Friday, July 10, 2009

The Hidden Camera

I had hidden cameras placed throughout the house, three in our bedroom, all discreetly placed. One was in the alarm clock that I replaced, another near the television and the third was in the smoke detector. I also had one placed in our bathroom, a lovely picture upon the wall.

I had always wondered what went on at home while I was away, always wondering how honest she was about her activities. Mostly I was interested in watching her masturbate, how she did it, her technique. Was she reading a book, playing online, watching a movie, these things interested me, consumed me. I was very into watching her, so much that after I began watching, I began recording, then watching them while I was away.

When I began researching these cameras, I was amazed at how small and hidden they could be, I was also amazed at how easily I could obtain them. The tricky part was finding a place to hook up my recording equipment. That too became easy, I decided to install cabinets into our master closet. Creating a secret spot for them to be hidden.

I had noticed that she spent a large amount of time on the computer prior to many masturbation episodes. Curious to her internet habits, I began feverishly searching for potential partners. She was very careful though, always erasing her history, I was never able to find evidence, and however, I knew it was there. My obsession with her became very compulsive, I was becoming paranoid beyond belief. Our sex life was now taking a toll, I couldn’t tell if it were me or if it were her.

I remember coming home, kissing her goodbye, business as usual around our home. Barely having time for each other, our marriage seemed as if we were single parents, forced to live together. Both of us always going in the opposite direction, forgetting to make time for each other, everything were always for the kids. Our sex lives consisted of me watching video of her orgasm’s while I jerked off. She was toying herself while chatting with some stranger on the screen of her computer.

It was that day however, that everything changed, and the cameras were witness to all of my fears. As I watched she was scantly dressed that evening, the kids were in bed early. She lies in bed, touching her breasts, teasing them, reading her book. She answered the telephone, it was me, I could see the annoyed look on her face. Looks of displeasure, the look that one has when they wish they could just hang up the phone. Like their worst enemy was on the other end, they were simply being nice.

Then the crooked little smile began to appear, the smile that I once knew from a long time ago. That sparkle in her eye, I was trying to remember our conversation, what had I said the sparked her interest again. My mind was swirling, grasping for that spark that I missed so dearly. Biting my lip, watching intently, watching her eyes dance, her finger touched her lip as if she was telling me to be quiet. Still trying to remember our conversation, I then saw him walk into the picture. It was not long after that when she told me goodnight, telling me she was tired, hanging up the phone.

My heart now racing, pounding in my chest, from excitement to fear, wishing I could rewind what I was now watching. I never had considered this possibility when this all began. What is going on, the room was spinning out of control, my mind racing. Anxiety was building, sweat now beading, my hands trembling, I could not stop watching. Tears now flowing from my eyes, my life shattered, wondering what my life had now become.

Meanwhile on the screen he undresses, climbing into my bed, his cock on her leg. His mouth touching hers, hands on her breasts, she succumbs to his touch. Her breasts now exposed, her back arching, his tongue dances around her nipples. My heart feels as it is being ripped from my chest as I watch. I stared in disbelief, wondering who he is, where did I go wrong.

She then reaches for his cock, stroking it, he lies back onto my pillow. She rises up, kissing his chest, down his belly, taking his cock completely into her mouth. His hand touches her pussy as she continues to eagerly take him in, stroking and sucking. I began to turn away, then turning back to watch, I really had seen enough. My body and mind numb from the shock of what I had just witnessed, I sat there, watching the whole video till the end.

Watching him lie there with her, the way we once had been, she was now his, I was merely a single parent, who spent time with my kids.


  1. I'm guessing there is some kind of moral to this story...perhaps the 'cameras' were a bad idea, and voyeurism, even or especially on ones own wife is not the way to go lol :)) Nice piece of fiction here Ric. xxoxx

  2. spying never leads to anything good.

  3. It is scary....we never know who is watching in today's world....seems like there are camera's everywhere we go!

  4. I'm refusing to psychoanalyze this and, rather, am simply going to choose to enjoy it on its own merits, so ...

    Nice writing. :)

    ~ E ~