Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~Hidden Beach~

Never quite knowing or planning for what our day may bring, we meander and decide on a moment’s notice, our next plan of action. This is what makes our vacations together fun and spontaneous. Many times, this is what creates life lasting memories. While busy making plans, life is what happens. Some of our best vacations or trips are just that, living life, expecting the unexpected, enjoying each other.

This anniversary is no different than the last 13 years that we have spent together.
The breeze blowing in off the ocean was cool, waves crashing; we could smell the sea salt and sun tan lotion in the air. Locals were mingling about the beach, surfers waited for the perfect wave. As we approached the beach itself, we stopped, removing our sandals. Stepping onto the sand our feet felt as if they were being exfoliated by the hot scorching sand. The sensual sensation could be felt through our bodies. Hand in hand we walked towards the crashing waves.

The Pacific Ocean was a new experience for us. I was there as a child, however, she had never been. It just so happen that for this year’s anniversary we could make this venture possible. Pulling each other close, enjoying each other’s company, smiling, laughing, and watching the locals. The waves were crashing and the sound of them was mesmerizing. We could have stood there all day, appreciating what others take for granted. Time felt as if it were standing still, being with the most important person in my life.

Taking in all that the beach had to offer, we continued to walk along the shore, the waves crashing, our feet leaving there impression in the wet sand. Two lovers acting like young teenagers in love, stopping occasionally to pick up shells. Laughing when waves surprisingly soaked our shorts, making fun of each other. While enjoying our time together we talked about life, each other, and those around us. Taking time to recognize the love that we shared.

While we were at the beach we decided to be a bit adventurous, coming across large rocks, where the waves were crashing up and over them. As the waves crashed into the rocks, the sound was thunderous. Reminding us of the power Mother Nature provides. Being the typical tourists we would stand at the edge, trying to capture the perfect picture, similar to the surfer trying to capture the perfect wave. Laughter filled the air when I took off running as I nearly was soaked by the incoming tidal wave.

Very few people were in this area, giving us a very secluded, romantic walk on the rocks. Appreciating everything that the day had provided, sun, ocean and each other. Knowing we were quite a distance from the beach, we had decided that we walk around the bend and then return to the beach. That is when we found the heaven that we will never forget. A small secluded beach in the middle of rocks that lined the coast line. Left all alone, we decide to make dreams come true.

We decided to relax on the beach, sitting at the waters edge, allowing the waves lap at our feet. As the hot sun could be felt on our skin, we could taste the sea salt that was evaporating on each other’s skin. We reminisced about our marriage, talking about how it all began, laughing at some of our adventures, reminding each other how we got to where we were today.

Still alone I kissed her lips, they were warm and slightly salty to the taste. I ran my hands through her windblown hair, heightening her arousal. I slowly untied her bikini top, exposing her breasts, placing her nipple in my mouth. Slowly circling the areola, then taking the nipple slightly between my teeth. Slowly grazing over the tip, with a small bite, chills ran through her spine. My cock was stiffening as I sucked her nipples.

Lying on the beach, sand sticking to our skin, waves lapping at our feet, still all alone I untie my swim suit and lower them past my waist. A bit uncomfortable I lowered them further past my knees. Taking her bikini bottom, I slid them to side of her lips, placing the head of my cock on her opening. With a slight pressure I entered her wet pussy. Pressing my body on hers, her legs at the side of my waist, moving slow and rhythmically. The sensation of sand and waves heightened our experience. Her moans of pleasure excited me more, wanting harder and more direct, I lifted her legs up over my shoulders. Now deep inside her, I began thrusting harder the same time she as she asked for harder.

As she became closer to her climax, she wanted to orgasm with me. Reaching down she grabbed my balls, knowing that this would put me closer to the edge. I could begin to feel my cock begin to tingle. I knew I was getting close, when I get close the top of my penis becomes very sensitive. The top where the circumcision meets the ridge, that is the spot that begins to feel real good and it was. The combination of her hands playing with my balls and then pressing on the area between my anus and sac. Occasionally I could feel the pressure of her hand, stimulating my g-spot, I was getting closer and she knew it by how hard I was thrusting.

Her moans began to increase, informing me that she was about to cum. I love watching her orgasm; it is just as good as cumming myself. Suddenly her she gasped and moaned loudly, I could feel her pussy contract and quiver around my member. Causing me to release a huge orgasm of fluid into her, with a loud expression as I came inside her. I now lie on top of her, kissing her, laughing about our animalistic behavior. Surprisingly a large cold wave of water crashed over the top of us, reminding us of where we were. I quickly pulled up my shorts, she quickly tied her bikini. Rinsing off in the ocean, we gathered our things and continued our walk back to the beach.


  1. niiice. i could use a good long walk on the beach myself

  2. That sounds really good...and romantic.

  3. How sweet and romantice! I'm glad ya'll enjoyed your time at the beach! :)

  4. Wonderful that you had a great time. Must have been very inspirational ;) xxoxx