Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Couch!

Fall had come early, outside was a mere 40 degrees, rain was falling, giving us that wet chill that would not go away. I had decided to start a fire in the fireplace, hoping that this would take away the chill. I had brought in a dozen or so logs, slightly damp, placing them near the fireplace.

Opening the screen, I positioned two logs so that fire will be easy to start. I light the lighter, reaching below the logs, slightly touching the flame to starter log. The flame raced across the starter log, light and heat began to radiate from the fireplace. Taking away that chill that lingered in the air, warmth was felt immediately.

I stepped back and went to the kitchen to fix myself a drink, something stiff, relaxing me even more, Captain and Coke should do just fine. Drink in hand I found myself fixing a comfortable spot on the couch. A couple of pillows in the corner, a blanket to cover up with, finding the remote I settled down. Looking through the television guide I found a movie just to my liking. Sipping from my glass, I found myself relaxed, enjoying my time to myself.

As I enjoyed my drink and time alone, I heard the garage door open to my surprise, she was home before I expected. She walked through the door, setting her stuff down, rushing to my side. Leaning over kissing me passionately, telling me how much she missed me. She had a glow about her, when she smiled, I could see her sparkle. I loved when she was happy, however, it always made me a bit curious about her intentions.

Smiling she told me she would be right back, leaving me for the bathroom. Patiently waiting I sat there on the couch, pulling the ottoman closer, making room for two. When she returned she was completely naked, climbing onto the couch, snuggling under my blanket. One cold hand on my lower back, the other found my cock. I felt my sac shrivel up, tight against my body. Her fingers teasing the head, playing with my circumcision. I began to stiffen, she took notice.

My left hand was playing with her hair, her body against mine, warming and comforting her. I could feel her hardened nipples pressing against me, I began to run my hand from her hair, down her shoulder. Lowering her head into my lap, her hands found the waist of my boxers, pulling them over my hips, down around my ankles. Looking up at me smiling, a twinkle in her eye.

Looking at my cock, while holding it in her hand, she lowered her mouth down over it, sensations of complete warmth surged through my body. My hand was on her back, digging my fingers slightly into her skin, she arched her back. I could feel her hand on my shaft, slowly stroking, as her mouth took the head. Looking down I could see her concentration, the smile in her eyes. I loved the way she was manipulating my cock, I could feel it getting harder in her mouth.

I began to slide my hand to her ass, she arched her back more, making it possible for me to reach her pussy. As my hand followed the curve of her ass, I felt the moistness that was between her legs. Overflowing onto her outer lips, almost dripping, enjoying the moment as much as I. A slight moan as I ran my fingers over her lips, then taking my index and middle finger, I plunged them deep inside of her. As I did this I could feel her excitement, stroking and sucking harder, exciting me even more.

As my fingers plunged inside of her, I massaged all of the walls, feeling for that slightly different textured patch, I knew when I found the G-spot. I always enjoy finding it, pressing it, rubbing my fingers over it. Driving her absolutely wild as the pleasurable pressure enticed her more. Knowing where it was, I began to systematically try to please her, circular motion, followed by deep plunges with my fingers. It was an absolute turn on, knowing she was enjoying my hand as much as I was enjoying her mouth.

I found myself getting more and more excited, having a hard time trying to hold back. Feeling her back arch, her moans, her determination to make me cum. Her pussy now soaked, juices flowing onto my hand, I could feel her getting close. Moving her ass and pussy, trying to position them so that my hand could hit the spots she wanted. Her mouth was now exquisite on my cock, I was close, very close, I announced that I was cumming. Humming with excitement, she took me all in, swallowing me as I came in her mouth. Concentrating on every last drop, knowing that I was still on edge, she teased the head some more. Keeping me thick and hard, wanting me inside her, she keep her mouth on the head, licking like a lollipop, savoring the moment.

She lifted her head, smiling at me, wiping the drop of cum from her lip. She giggled, pulling herself off of my hand. Standing up, she repositioned my legs, "its my turn" she said. Straddling my cock, she slowly lowered herself onto me. Her mouth has such a different sensation. It was warm and wet, with a slight rigidity with her jaw. Her pussy on the other hand was a warm oasis that my cock fit into so well. I could feel it was warmer, softer, needing to be fucked hard. I could feel the head of my cock pressed up against the cervix. Then when she would lean back, I knew when it was pressed against her G-spot.

She started slow, enjoying the fullness of me inside of her, slowly moving, adjusting, making it hit all of her right spots. Then without notice, apologizing for be direct, she had found that magical spot that she could not resist. She wanted to cum now! Her hips began that familiar rhythmic motion that I loved so much. Watching her expressions, feeling her body move, I knew was close to cumming. I reached up, pulling at her nipples, giving her another sensation to distract her, making her enjoy it for just a bit longer. I loved watching her breasts move above me, small perky and nipples erect. I could see the quivers on her face, those quivers and expressions that I see just before she cums.

Leaning back further she reaches around grabbing my balls, squeezing them, hoping to squeeze out another orgasm. Her body shakes, I feel the cervix contract, sending sensations over the head of my cock. The walls of her vagina squeeze my cock, tickling the head, her hand on my balls. All of these sensations work to my advantage, sending me over the top, cumming again inside of her, causing my toes to curl, my body to shake.

As our bodies shake from the sensitivity, she slowly slows down her pace, enjoying the feeling of each other together. Two pieces of a puzzle, meant to fit together, a perfect match. I reach up with my hands cupping her breasts, she smiles and laughs, gazing into each others eyes. She lowers herself for a kiss, our lips meet, touching and tasting each others sweet taste. Her breasts now pressed against my chest, bodies together, we lie there, wishing this moment would not end.

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