Saturday, April 18, 2009

He walked through the door!

It had been a long week, away from home on business, missing those he loved. A three hour car ride, tired and weary he picked up his phone, calling home to talk with his wife. Excited to hear her voice, they talked as if they hadn't heard from each other in years. Her voice was comforting, making his drive much more pleasurable. Normally if she was with, his hand would be in hers, sometimes touching her inner thigh.

While driving he daydreamed about his arrival at home. Leaving his suit case in the car, walking through the door, seducing her right on the kitchen table. During the trip she was sexting him, teasing him, heightening his arousal. All he could think about was the moment he would arrive home. He craved the taste of her lips, the smell of her hair. His cock was semi hard during his drive, pulsating as it pressed against his jeans.

As he drove down the street, his home came into view, anticipation began to fill his veins. She was still on the phone, they had talked during the three hour drive, only hanging up so he could eat and drive. She then asked "Are you home?" His reply was "yes, see in you a minute." He put his car into its usual parking spot, gathering his things he opened his door, getting out, greeted by his excited wife. Hugging, kissing, holding each other, their embrace was passionate.

He opened the trunk and she helped gather his things, all the bags and gifts. Entering the house they closed the door, locking it behind them. They had a couple of hours of freedom before the kids returned from school. A benefit that they would enjoy. Setting the bags on the floor, he had to pet the dog, dancing and pushing for his attention too. They even laughed at how the dog wanted her moment as well, finally calming down.

She knew when she looked at him that he was tired, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him close as they kissed. Their lips touching, soft wet kisses, he would bite her lip, pulling it in, slightly sucking on it. Pulling her body close, rhythmical with the kiss, his hands moving up her back, into her hair. The passion was exploding between them, he kicked off his shoes. Still embraced they slowly moved as a unit into the family room.

Lifting her shirt, slowly lifting it up and over her head. Momentarily they stopped kissing with brief laughter as her shirt got stuck. Their lips reconnected, passion flowing through their mouths. His hand slowly unclasped her bra, releasing her breasts from their confinement. He now began to kiss her neck, slowly making his way to her nipples. His mouth with soft tender kisses on her nipple, his hand cupped underneath her breast, supporting it, then his tongue circled the nipple. Occasionally sucking and biting, drawing gasps from her mouth.

His hands now on her hips, unbuttoning her jeans, slowly maneuvering the jeans over her hips. He could feel her helping with the slight shaking of her hips. Suddenly her jeans fell to the floor. Leaving her there in her panties, leaving his hands on her hips, his mouth left her nipples, working its way down to her panties. He felt her abdomen tighten as he kissed her stomach. He then removed her panties, kissing the area, he ran his hand up her inner thigh, briefly touching her dripping wet pussy.

Standing up, he began kissing her, she was very excited now, anticipating his cock inside of her. She quickly began lifting his shirt, lifting it quickly, not wasting much time. She then pulled him to the ottoman, sitting down while holding onto his belt. Unstrapping his belt, unbuttoning his jeans, dropping them onto the floor, he stepped out of them,kicking them aside. She then pulled his boxers down, his cock stood at attention. Looking up at him, wanting to see his smile, her hand wrapped around his shaft, stroking it, her other hand on his ass. Pulling him closer she took the hand from his ass, placing it around his balls, pulling him into her mouth. Taking his breath away, he arched his back, his stomach tightened as well, enjoying her mouth on his cock.

A few minutes of making him even thicker than he was, she stopped sucking, asking him what he had in mind. Grabbing pillows he made her a pedestal, telling her to get on her knees. They had always used the ottoman for doggie, it was the perfect height. With her knees at the edge, she rested her upper body on the stack of pillows, allowing her support as she slightly leaned forward. He straddled her from behind, she reached back, grabbing his cock, pulling him in. As he entered her, she was soaking wet, moans of pleasure echoed in the room. She then maneuvered herself to reach back and cup his balls, slightly tickling his sac as they fucked. With her position, he raised his leg placing it on the ottoman, slightly changing the angle.

Being able to thrust harder now, they rhythmically began moving together. Both were now moaning with pleasure, suddenly she arched her back, he could feel her tighten, her body jerked and convulsed around his cock. Not allowing her time to recover, he continuously began to thrust inside of her, picking up the rhythm, she began to feel her body accept the fact that she may cum again. She could feel him getting closer, his thrusts were harder, letting go of his balls now, allowing them to slap against her clit. Becoming more aroused, she became more verbal, telling him how it made her feel, announcing that she was going to cum again. She knew this could put him over the edge, she kept vocalizing her intentions. Suddenly she felt his cock shudder inside of her, she could feel the warmth ooze inside of her, causing her to shudder as well.

They both stood there, him inside of her, slowly moving, calming themselves down. Finally he was standing their not moving, thanking her for his pleasure. She too was thanking him, his hands still on her ass, enjoying the bliss. His cock now shrinking, he steps back, falling out of her, she moaned with displeasure. Climbing down from the pillow pedestal, she stood against him kissing, thanking him again, they both head to the shower.


  1. I think I may need to go on a vacation away from the Mr so I can have a homecoming like this!

  2. i wish i got this kind of greeting when hubby got back from texas the other day...

  3. Your stories have so much detail and excitement! They are fantastic! Keep them coming! :-)