holding a breast. As her rhythm increased she lowered her hands down to my chest, looking for balance. I placed my hands on her hips to help her move, pushing and pulling, increasing the rhythm. Her facial expressions let me know she was nearing an orgasm. Using my strength, I forcibly increased our rhythm more, feeling her pussy clamp down on my cock, quivering around it, causing me to release a strong, long lasting orgasm.

Collapsing onto my chest, she just lie there, both catching our breath. Still inside of her, I could feel her insides still quivering, causing my cock to quiver as well. Rolling over on our sides, staring into each others eyes, kissing, holding. Content from the lust that we both had shared. Slowly she began to get up, visiting the bathroom, then grabbing her clothes. I watched her get dressed, enjoying her being, her quirky smile, a smile that I will remember for a lifetime.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen~ Spy Camera's

In light of the recent Erin Andrews video I began to think about spy cameras. How a simple camera can change your life. I began researching spy camera's and was amazed at how small and how simple they have become. Many have transmitters so that you stream it to a computer nearby. It is kind of scary when you see some of the examples of camera's that I found. The cost of some of the camera's is below $100, however, where there is a will there is a way. So next time your in a hotel room, remember, you never know who's watching.

1. Watch Camera-So when your at dinner and a man is keeping his watch under the table, maybe he is trying to get a glimpse of under your dress.

2. Electric Razor- Next time your masturbating in the shower, you could being filmed.

3. Necktie- Have you ever wondered why that guy keeps hanging around you or if your sleeping with someone at work, maybe your being filmed. Yikes :)

4. Phone Camera- Everyone has a camera on there phone these days, however, this is a little cam that can transmit to a phone. Looks peephole size to me!
5. Pen Camera- Again that guy you keep flirting with and he keeps trying to sneak you into his office. Smile your on camera!

6. Outlet cover- Now this one scares the shit out of me, holy cow batman! How many times have you been in a hotel that has one of these by the desk that sits across from the bed.

7. Flouresent Light- Remember at work or in bathrooms, anyone can be watching us!

8. Small Camera- This is a camera all by itself, you can see how tiny it is, just imagine where you could put this thing.
9. Hairdryer- Now think about that reading about this it retails for about $520. If the person is a serious voyeur they can make that money back in a hurry. The purpose of this hairdryer is to assist salons in catching their thieves.

10. Small wonder- This camera is also small, it can fit into a pack of gum or look like a natural gaget that should be sitting on the counter.

11. Alarm Clock- Again who knows what hotel has these lying around. Let alone your spouse if they suspect you doing something that you shouldn't be doing.

12. Cigarettes- Smoke them if you got them, but not this pack, it will smoke your ass if your caught!13. Fire Alarm- As you probably guessed this is my absoulte favorite, they also have smoke detectors. Maybe this is why we get so many fire alarms...;)
Seriously they make these things in so many different objects, its absoultely scary. In today's world we never quite know if we are alone or if someone is watching. Happy Thursday Thirteen For more Thursday 13 CLICK HERE

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I know that this is supposed to be Wordless, however, I must thank the reader that submitted this picture for today's posting. xoxox~Ric

~I am always accepting photo's to randomly and anonymously post. So if you wish, feel free to email your sexy photo. No faces please!~

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Dinner with friends!!

It was a busy weekend as usual and we had dinner plans with a group of friends. I had worked the previous day and we were up most of the night. Tired and out of sorts, kind of in a funk, I really didn't want the evening drama. I really just wanted to sit at home with a drink, relax and fall asleep. I would have much rather had everyone over for a bonfire, drinking, falling asleep to every one's laughter.

Fortunately another couple decided to go early, knowing Olive Garden is busy, reserving a table for seven. With my unwillingness, we were the last ones to arrive, everyone was standing outside, still waiting to be seated. I was really happy that we hadn't left earlier, parking the car, my wife reminded me to smile. Leaning over the arm rest, kissing me, stroking my cheek, smiling, knowing that I was tired.

As we met everyone, smiles and hugs, we were all happy to see each other again. Although I felt the way I did, our group of friends are always a fun group of people. I especially enjoyed it when Kerri joined our group, her eyes danced and smile so inviting. She was the only single one, always flirtatious, always fun. Her presence made the outing a bit more tolerable. I always had a thing for her, my wife knew that as well,however, I was not female, so she was not a threat.

Finally we were seated and all talking, many ordered drinks. Everyone was catching up and the evening was flowing very well. I was fortunate to be seated between my wife and Kerri, still feeling out of it, I was a bit quieter than usual. Kerri elbowed me, asking if I were alright, I explained that I had a very long night before and was tired. Empathic her hand patted my knee, as she did so, I felt my balls tingle. A bit of arousal surged through my body, even if it were a friendly touch.

As the evening progressed, I did join into the conversation, finding Kerri and I having more of a one on one conversation. She was explaining to me that her girlfriend and her had recently broken off their relationship. I was surprised to hear that, I vaguely knew her, although I knew she existed. She never would join our outings, partially because we weren't part of the gay community. Our group being very open and diverse, accepted anyone wishing to join us.

Dinner being served, the conversation continued at a much slower pace. I ate about half of my meal and stuffed, feeling more tired with food in my stomach. I wiped my lips, placing my napkin back into my lap. My wife asking if I was OK, I reassured her that everything was fine, I was full. Giving me that look, knowing that I usually finish mine and hers, "really I am OK" I said with a smile. I then reached down touching her knee. Her soft skin was so inviting. I ran my hand up her leg, that was until she smacked my hand, "see I am OK" I said with a smile. Again I got that look, this time with a smile in return.

I noticed Kerri had finished her meal as well, again we began to talk, I was drawn to her more than usual this evening. Her cute little sun dress, sexy tan, the way her hair lie on her shoulder. I kept imagining her and my wife, knowing all to well that wouldn't happen, however I kept imagining. I also noticed her perfume, almost like what you smell on a stripper, this also didn't help matters in my opinion. I really felt as if tonight, I was going to get myself into trouble.

Conversation at the table then became very centered on Jim and Tracy, they announced that they were pregnant. Everyone was concentrated on them, bombarding them with all of those who?what?when? Followed by my "did you enjoy it" again I was hit by my wife, as everyone laughed. With everyone focused on them, Kerri reached down and placed her hand on my knee, I looked around the table, no one was looking. I looked at her and she smiled, now running circles with her fingers, I could feel my balls begin to tingle again.

I honestly did not know what to do, finally I reached under the table and placed my hand on her knee. Her skin much different than my wife's, I could tell that she used lotion much more frequently, silky to the touch. I felt her legs spread,allowing space for me to run my hand, reluctant I kept my hand on her knee. Then without notice, she graciously placed her hand on mine. Again, little circles with the tips of her fingers on the back of my hand, then she held my hand. I looked at her, a devious smile with the raise of her eyebrow.

My hand now on her leg, I suddenly felt my wife's hand on my knee, again small circles with finger tips, my cock surged to full thickness at this point. Kerri could tell that something was going on, looking over she saw my wife's hand under the table cloth as well. Upping the stakes, with her hand, Kerri began guiding my hand under her dress. Her skin was so soft, my hand now at mid thigh she stopped, I continued, never stopping me, continuously looking to see if anyone was watching. Everyone still focused on Jim and Tracy, no one aware of what I was doing.

My hand finally reached the point where her leg met her waist, I stopped, afraid that I may offend her, not to mention nervous as hell. I looked at her, she looking at me, waiting to see what I was going to do, she seemed as if she wanted me to touch her. I sat there, now running my fingers in circles on the inside of her thigh, wanting to feel her pussy, then her hand was on mine again, pushing me closer. She widened her legs a bit more, her leg pressing against mine, my hand then touched her lips. She was soaked, her pussy was literally dripping wet, I felt her hand leave mine, touching her own clit, I was extremely aroused at this point. Wanting so bad to fuck the shit out of her, then she pushed my finger to her clit, I could feel her body react to my touch.

At the same time I felt my wife run her hand to my crotch, I needed a distraction. This was getting out of control, looking for a way to stop this madness, I saw my wife's glass of water empty with ice, quickly reaching for it, I knocked it over. My wife moving her hand, reaching for the spilled glass. Trying to help, I went to move my other hand, Kerri grasped it firmly, keeping it right where she wanted it. Then with a smile, she let go, knowing that she didn't want to get caught either. She then excused herself to the washroom.

"That's a good idea, I will walk with you" excusing myself, I followed her. When we reached the restrooms, we smiled and laughed. She then admitted that she did not want to come to dinner tonight as well and how glad she was that she did. I too told her that this made my night much more enjoyable than I expected. I entered the washroom, tasting my fingers before I washed, she tasted sweet and fresh. I enjoyed her taste, wishing I could enjoy a meal instead of appetizer.

As I exited the washroom, she was waiting for me, hugging me, kissing me on the cheek, whispering her wishes into my ear. I whispered back that I would enjoy making her wishes come true. Smiling we both returned to the table to enjoy our dinner with friends.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A day of living the dream!

Yesterday at work was one of those days, one of those days that just wouldn't end fast enough. We begin our shifts at 7am and work till 7am the next morning. Looking at the department calendar we were scheduled for several public appearances. The sun was out and we were looking forward to meeting lots of good looking moms out with there kids.

The first hour of work is filled with checking our equipment, putting our gear in our respectable spots. Being in charge mine stuff goes into the right front seat, I run the computer, talk on the radio, responsible for my crew. I am also responsible for my station, ambulance and engine, all paramedic equipped. Soon after checking our equipment, everyone scurries to finish there chores. Just like home, bathrooms, floors, vacuuming all needs to be done, then back out to wash the engine and ambulance.

We ordered out breakfast from a local restaurant, soon to be off to our first assignment. It was 1030hrs and we were off to a local health club for their open house. We took 300 helmets for kids, slap bracelets, refrigerator magnets and other handouts. As we pulled in we were in shock, the crowd was over 500 and waiting, I guess that's what happens when they say free lunch, bags, handouts. Let alone the car seat safety check that they offered. People were everywhere, we actually had to turn on our emergency lights to get to our assigned spot. The even wasn't going to start until 1100hrs.

Of course we parked by the cops, we get along well with them. Smiling and joking, I am sure people didn't know what to think. All day long I was making comments about the one cop, how he started off in the back and graduated to the front of the squad car. He was posing for a picture with a child and told the kid " When you grow up, you don't want to be like him!" I expect that I will be pulled over soon. It was all in good fun.

We left for a medical call and the cops had to watch our handouts, people just began to help themselves. So it actually was put into protective custody. After our call we returned, meeting and greeting the public. I am a public education person for the department,however,days like these can start to wear on your nerves. Suddenly, I hear "Ric, Ric, Ric" I was like is that someone chanting my name, I know I have fans out there but really here in public. I look over and they are frantic, a baby was choking. Walking so not create a scene, people became more frantic, a nurse from the facility was a bit pushy and snubbed me a bit. Someone even said let the paramedics do their job! All was good and I went back to my post.

As the three hour event carried on we were bombarded handing out all of the supplies that we had brought. Some things that we noticed though were people coming back for more freebies, people we recognize you, you were already here. Not to make a scene we smile and give them seconds and thirds of our supplies. This happens all the time at events like this and it always amazes me.

What also amazes me are the questions. What was your worst fire? Do you really want to know, honestly, you want to hear about the five year old that we found and how the mom screamed! What is the grossest thing you have seen? Really you don't want to know. You guys have to respond to emergencies from this event? Yes we are on duty, providing a service, of course we still respond to people in need. The questions we field are really something else. Please don't ever ask whats the worst of anything from cops, firemen, nurses....imagine the worst and there you have it! My eyes have seen more death, diarrhea, vomit, blood, domestic violence, and the list goes on, than the normal person ever wants to see.

Finally at 1430hrs we leave, heading for one of our fire fighter's wedding. A bit exhausted from standing and being bombarded we head to the church. Ambulance, Ladder truck, fire engine all staged outside the doors. When the groom and his new bride exit the church our lights were flashing, followed by blasting of our horns. The bridal party then had their pictures taken on the ladder truck. Since this wasn't the equipment that the groom was assigned too, I made a comment during pictures "Shouldn't you be on a ambulance for this picture?" I really don't hold back, those of you that know me, I have no filter. Everyone was thinking it, I just have the balls to say it.

Our next stop was to Walmart, this is when I began to lose my tolerance for stupid people for the day. We are now required to keep a firefighter with the rig at all times. I volunteered because I thought both guys were about to pee their pants. Using the facilities, then shopping for dinner and grabbing some food for lunch. While they were inside, I fell asleep in the engine, to be awaken by an older lady. "Sir are you waiting for a fire?" I was like no maam...we are grocery shopping. " You must going to buy a lot of groceries to fill that truck!" I was actually speechless. I said" Excuse me, for three guys?" She muttered something and walked away. Not to be cynical here, but do people think that we don't eat? I was feeling frustrated from stupid people that I had dealt with all day, the guys were laughing at me. I am the department spokesperson per say, the loved seeing me all wound up with the stupid questions.

Soon after that we headed back to the station to sit down and have a quick bite to eat. We get back, hoping to rest for an hr before our next assignment, we respond to another medical. Not taking to much of our time we were able to come back and sit for a half hour. Followed by getting back into the rig to meet a convoy for a soldier returning from his tour in Iraq. His father being a Sergent from one of the police departments that we work with, a honor that everyone of our soldiers deserve. Don't ever forget to thank those who serve so that we can live in this fine nation.

Now 1830 we are back at the station, my engineer, makes us this fabulous pesto and beef tenderloin dinner served on tortellini. After clean up many of us passed out until our next call. The rest of the evening was filled with calls, medicals, burnt food at midnight, car accident at 0430, another medical at 0530. Finally at 7am I was relieved to be walking out the door. I really enjoyed the busy day I did, I enjoy meeting and talking with people. I love my job, it is the best job in the world. It truly is living the dream!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Hidden Camera

I had hidden cameras placed throughout the house, three in our bedroom, all discreetly placed. One was in the alarm clock that I replaced, another near the television and the third was in the smoke detector. I also had one placed in our bathroom, a lovely picture upon the wall.

I had always wondered what went on at home while I was away, always wondering how honest she was about her activities. Mostly I was interested in watching her masturbate, how she did it, her technique. Was she reading a book, playing online, watching a movie, these things interested me, consumed me. I was very into watching her, so much that after I began watching, I began recording, then watching them while I was away.

When I began researching these cameras, I was amazed at how small and hidden they could be, I was also amazed at how easily I could obtain them. The tricky part was finding a place to hook up my recording equipment. That too became easy, I decided to install cabinets into our master closet. Creating a secret spot for them to be hidden.

I had noticed that she spent a large amount of time on the computer prior to many masturbation episodes. Curious to her internet habits, I began feverishly searching for potential partners. She was very careful though, always erasing her history, I was never able to find evidence, and however, I knew it was there. My obsession with her became very compulsive, I was becoming paranoid beyond belief. Our sex life was now taking a toll, I couldn’t tell if it were me or if it were her.

I remember coming home, kissing her goodbye, business as usual around our home. Barely having time for each other, our marriage seemed as if we were single parents, forced to live together. Both of us always going in the opposite direction, forgetting to make time for each other, everything were always for the kids. Our sex lives consisted of me watching video of her orgasm’s while I jerked off. She was toying herself while chatting with some stranger on the screen of her computer.

It was that day however, that everything changed, and the cameras were witness to all of my fears. As I watched she was scantly dressed that evening, the kids were in bed early. She lies in bed, touching her breasts, teasing them, reading her book. She answered the telephone, it was me, I could see the annoyed look on her face. Looks of displeasure, the look that one has when they wish they could just hang up the phone. Like their worst enemy was on the other end, they were simply being nice.

Then the crooked little smile began to appear, the smile that I once knew from a long time ago. That sparkle in her eye, I was trying to remember our conversation, what had I said the sparked her interest again. My mind was swirling, grasping for that spark that I missed so dearly. Biting my lip, watching intently, watching her eyes dance, her finger touched her lip as if she was telling me to be quiet. Still trying to remember our conversation, I then saw him walk into the picture. It was not long after that when she told me goodnight, telling me she was tired, hanging up the phone.

My heart now racing, pounding in my chest, from excitement to fear, wishing I could rewind what I was now watching. I never had considered this possibility when this all began. What is going on, the room was spinning out of control, my mind racing. Anxiety was building, sweat now beading, my hands trembling, I could not stop watching. Tears now flowing from my eyes, my life shattered, wondering what my life had now become.

Meanwhile on the screen he undresses, climbing into my bed, his cock on her leg. His mouth touching hers, hands on her breasts, she succumbs to his touch. Her breasts now exposed, her back arching, his tongue dances around her nipples. My heart feels as it is being ripped from my chest as I watch. I stared in disbelief, wondering who he is, where did I go wrong.

She then reaches for his cock, stroking it, he lies back onto my pillow. She rises up, kissing his chest, down his belly, taking his cock completely into her mouth. His hand touches her pussy as she continues to eagerly take him in, stroking and sucking. I began to turn away, then turning back to watch, I really had seen enough. My body and mind numb from the shock of what I had just witnessed, I sat there, watching the whole video till the end.

Watching him lie there with her, the way we once had been, she was now his, I was merely a single parent, who spent time with my kids.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wishing she was here!

The house is still, kids in bed, I slowly make my way to my room. Checking the doors, they are all locked, lights off, the stairs creak under my feet. My yellow lab by my side, following me up the stairs. I place my hand on her back, she enjoys my touch. I look in on the kids. Tucking them in, making sure they are not too warm or too cold. Moving their bodies closer to the center of the bed. Innocently they sleep, my daughter reminds me of me, on top of the covers. My son, usually tucked under layers of blankets like his mom. Precious, loving children, I never knew what it meant to be a father, I am so glad I am.

I walk into my room, the bed is empty, no wife tonight. I hate going to bed alone, every third day at the firehouse is enough. There it is much easier, a twin bed, no room for anyone else. Tonight is a king bed, empty space where she should be, I feel the emptiness. I turn on the ceiling fan, the cool air circles throughout the room. The dog curls up on her chair, waiting to be tucked in, too old to join me, I tuck her, kissing he on the head.

Climbing into bed, I kick the blankets and sheets aside. Always too warm, needing the breeze to make me comfortable. I use two body pillows, placing them where my wife would be, cold and not warm, I pull them close to me. Holding them tightly, thinking of her, missing her touch, her warmth, her love. I turn on the television, looking for something to watch, I am restless. Setting the timer, I wonder where she is, hoping she is having fun, wanting her with me. A romantic movie now reminds me more of her, I toss and turn, thoughts of her racing through my mind.

The light still illuminates the room, I turn to my left side, shutting of the lamp. Now only the light from the television keeps me awake. My eyes are heavy, lonely, tired, my body begins to give up. My eyes are closed, I imagine she is near, holding me, wishing she was here!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shaving Bald

Rain had drenched the area for the past several days. Waking up this morning the air was fresh, sun shining bright, the smell of fresh mowed grass permeated the air. I lie in bed, stretching myself, loving the smoothness of the cranberry red sheets.

I rose out of bed and into the bathroom, turned on the shower, then walked to the toilet. Most of us men wake up erect when our bladder is full, mine was definitely full. Pulling my penis through the opening, I pressed it down so that I could aim for the toilet. The pressure in which I released was strong and powerful, refreshing, I could feel my penis getting smaller. Finishing I put the lid down, flushed and back to the shower.

Opening the door I could tell the water was hot, unlike others, I like a mediocre temperature shower. Placing my fingers in my waistband, I slid my boxer briefs down, kicking them to the laundry pile. With my left foot, I stepped in, the water refreshing to my skin. I stood under the shower head, water in my face, looking into it, waking my senses. Running my hands over my chest, then grabbing my cock, making sure it was wet too, cleaning the most important part of my body.

Reaching for the shaving cream, then squeezing some into my hand, I lathered my scalp. Slowly I shave the surface, until it feels completely smooth. My hand glides over it, smooth as a babies butt. Grabbing my bar of soap, I lather the rest of my body. Tantalizing my senses as my hand touches every part of my body. Taking extra care of my privates, lathering up my member, now becoming slightly erect again. As I cleanse the circumcision it feels good, not as good as when she touches it but good. I take some more time as my hand caresses my cock. My mind begins to wonder, images of women flash through my mind, wondering if I have what it takes to masturbate.

With no avail I change my mind, I grab the Oil of Olay body wash. Filling my hand again, I decide to lather my balls and cock. Grabbing the razor, I begin to shave my privates. It is sensual as the razor glides over my sac, my cock is now stiff. I run the razor down the sides, around the head, being very careful not to cut myself. Last time I found out how vascular the skin could be, however, the biggest problem that presented was that I couldn't cum for a couple of days. Now that is a tragedy.

A few minutes had passed, like my head, my balls were smooth and soft. I liked how sensual the were after I shaved. When I touched them it added the sense of awareness that I didn't notice before I shaved. The skin was exposed, wanting to be appreciated. My hand felt good on my cock and balls as I rubbed myself. I was very stiff, it ached it was so stiff. I stroked it a few more times and still it wasn't there, so I finished my shower.

Stepping out onto the rug, I grabbed a towel and began to dry myself. Drying my scalp first, then my body, eventually drying my legs. Finally I began to dry my cock, then my balls, the towel even felt different. I was enjoying the sensitivity that I hadn't experienced before. Today I just felt like shaving them, I am glad I did, I should have done this long ago.

Back in the bedroom I climbed onto the bed, the ceiling fan drying me the rest of the way. Naked and spread out, I lie there on those cranberry red sheets. The softness under my back, thoughtless I lie there watching the fan. She walked into the room, noting that I was naked, wondering what I was doing. That is when she noticed my cock and balls. Curious she touched them, cupping her hand around the sac.

Her warm hands against my slightly cool and damp skin. My cock still extremely hard, she squeezed it, making it twitch. She giggled, looking at me, then leaning over she placed her warm wet mouth over the head of my cock. As her mouth slid down the shaft I could feel the warm and wet sensation overcoming my thoughts. One hand still cupped on my balls, the other now wrapped around my shaft, the head in her mouth. She began to slowly suck my cock, feeling it twitch and move with every motion. Sighs of enjoyment as she bobbed up and down, her hand squeezing me harder.

Slowing down she looked up at me " I am glad you decided to shower!" Then taking me in her mouth she continued to suck my cock. I am so glad that I had decided to shower when I did, exposing my skin, allowing myself to experience senses that I had never experienced before.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

~Amazing shower~

The orgasm, one of the most amazing things one can experience, however, I have found it is just as satisfying to watch your lover orgasm. It has come to be just as satisfying to watch her cum as cumming myself. I still want to feel my release, however, I would much rather see her or have her release before me. I love watching and listening to a woman orgasm. As they breathe their nostrils begin to flare, short breaths, deep breaths, rib cage becoming exposed. Abdominal muscles tighten and contract, sometimes quivering in conjunction with the arching of their back. Finally the lack of self control as they release that powerful orgasm. Usually followed by slight quirky little smile of refreshment.

It seems as if the shower or bath is a common way for her to masturbate, probably because this is the only time she has alone. There are plenty of toys, I love buying toys, but it still takes time alone and with kids that time is hard to find. Always curious about her sexuality, I annoy her by asking if she came in the shower. Men would ejaculate every hour of the day if possible, just the way we or maybe I am wired. Curiosity always gets the best of me, I could watch and learn with women all day long, I am intrigued by the female body.

I heard her turn on the shower, running naked through the bedroom to get a couple of towels. Making fun of her, she laughed, smiled and ran back into the bathroom. It was soon after that when I heard the shower door open then close. I conveniently waited a couple of minutes to go ask her a question.

She like her showers hot and steamy, as I walked into the bathroom the steam clung to the ceiling. It reach down about a foot, creating a haze as I walked in. Unaware of my plans, I purposely was distracting her, letting her know I was going to be busy, allowing her those precious moments to masturbate. I wanted to watch her, it turned me on, so I tried to set the stage, hoping that she would believe that she had enough time to cum. Leaving the bathroom I closed the door behind me, again offering her much needed time alone.

I secretly opened our closet door and entered, leaving the light off, standing in there, watching and waiting. I knew this was the perfect spot, I accidentaly witnessed her doing this a few years ago, making me curious about how she likes to orgasm, raising questions, wanting to know what makes her click. My questions however, caused her to believe that I was jealous, in reality, I enjoyed watching.

As I stood in the in the closet, I peered through the crack of the door, hoping she would masturbate. Why I just didn't ask her if I could watch, I don't know the answer to that, maybe I was feeling naughty by being discreet. A few minutes passed and she was looking as if she was going to begin, sure enough she took down the hand held shower head. Spraying the wall, warming it for her back, giving her a place to brace against.

She began running water over her breasts, up too her neck, slowly warming herself up. While her mind wandered and dreamed in fantasy land, her nipples became more erect. One hand was now massaging her breast, as she lowered the shower head to her pussy, then back up to her neck. I could feel the surge of blood to my penis, now becoming hard and erect. I began stroking it slowly as I watched, her actions had me excited. Watching patiently, she then took her other hand, spreading her lips, exposing her clit. Lowering the shower head with a direct massaging stream over her clit. Her body flinched with the intense sensitivity, I could see her abdominals tighten, stomach quiver, as she moved the stream back and forth over her lips.

I was now extremely hard, cock in my hand, stroking slowly. Never intending to cum myself, I just naturally wanted to stroke it while I watched. She was now biting her lip, face grimacing, I knew it was getting intense. Bracing against the wall was getting difficult, her breathing was short, abdominals tight. Suddenly I heard a large gasp as she came, a slight moan came with it, her body shook. Such an amazing sight to see, totally amazed by her body and mind, it gave me great pleasure to watch. I loved that smile followed when she came, quirky and happy. The smile I always saw at her happiest moments.

Using the shower she then began to calm herself down, just as she did to warm herself up, now in reverse order. Placing the shower head back into the bracket, she then grabbed her shampoo, continuing with her shower. I then snuck out of the closet, going back to my to tasks that I told her I was going to be doing. Pleased that I was able to watch, I too was smiling.

After her shower she found me, wrapped in her towels, wiping her face. Looking at me, she said" Were you watching me shower?" " Why would you enjoy me watching you?" I replied. She then explained that with the door partially closed she felt as if I was watching her. I explained that if I wanted to watch, I would have stood there and watched. I was afraid that she had seen me, afraid that I had interrupted that little bit of personal space that she needed. She likes that thought of someone watching us making love, however, I was unsure how she felt about this.

So now when she showers, I make sure that I always pull a door part way shut or open. Making her wonder if I am there watching. Hoping that this adds to her fantasy, hoping that when she masturbates, that she has an explosive and pleasurable orgasm. I love helping and watching her orgasm, as I said before, it turns me on to watch her. Most times than not, watching her, always benefits me. Its amazing how that works! ;)

Have ever noticed, is your door, open or closed? Does the thought of someone watching turn you on?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~Hidden Beach~

Never quite knowing or planning for what our day may bring, we meander and decide on a moment’s notice, our next plan of action. This is what makes our vacations together fun and spontaneous. Many times, this is what creates life lasting memories. While busy making plans, life is what happens. Some of our best vacations or trips are just that, living life, expecting the unexpected, enjoying each other.

This anniversary is no different than the last 13 years that we have spent together.
The breeze blowing in off the ocean was cool, waves crashing; we could smell the sea salt and sun tan lotion in the air. Locals were mingling about the beach, surfers waited for the perfect wave. As we approached the beach itself, we stopped, removing our sandals. Stepping onto the sand our feet felt as if they were being exfoliated by the hot scorching sand. The sensual sensation could be felt through our bodies. Hand in hand we walked towards the crashing waves.

The Pacific Ocean was a new experience for us. I was there as a child, however, she had never been. It just so happen that for this year’s anniversary we could make this venture possible. Pulling each other close, enjoying each other’s company, smiling, laughing, and watching the locals. The waves were crashing and the sound of them was mesmerizing. We could have stood there all day, appreciating what others take for granted. Time felt as if it were standing still, being with the most important person in my life.

Taking in all that the beach had to offer, we continued to walk along the shore, the waves crashing, our feet leaving there impression in the wet sand. Two lovers acting like young teenagers in love, stopping occasionally to pick up shells. Laughing when waves surprisingly soaked our shorts, making fun of each other. While enjoying our time together we talked about life, each other, and those around us. Taking time to recognize the love that we shared.

While we were at the beach we decided to be a bit adventurous, coming across large rocks, where the waves were crashing up and over them. As the waves crashed into the rocks, the sound was thunderous. Reminding us of the power Mother Nature provides. Being the typical tourists we would stand at the edge, trying to capture the perfect picture, similar to the surfer trying to capture the perfect wave. Laughter filled the air when I took off running as I nearly was soaked by the incoming tidal wave.

Very few people were in this area, giving us a very secluded, romantic walk on the rocks. Appreciating everything that the day had provided, sun, ocean and each other. Knowing we were quite a distance from the beach, we had decided that we walk around the bend and then return to the beach. That is when we found the heaven that we will never forget. A small secluded beach in the middle of rocks that lined the coast line. Left all alone, we decide to make dreams come true.

We decided to relax on the beach, sitting at the waters edge, allowing the waves lap at our feet. As the hot sun could be felt on our skin, we could taste the sea salt that was evaporating on each other’s skin. We reminisced about our marriage, talking about how it all began, laughing at some of our adventures, reminding each other how we got to where we were today.

Still alone I kissed her lips, they were warm and slightly salty to the taste. I ran my hands through her windblown hair, heightening her arousal. I slowly untied her bikini top, exposing her breasts, placing her nipple in my mouth. Slowly circling the areola, then taking the nipple slightly between my teeth. Slowly grazing over the tip, with a small bite, chills ran through her spine. My cock was stiffening as I sucked her nipples.

Lying on the beach, sand sticking to our skin, waves lapping at our feet, still all alone I untie my swim suit and lower them past my waist. A bit uncomfortable I lowered them further past my knees. Taking her bikini bottom, I slid them to side of her lips, placing the head of my cock on her opening. With a slight pressure I entered her wet pussy. Pressing my body on hers, her legs at the side of my waist, moving slow and rhythmically. The sensation of sand and waves heightened our experience. Her moans of pleasure excited me more, wanting harder and more direct, I lifted her legs up over my shoulders. Now deep inside her, I began thrusting harder the same time she as she asked for harder.

As she became closer to her climax, she wanted to orgasm with me. Reaching down she grabbed my balls, knowing that this would put me closer to the edge. I could begin to feel my cock begin to tingle. I knew I was getting close, when I get close the top of my penis becomes very sensitive. The top where the circumcision meets the ridge, that is the spot that begins to feel real good and it was. The combination of her hands playing with my balls and then pressing on the area between my anus and sac. Occasionally I could feel the pressure of her hand, stimulating my g-spot, I was getting closer and she knew it by how hard I was thrusting.

Her moans began to increase, informing me that she was about to cum. I love watching her orgasm; it is just as good as cumming myself. Suddenly her she gasped and moaned loudly, I could feel her pussy contract and quiver around my member. Causing me to release a huge orgasm of fluid into her, with a loud expression as I came inside her. I now lie on top of her, kissing her, laughing about our animalistic behavior. Surprisingly a large cold wave of water crashed over the top of us, reminding us of where we were. I quickly pulled up my shorts, she quickly tied her bikini. Rinsing off in the ocean, we gathered our things and continued our walk back to the beach.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wet Ride

The sky was bright and sunny, temperature was in the mid 70's, perfect day for a ride. My morning was fill with the normal list of errands that I must complete. Hurriedly I ran from place to place, paying bills and picking up some necessities. Fortunately I was able to take the bike, however, I was feeling the need for a afternoon cruise. A nice afternoon alone, just me and the bike, soaking up the fresh air, the freedom that I so enjoy. No worries, no responsibilities. Just me and the bike.

I stopped at the gas station, fueling up, hoping that my afternoon would be filled with the freedom that I so needed. Quickly heading to the bank, depositing my wife's paycheck, making sure that I kept some cash for myself. I was standing at the teller's window when my phone vibrated in my pocket, a text message from my girlfriend. "I saw your out on the bike. Can I go for a ride?"

I bit my bottom lip, debating whether I wanted company for my ride. The thought of having her with was a hard decision, I knew she would repay me in the way that I liked.

Fortunately, today my wife was working and making excuses was not needed, so I decided to reply. "Usual place, at twelve thirty!"

Minutes later I received a short reply "See you then."

I left the bank, cruising home for a quick lunch. A sandwich, chips,a quick phone call and I was set to go. As I climbed on the bike, I straddled the machine. Turning the ignition on, the stereo begins to blare. Once the bike fires up, I will barely be able to hear it. I flip the run switch and then press start. The rumble of the bike resonates through the neighborhood.

I press in on the clutch, kick the gear shifter down. Slowly letting out, the bike pulls me away. The music is now faint, the classic oldies, a good upbeat sound to relax too. Sadly enough the classic oldies are not what I remembered them as, they were the hits when I was younger. A sign of the times I guess. As I motor to the next suburb, I enjoy the feel of the bike. Something about how the Harley feels underneath you. The rumble, power, the pure horsepower between your legs. I pull into the parking lot, Crystal was standing next to her car.

I was fortunate that her husband rode a bike as well, much easier to explain the biker gear this way. I always love the way she looks with her black boots, blue jean riding jacket. The way she ties up her blond hair, keeping it off of her neck. She is especially sexy when removes her helmet. What I like most, was the smile on her face the moment she saw me, it was that kind of smile that draws you in, makes you feel desired. By the time I got to her car, her helmet was already on, she was ready to go, quickly she climbed on and we pulled away.

As we rode out of the parking lot, Crystal squeezed me tightly, I loved the way she pulled herself near. We rode for about an hour west, getting away from areas that people would know us, although we still had to be careful. I enjoyed being by myself, however, Crystal always appreciated our time together. Her hands would wander to my sides, hips, occasionally rubbing my inner thighs. She loved to get me all wound up while riding, waiting for the moment that I couldn't stand it anymore, pulling over the bike to madly fuck her.

As we rode along, the sky began to change, dark clouds were building quickly. You could see the rain in the distance. I began to quickly look for a spot to park the bike, hoping that this would be a brief shower. Knowing that we couldn't be stuck out all afternoon. Cruising the back roads had its advantages, old barns, abandoned farms made good places to stow away while a storm passes. A few rain drops began to splatter on the windshield, occasionally hitting our helmets. They were large, the type you see during a brief shower that soaks everything in sight.

Speeding up I saw a corn crib about a mile down the road. Crystal hugged me tight, knowing I was on a mission. I could feel her look up as I motored up the grass driveway, driving right into the open crib. Remnants of old corn cobs lie on the floor, spilling out from the walls. A wagon sat parked inside towards the rear, tires were almost flat. The barn like structure looked as if it were abandoned over the years. You could smell the corn surrounding us.

Shutting off the bike, we both climbed off. Smiling and talking we both disrobed our riding gear, laughing how we beat the shower. Suddenly a bright flash across the sky, followed by a loud crack of thunder.

Crystal came to me, throwing herself into my chest, asking me to protect her, wrapping my arms around her, I embraced her. Looking up at me, we gazed into each others eyes, placing my hand on her cheek, holding her as my lips touched hers. Her lips were soft like velvet. Lightly sucking on her lower lip, her mouth gaped open for my taking. My other hand ran up her neck, combing through her hair, taking away her breath. Pulling slightly, causing her neck to be more exposed. Moving from her lips to her neck, she moans so ever slightly, as my hand slides from her cheek, down her arm. I can feel the goose bumps grow with every touch.

She was melting into my hands. Her arms fell limp, allowing me to do whatever I wanted. I quickly spun her around, not wasting a moment, the smell of fresh rain permeated the air. The sound of water raining down around us, all adding to the passion we both desired. My chest now against her back, mouth on her neck, kissing, licking, drawing her into me. My hand slips underneath her shirt, pushing the bra out of the way, placing her breast into my hand. She now pushes her ass tightly against my cock, grinding, showing me that she wanted me inside. Reaching back she places a hand on my head. Pulling it into her neck, making sure that I would not stop.

With my left hand I unbutton her jeans, guiding my hand down to her wet pussy. Her clit swollen, I flick it with my finger, gasps of pleasure as I do so. Dripping wet she presses harder against me, I begin to push her jeans down past her hips. Her jeans fall to her knees, and I push her forward, using the bike for leverage, placing her hands on the seat.

With one hand I begin to undo my pants, my cock pressing them taunt. My other hand begins to play with her pussy, slowly inserting a finger, pressing down on the front wall. Once I feel that small spot, I begin to run my finger in circles on the sensitive location. Crystal is now begging for me to enter her, reaching back, grabbing my stiff member, pulling it towards her dripping wet spot.

I tried to pull back, teasing her, however, her grip was firm, she wanted it now. Pulling me to her vagina, my cock, twitched at its wetness. Once she introduced it to its destination, it slid in quickly. Resting with one elbow on the seat of the bike, her other hand reaching back, playing with my sac. I begin to thrust inside of her.

"Harder, Harder, Fuck me Harder", Crystal was quite vocal of what she wanted.

The more excited she got, the less she played with my balls. I could now feel them slapping against her, I could also feel them slap against her hand. She was masturbating herself as I fucked her. This turned me on more than ever, knowing that I had her so hot that she couldn't wait for me to make her cum. She wanted it now, the thought of that caused me to thrust harder.

Her moans got louder, as were mine, expressing that I was going to cum soon. This excited Crystal as well " I am almost there, don't stop" I began to feel myself let loose. A loud gasp came from her at the same time, my cock was so sensitive, trying to thrust was almost unbearable. Her pussy clamped down so tight that she actually pushed me out for a second as she came, I quickly placed it back inside of her, causing her to shriek. Like two school kids, we both laughed with joy as we finished. Both leaning over the bike, noticing that the brief shower had stopped, the warm sun was reappearing.

We both agreed about the perfect timing, I slowly slid out of Crystal, standing there semi hard. She squatted down, sucking her and my juices from my cock. Describing the taste to me, she also described that she enjoyed me more at this size. Not too big, not too small, just the perfect size. Looking up at me the whole time, smiling, knowing how much I enjoyed her mouth on me. Using me and the bike she tried to stand, holding her legs together. Explaining that we must have cum a lot. Shuffling over near the wagon to squat, peeing, letting the excess cum drip from her body. I quickly went to the bike, grabbing diaper wipes that I kept for mechanical breakdowns. Allowing her to clean herself, I too took one so that I could wipe off.

Realizing that our day together needed to end, both of us needing to get home. We quickly donned our riding gear, climbing aboard, she pulled herself tight against me again. Both thanking each other, we drove back down the grass driveway. Steam rising off of the road, the smell of warm wet roads, as we accelerated down the road. Holding me tight we rode until we came back to the parking lot where it had all began. Pulling up next to her car, holding onto my shoulder, she gingerly climbed off. Wanting to kiss me goodbye, knowing that we couldn't.

"I will call you" she said, as she climbed into her car.

Letting out on the clutch, I pulled away, heading for home. Needing to clean up from my wet ride, I slowly made my way home, enjoying my day on the bike.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

He walked through the door!

It had been a long week, away from home on business, missing those he loved. A three hour car ride, tired and weary he picked up his phone, calling home to talk with his wife. Excited to hear her voice, they talked as if they hadn't heard from each other in years. Her voice was comforting, making his drive much more pleasurable. Normally if she was with, his hand would be in hers, sometimes touching her inner thigh.

While driving he daydreamed about his arrival at home. Leaving his suit case in the car, walking through the door, seducing her right on the kitchen table. During the trip she was sexting him, teasing him, heightening his arousal. All he could think about was the moment he would arrive home. He craved the taste of her lips, the smell of her hair. His cock was semi hard during his drive, pulsating as it pressed against his jeans.

As he drove down the street, his home came into view, anticipation began to fill his veins. She was still on the phone, they had talked during the three hour drive, only hanging up so he could eat and drive. She then asked "Are you home?" His reply was "yes, see in you a minute." He put his car into its usual parking spot, gathering his things he opened his door, getting out, greeted by his excited wife. Hugging, kissing, holding each other, their embrace was passionate.

He opened the trunk and she helped gather his things, all the bags and gifts. Entering the house they closed the door, locking it behind them. They had a couple of hours of freedom before the kids returned from school. A benefit that they would enjoy. Setting the bags on the floor, he had to pet the dog, dancing and pushing for his attention too. They even laughed at how the dog wanted her moment as well, finally calming down.

She knew when she looked at him that he was tired, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him close as they kissed. Their lips touching, soft wet kisses, he would bite her lip, pulling it in, slightly sucking on it. Pulling her body close, rhythmical with the kiss, his hands moving up her back, into her hair. The passion was exploding between them, he kicked off his shoes. Still embraced they slowly moved as a unit into the family room.

Lifting her shirt, slowly lifting it up and over her head. Momentarily they stopped kissing with brief laughter as her shirt got stuck. Their lips reconnected, passion flowing through their mouths. His hand slowly unclasped her bra, releasing her breasts from their confinement. He now began to kiss her neck, slowly making his way to her nipples. His mouth with soft tender kisses on her nipple, his hand cupped underneath her breast, supporting it, then his tongue circled the nipple. Occasionally sucking and biting, drawing gasps from her mouth.

His hands now on her hips, unbuttoning her jeans, slowly maneuvering the jeans over her hips. He could feel her helping with the slight shaking of her hips. Suddenly her jeans fell to the floor. Leaving her there in her panties, leaving his hands on her hips, his mouth left her nipples, working its way down to her panties. He felt her abdomen tighten as he kissed her stomach. He then removed her panties, kissing the area, he ran his hand up her inner thigh, briefly touching her dripping wet pussy.

Standing up, he began kissing her, she was very excited now, anticipating his cock inside of her. She quickly began lifting his shirt, lifting it quickly, not wasting much time. She then pulled him to the ottoman, sitting down while holding onto his belt. Unstrapping his belt, unbuttoning his jeans, dropping them onto the floor, he stepped out of them,kicking them aside. She then pulled his boxers down, his cock stood at attention. Looking up at him, wanting to see his smile, her hand wrapped around his shaft, stroking it, her other hand on his ass. Pulling him closer she took the hand from his ass, placing it around his balls, pulling him into her mouth. Taking his breath away, he arched his back, his stomach tightened as well, enjoying her mouth on his cock.

A few minutes of making him even thicker than he was, she stopped sucking, asking him what he had in mind. Grabbing pillows he made her a pedestal, telling her to get on her knees. They had always used the ottoman for doggie, it was the perfect height. With her knees at the edge, she rested her upper body on the stack of pillows, allowing her support as she slightly leaned forward. He straddled her from behind, she reached back, grabbing his cock, pulling him in. As he entered her, she was soaking wet, moans of pleasure echoed in the room. She then maneuvered herself to reach back and cup his balls, slightly tickling his sac as they fucked. With her position, he raised his leg placing it on the ottoman, slightly changing the angle.

Being able to thrust harder now, they rhythmically began moving together. Both were now moaning with pleasure, suddenly she arched her back, he could feel her tighten, her body jerked and convulsed around his cock. Not allowing her time to recover, he continuously began to thrust inside of her, picking up the rhythm, she began to feel her body accept the fact that she may cum again. She could feel him getting closer, his thrusts were harder, letting go of his balls now, allowing them to slap against her clit. Becoming more aroused, she became more verbal, telling him how it made her feel, announcing that she was going to cum again. She knew this could put him over the edge, she kept vocalizing her intentions. Suddenly she felt his cock shudder inside of her, she could feel the warmth ooze inside of her, causing her to shudder as well.

They both stood there, him inside of her, slowly moving, calming themselves down. Finally he was standing their not moving, thanking her for his pleasure. She too was thanking him, his hands still on her ass, enjoying the bliss. His cock now shrinking, he steps back, falling out of her, she moaned with displeasure. Climbing down from the pillow pedestal, she stood against him kissing, thanking him again, they both head to the shower.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Question for You?

I wanted to post something today and I do like the Aloha its Friday website. Following *Just Jen* I have liked reading and answering the questions, so I have decided to participate.

I have contimplated what question should I ask? I run the spectrum on "My Expressions Live" I write about many things, however, I do like pushing the sexuality envelope, wanting to know more about people and what they think, what is that sexual drive that we all keep hidden secret, private as it should be, however, the blog world is a pretty safe haven to express yourself. So here is my question of the day.

Sexually speaking, what thing have you been hiding or afraid to tell your spouse or significant other, whether its a sexual act, fantasy or encounter with someone else?

For more Aloha at An Island Life CLICK HERE

Monday, March 30, 2009

It will be ok

I remember as if it were in slow motion, the car coming at me. It crossed the center lane, I could feel the impact before it hit me. I thought about the pain, you , the kids. Amazingly it didn't hurt, it was quick, like a switch, the light was turned off.

I then remember, watching as the paramedics and firemen cut the car, watching from above. Police officers circling, writing down the license plate. I wanted to tell them what happened, but I couldn't, just like I want to tell you, but I can't. Looking down I watched, it took them awhile, finally one of them said it was too late, I was already gone.

All the times I wanted to hold you and I didn't, I want those times back. I want every precious moment with you, its too late. Maybe I should have made better choices, turned the car out of the way. If maybe I accelerated, I could have avoided being struck. All I know is that I was struck and killed. Leaving you with emptiness, leaving you alone, leaving you with children.

It will be OK, you are strong, you are good, you are amazingly beautiful and life will go on. Just remember I loved you, with all my heart.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

13 sex toys for men

1-Black Orchid Masturbater- Wow....who would have ever thought! I may have to invest into some of these toys. Here I have been using my hands for 30 years.

2-Dual Beaded Vagina- Holy geeze Batman, lined with beads this thing is suppose to be very enjoyable. Who knew that I could find 13 toys for men.

3-Travel Pussy- So I guess if your boy is going on a trip, send him with the travel pussy. Maybe this will stop his urge of bringing someone back to the hotel. Just don't put it in his carry on. Although that would be fun, see the TSA scanning and laughing.

4- Realistic Titty Blow- I don't know what is so thrilling about the real thing, however, this does not look fun at all.

5- Ass Palm Pal- Anal sex is always fun, its the forbidden fruit, keep saying no and we want to try it. The anus palm pal does look slightly realistic. I dunno....what do you think?

6- Seductive Oral Masturbator- The tounge ring has me in this one, kind of a fantasy, however, the mouth and nose only? I guess its better than holding onto a full size head.

7- Penis Extension- I think this would take away all of my fun. Second, if you need this what is she doing with you, thats why they make the rabbit.

8- Fireman's Pump- I just had to add this It is suposed to increase the size of your penis, prolong your erection. Give me a break!

9- Linn Thomas Talking Love Doll- This thing stands 5' 3" tall, for $264 I guess its cheaper than the disease that you would get from a hooker. Who owns one of these?

10- Love Taper Cock Ring- This one I might be willing to try, supposed to prolong your erection, not a problem with that, must be my age. The hanging piece is supposed to create clitorial stimulation by tapping against her. Interesting to say the least!

11- Large Waterproof Anal Beads- This would be great if your trying to stimulate his g-spot.

12- Blue Thunder Butt Plug- This is angled to provide the best pleasure imaginable. When this stunning blue toy is inserted, the angle should drive him wild.

13- Tiffany Minx Pussy- For $120 I could find a better use of the money. Why would anyone spend this kind of money for a piece of rubber. Really can it be that good?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sssshhhhh Don't Tell

The music was loud, pyrotechnics filled the air, peoples heads moving to the beat of the music. Stage lights danced across the stage, occasionally dancing across our faces. My wife stood on my left, dancing, smiling, brushing up against me. Loving glances as we would looked at each other, enjoying the show. Now and then kissing, enjoying our time together.

As the crowd became thicker, she moved closer to my front, her right butt cheek was near my pelvis. Occasionally moving to the music she would rub against me, then turning, smiling, letting me know what she had felt. People all around us, little touches and rubs, we began to feel a bit frisky. During the concert I would slip my hands into her front pockets, knowing that this would help set the mood for the limo ride home.

The screams from the women behind me and to the right, were almost deafening. Beer from their glasses sloshed onto the people around them, they clearly had enough to drink. Singing to all the songs, enjoying themselves, my wife and I would scream to each other about their behavior. Their clothes were minimal, scantly dressed to my liking, occasionally bumping into us as we danced.

As the concert continued the fog in the arena thickened. We could feel the bass and the percussion from the drums, causing our clothing to vibrate on our skin. Still dancing, enjoying ourselves, that is when I felt a hand brush across my ass. Turning to look the girls next to me kiss, making sure that I see, immediately I felt the blood rush to my cock, slightly thickening. The music seemed muffled for a moment, as their kiss ended they looked at me and smiled. I had thought the hand brushing across my ass was only someone bumping into me.

Then it was the small of my back, a slight brushing against my shirt. It was then that I realized that these were now intentional occurrences to touch me. My wife standing next me, enjoying our time together, I began to enjoy the touch of the girl as well. Positioning myself so that the girl could touch me more easily, so that my wife would not see. Arousing the girl even more, allowing her sneak around, going unnoticed, her existence never crossing my wife's mind. I pretended as if I were trying to protect my wife from these obnoxious out of control women.

Understanding my actions, the girl took control of the situation, allowing me to enjoy the concert a bit more. She knew I was married and made sure not to get me into trouble. I felt her hand on my side, starting at my hip, slowly sliding up my untucked shirt. Reaching up to my chest, slowly using her nails, she lowered her hand to my waist. My abdominals tightened, leaving my jeans slightly gaped open. Her hand had access to my cock. Slowly she lowered her hand past my waist, pulling herself up against me. She slowly reached down, grabbing me, stroking me, giving me chills of pleasure. Her had was soft, a bit cold, refreshing against my hot skin.

I placed my hands on my wife's shoulders, making sure she would not turn around. Repositioning myself, I left my right hand on her shoulder. The girl then took my left hand, guiding it to her body. We both were pushing our limits, enjoying each others touch. Raising my hand, helping me find her waist line. Her skin was soft, the waist of her jeans was loose, easily accessible. My hand slowly slid down, the smooth skin continued until my fingers reached the wetness. As her body danced, she pushed her clit against my fingers. Her hand still in my pants, stroking me hard, her grip was firm. My fingers flicked across her clit, as her body moved more quickly. Suddenly her hand stopped, squeezing me hard, reaching that pain pleasure threshold. I felt her body shake, leaning on me as she came. Unable to hold herself up, using me as support, my hand was soaked.

Leaning forward she whispered into my ear, thanking me for her pleasure. Smiling she placed her hand on my back, holding her friends hand, they pushed their way through the crowd. Finding their way closer to the stage, smiling as she glanced back at me, truly enjoying her evening. Placing my hand in my pocket, drying my hand, I then returned my full attention to my wife. Thoroughly enjoying the rest of my evening, looking forward to the limo ride home.