Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kissing her turned me on!

As we lie there in bed, our mouths touching, her warm breath on my lips. Her moist tongue dancing around mine, I could feel her excitement building. As we explored each other’s mouths, I would occasionally take her bottom lip between my teeth, slightly biting, dragging my teeth over the lip as I pulled away. My hand on her cheek, thumb by her lips, holding her in place. Slowly my hand slides into her hair, grabbing it by the roots.

Kissing her was magical, both of us working ourselves to maximum arousal. I could feel my cock dripping with pre-cum, pressing against her leg. As my hand pulled at the roots of her hair, she moaned, taking her breath away. Kissing her more, I felt as if I was breathing life into her. Her back would arch, wanting to be touched more, wanting me to manipulate her into an orgasmic frenzy.

I released my tight hold on her hair, running my hand down her neck. My hand lightly brushing the side of her face, my lips still touching hers, slowly I slid my hand down. Feeling her collar bone, outlining it with my fingers, I pull my mouth from her lips, tasting the sweet perfume on her neck. My mouth now following the tracing of my fingers. Moving slowly, I slowly nibble down her neck to the collar bone, her hand now on my head, as if she was pushing me down.

My hand now touching her small breast, nipple erect, rising from her body. The skin around the nipple hard and rigid surrounded by soft beautiful skin, the texture as soft as satin. My hand continued downward exploring further. My mouth found its way to her nipple, placing it in my mouth. Circling my tongue around the nipple, warming it, and then releasing it, blowing my warm breath over it. Enjoying her reaction, deep breaths, and gasps of enjoyment. I quickly take her breast completely in my mouth. Like her lips the taste was so unique, the texture in my mouth so different. A combination of running her nipple along the roof of my mouth, followed with circular motions, then as I finished, I slowly dragged the nipple through my teeth, slightly biting, exposing all of her nerve endings.

While my mouth explores her breasts, my hand is now between her legs. Her pelvis as smooth as her breasts, shaved, well taken care of. As my fingers reach her lips, the wetness is overflowing, wetness surrounds her lips. I lift my head briefly, I can see the skin, glistening with wetness, overjoyed and amazed I continue to push her further. She spreads her legs, inviting me to touch her more, I lightly touch her, bringing my finger back to my mouth, tasting her juices. Looking at her smiling, expressing my pleasure, she is biting her lip, wanting me to continue.

Withdrawing my finger from my mouth, my hand touches her hip, outlining her hip bone, working my way down her thigh. She was hoping that my hand would find its way back to her lips, as she maneuvered her pelvis towards my hand. Teasing her more, I guided my fingers lightly back up to abdomen, I could feel her frustration through her reactions. Truly enjoying the torture in which I was giving, knowing that I was going to fulfill all of her expectations.

Her hands now on my back and shoulder, trying to direct my every move, wanting me to finish what I had started, I lifted my head bringing my lips back to hers. Kissing her again, the passion building greatly as she pulled me onto her, expressing her want for me, her mouth now aggressive with mine. As I pull away this time, I smile as she says “FUCK ME”, begging, wanting me inside her. Instead, I place my knees next to her hip, turning away, my back now facing her, my ass within hands reach. As I lean down towards her legs, I spread them wide, and then placing a hand under each cheek, I spread her even more. Leaning over, I can smell the wetness coming from between her legs, a sweet yet fresh arousal.

I begin kissing just above her lips, softly, then with my tongue, in one motion, starting at the top and working my way to her ass. Lapping up the juices along the right side, she gasped with pleasure. Her taste was fresh and plentiful, I have always appreciated how she tastes, and I slowly raised myself up. Now beginning on the left side, I replicated the same motion from top to bottom, lapping up her remaining juices.

I began slowly, however, I found myself now wanting to make her cum. Feeling her hand on my ass, then working its way to my sack, a few strokes of my cock and I wanted her bad. The way her hand was touching me, caused me to leak more fluid, she felt it, exciting her even more. My mouth now concentrating on her clit, my fingers massaging along the sides of her vagina, her wetness made them glide smoothly over her skin.

I could feel her body begin to get close, her pelvis pressing up against my face. Her hand had become motionless while she began to concentrate. I quickly lubed a finger, placing it over her anus, now circling her hole. Adding a slight pressure, then back up to the lips, and then back again to her anus. My tongue was now darting and circling her clit, I feel her press on my anus, so I gently slide my finger in hers.

The walls were smooth and tight, wrapping my finger, squeezing it like I had never felt before. Now with one finger in her ass, I slid my thumb into her pussy. She gasped with pleasure, her back arched, I knew this could make her cum. Being double jointed, I could manipulate my thumb towards her g-spot, while moving my other finger in her ass. I could feel her fingers begin to dig into my ass cheek, the grip was getting stronger, I heard her begin to say “FUCK ME HARDER”.

Now with both fingers I begin to move them in and out, finger fucking her harder and harder. The webs of my fingers ramming her ass and vagina, my hand striking so hard, the webs in my fingers began to hurt. Then without notice, I could feel her ass clamp down on my finger, she screeched out a pleasurable release. Her body shook, wetness flowed from her vagina, and I began lapping up as much as I could.
She began slapping my ass, asking me to stop, the pleasure was so strong, and she could no longer handle the intense pleasure. Squeezing me with her legs, forcing me to retreat, I pulled my mouth from her lips. Breathless she lie there, grasping for words, I smiled, knowing she was happy.

I slowly climbed up next to her, draped my leg over her body, touching the side of her face. Our eyes met, she leaned into me for a kiss, wary to taste her own juices. Then without hesitation her lips met mine again, tasting herself, turning me on even more. As our lips withdrew, she sucked my lower lip like I had done to her. Our foreheads came together, gazing into each other’s eyes, a smile, laughter, happiness, she got what she deserved.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Funeral

Attending several funerals during my lifetime, I have reached a point in my life where I have written down or discussed details that I want to have at mine. Now in my situation, I have a couple of scenarios, basically whether I am killed in the line of duty or if it were happen at another time.

Thinking about it happening on the job certainly gives a whole different perspective of the ceremony and events that would transpire. I don't know if there isn't a firefighter that hasn't pictured themselves, being the one buried, at another's funeral. Especially when a line of duty death has occured. We can all picture our own families, as we watch others go through the experience.

I have pictured my body in the casket, riding on a fire engine, the folding of the American flag, the flag being handed to my family. I have pictured my children's faces, tears flowing from their eyes. I can also see my family react as the bagpipers play Amazing Grace, then being handed my helmet. The final salute of white gloves, paying tribute to a fallen brother.

A common thread, at firefighter funerals, the Chief officer's are quick to seperate the Chiefs from the other ranks. My funeral, I want rank exempt, everyone is equal, no one and I mean no one, is more important because of their rank. Everyone is intermixed with one another, standing shoulder to shoulder. It is about brotherhood, not titles.

The fact of the matter is, if my life is cut short, firefighter's will be present. How I die, clarifies the magnitude of the event. I just want people to remember, my service is not for me, its for my family. They are the one's left, mourning, alone, needing to know that people care.

I told my wife the other day, if there is one thing they could do, something that really resonates my personality. Live music, hell have a band there, celebrate, share stories, listen to some of my favorite songs. Have the bagpipers jump in with the band, letting loose, using their music creativity. Smile, laugh, shake your head, whatever you wish, know that I enjoyed life.

Now I also realize that my body can only be on a fire engine in the event that I am a line of duty death. That is how I want it, if my death occurs off duty, have the fire engine lead the hearse. If at all possible, I would love the pipers and drums to lead me into the Cemetary. A slow march until I am brought to my final resting place.Then near the end, after all is said and done, the sole bagpiper playing amazing graze, followed by the whole band, then the solo piper playing as they walk off into the distance.

I understand that some of these requests and wishes won't be followed through. Again it not about me, but, if were up to me. This is how I would celebrate my life.