Friday, April 23, 2010

Every Man's Dream-A Threesome

Every man dreams of having a threesome, very few live that reality. For me it all began when my wife found out about my newest girlfriend, allowing me to keep my relationship, only if she could join in on the fun. Now I am living the reality of what every man wishes he could experience once.

After spending a weekend together with my girlfriend and her family. After much drinking, Jill and my wife became friendly and flirtatious with each other. Finding a new friendship that neither of them had ever expected. My wife found out two days later that I was already seeing Jill, causing a whirlwind of emotions. Both Jill and I sat on our couch, talking with my wife, explaining our situation, good friends as we called it. The conversation then turned to the two of them, the feelings and events that had occurred over the weekend. I sat there quietly, unsure if my wife was going to allow me to stay, this wasn't my first time being caught, my future uncertain.

Realizing that I could not remain monogamous, my wife decided she wanted to open our relationship to include Jill. Since that moment, it has been rewarding and trying at the same time. A relationship filled with happiness, insecurities, emotions always running at a high. In love with two woman, watching them explore each other, living every man's dream.

In future posts I hope that I can begin to explain and describe how wonderful this experience has been, although not as easy as any of us would hope.