Tuesday, June 2, 2009

~Amazing shower~

The orgasm, one of the most amazing things one can experience, however, I have found it is just as satisfying to watch your lover orgasm. It has come to be just as satisfying to watch her cum as cumming myself. I still want to feel my release, however, I would much rather see her or have her release before me. I love watching and listening to a woman orgasm. As they breathe their nostrils begin to flare, short breaths, deep breaths, rib cage becoming exposed. Abdominal muscles tighten and contract, sometimes quivering in conjunction with the arching of their back. Finally the lack of self control as they release that powerful orgasm. Usually followed by slight quirky little smile of refreshment.

It seems as if the shower or bath is a common way for her to masturbate, probably because this is the only time she has alone. There are plenty of toys, I love buying toys, but it still takes time alone and with kids that time is hard to find. Always curious about her sexuality, I annoy her by asking if she came in the shower. Men would ejaculate every hour of the day if possible, just the way we or maybe I am wired. Curiosity always gets the best of me, I could watch and learn with women all day long, I am intrigued by the female body.

I heard her turn on the shower, running naked through the bedroom to get a couple of towels. Making fun of her, she laughed, smiled and ran back into the bathroom. It was soon after that when I heard the shower door open then close. I conveniently waited a couple of minutes to go ask her a question.

She like her showers hot and steamy, as I walked into the bathroom the steam clung to the ceiling. It reach down about a foot, creating a haze as I walked in. Unaware of my plans, I purposely was distracting her, letting her know I was going to be busy, allowing her those precious moments to masturbate. I wanted to watch her, it turned me on, so I tried to set the stage, hoping that she would believe that she had enough time to cum. Leaving the bathroom I closed the door behind me, again offering her much needed time alone.

I secretly opened our closet door and entered, leaving the light off, standing in there, watching and waiting. I knew this was the perfect spot, I accidentaly witnessed her doing this a few years ago, making me curious about how she likes to orgasm, raising questions, wanting to know what makes her click. My questions however, caused her to believe that I was jealous, in reality, I enjoyed watching.

As I stood in the in the closet, I peered through the crack of the door, hoping she would masturbate. Why I just didn't ask her if I could watch, I don't know the answer to that, maybe I was feeling naughty by being discreet. A few minutes passed and she was looking as if she was going to begin, sure enough she took down the hand held shower head. Spraying the wall, warming it for her back, giving her a place to brace against.

She began running water over her breasts, up too her neck, slowly warming herself up. While her mind wandered and dreamed in fantasy land, her nipples became more erect. One hand was now massaging her breast, as she lowered the shower head to her pussy, then back up to her neck. I could feel the surge of blood to my penis, now becoming hard and erect. I began stroking it slowly as I watched, her actions had me excited. Watching patiently, she then took her other hand, spreading her lips, exposing her clit. Lowering the shower head with a direct massaging stream over her clit. Her body flinched with the intense sensitivity, I could see her abdominals tighten, stomach quiver, as she moved the stream back and forth over her lips.

I was now extremely hard, cock in my hand, stroking slowly. Never intending to cum myself, I just naturally wanted to stroke it while I watched. She was now biting her lip, face grimacing, I knew it was getting intense. Bracing against the wall was getting difficult, her breathing was short, abdominals tight. Suddenly I heard a large gasp as she came, a slight moan came with it, her body shook. Such an amazing sight to see, totally amazed by her body and mind, it gave me great pleasure to watch. I loved that smile followed when she came, quirky and happy. The smile I always saw at her happiest moments.

Using the shower she then began to calm herself down, just as she did to warm herself up, now in reverse order. Placing the shower head back into the bracket, she then grabbed her shampoo, continuing with her shower. I then snuck out of the closet, going back to my to tasks that I told her I was going to be doing. Pleased that I was able to watch, I too was smiling.

After her shower she found me, wrapped in her towels, wiping her face. Looking at me, she said" Were you watching me shower?" " Why would you enjoy me watching you?" I replied. She then explained that with the door partially closed she felt as if I was watching her. I explained that if I wanted to watch, I would have stood there and watched. I was afraid that she had seen me, afraid that I had interrupted that little bit of personal space that she needed. She likes that thought of someone watching us making love, however, I was unsure how she felt about this.

So now when she showers, I make sure that I always pull a door part way shut or open. Making her wonder if I am there watching. Hoping that this adds to her fantasy, hoping that when she masturbates, that she has an explosive and pleasurable orgasm. I love helping and watching her orgasm, as I said before, it turns me on to watch her. Most times than not, watching her, always benefits me. Its amazing how that works! ;)

Have ever noticed, is your door, open or closed? Does the thought of someone watching turn you on?


  1. the door is mostly closed...because the idea of being watched is hot