Monday, March 30, 2009

It will be ok

I remember as if it were in slow motion, the car coming at me. It crossed the center lane, I could feel the impact before it hit me. I thought about the pain, you , the kids. Amazingly it didn't hurt, it was quick, like a switch, the light was turned off.

I then remember, watching as the paramedics and firemen cut the car, watching from above. Police officers circling, writing down the license plate. I wanted to tell them what happened, but I couldn't, just like I want to tell you, but I can't. Looking down I watched, it took them awhile, finally one of them said it was too late, I was already gone.

All the times I wanted to hold you and I didn't, I want those times back. I want every precious moment with you, its too late. Maybe I should have made better choices, turned the car out of the way. If maybe I accelerated, I could have avoided being struck. All I know is that I was struck and killed. Leaving you with emptiness, leaving you alone, leaving you with children.

It will be OK, you are strong, you are good, you are amazingly beautiful and life will go on. Just remember I loved you, with all my heart.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

13 sex toys for men

1-Black Orchid Masturbater- Wow....who would have ever thought! I may have to invest into some of these toys. Here I have been using my hands for 30 years.

2-Dual Beaded Vagina- Holy geeze Batman, lined with beads this thing is suppose to be very enjoyable. Who knew that I could find 13 toys for men.

3-Travel Pussy- So I guess if your boy is going on a trip, send him with the travel pussy. Maybe this will stop his urge of bringing someone back to the hotel. Just don't put it in his carry on. Although that would be fun, see the TSA scanning and laughing.

4- Realistic Titty Blow- I don't know what is so thrilling about the real thing, however, this does not look fun at all.

5- Ass Palm Pal- Anal sex is always fun, its the forbidden fruit, keep saying no and we want to try it. The anus palm pal does look slightly realistic. I dunno....what do you think?

6- Seductive Oral Masturbator- The tounge ring has me in this one, kind of a fantasy, however, the mouth and nose only? I guess its better than holding onto a full size head.

7- Penis Extension- I think this would take away all of my fun. Second, if you need this what is she doing with you, thats why they make the rabbit.

8- Fireman's Pump- I just had to add this It is suposed to increase the size of your penis, prolong your erection. Give me a break!

9- Linn Thomas Talking Love Doll- This thing stands 5' 3" tall, for $264 I guess its cheaper than the disease that you would get from a hooker. Who owns one of these?

10- Love Taper Cock Ring- This one I might be willing to try, supposed to prolong your erection, not a problem with that, must be my age. The hanging piece is supposed to create clitorial stimulation by tapping against her. Interesting to say the least!

11- Large Waterproof Anal Beads- This would be great if your trying to stimulate his g-spot.

12- Blue Thunder Butt Plug- This is angled to provide the best pleasure imaginable. When this stunning blue toy is inserted, the angle should drive him wild.

13- Tiffany Minx Pussy- For $120 I could find a better use of the money. Why would anyone spend this kind of money for a piece of rubber. Really can it be that good?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sssshhhhh Don't Tell

The music was loud, pyrotechnics filled the air, peoples heads moving to the beat of the music. Stage lights danced across the stage, occasionally dancing across our faces. My wife stood on my left, dancing, smiling, brushing up against me. Loving glances as we would looked at each other, enjoying the show. Now and then kissing, enjoying our time together.

As the crowd became thicker, she moved closer to my front, her right butt cheek was near my pelvis. Occasionally moving to the music she would rub against me, then turning, smiling, letting me know what she had felt. People all around us, little touches and rubs, we began to feel a bit frisky. During the concert I would slip my hands into her front pockets, knowing that this would help set the mood for the limo ride home.

The screams from the women behind me and to the right, were almost deafening. Beer from their glasses sloshed onto the people around them, they clearly had enough to drink. Singing to all the songs, enjoying themselves, my wife and I would scream to each other about their behavior. Their clothes were minimal, scantly dressed to my liking, occasionally bumping into us as we danced.

As the concert continued the fog in the arena thickened. We could feel the bass and the percussion from the drums, causing our clothing to vibrate on our skin. Still dancing, enjoying ourselves, that is when I felt a hand brush across my ass. Turning to look the girls next to me kiss, making sure that I see, immediately I felt the blood rush to my cock, slightly thickening. The music seemed muffled for a moment, as their kiss ended they looked at me and smiled. I had thought the hand brushing across my ass was only someone bumping into me.

Then it was the small of my back, a slight brushing against my shirt. It was then that I realized that these were now intentional occurrences to touch me. My wife standing next me, enjoying our time together, I began to enjoy the touch of the girl as well. Positioning myself so that the girl could touch me more easily, so that my wife would not see. Arousing the girl even more, allowing her sneak around, going unnoticed, her existence never crossing my wife's mind. I pretended as if I were trying to protect my wife from these obnoxious out of control women.

Understanding my actions, the girl took control of the situation, allowing me to enjoy the concert a bit more. She knew I was married and made sure not to get me into trouble. I felt her hand on my side, starting at my hip, slowly sliding up my untucked shirt. Reaching up to my chest, slowly using her nails, she lowered her hand to my waist. My abdominals tightened, leaving my jeans slightly gaped open. Her hand had access to my cock. Slowly she lowered her hand past my waist, pulling herself up against me. She slowly reached down, grabbing me, stroking me, giving me chills of pleasure. Her had was soft, a bit cold, refreshing against my hot skin.

I placed my hands on my wife's shoulders, making sure she would not turn around. Repositioning myself, I left my right hand on her shoulder. The girl then took my left hand, guiding it to her body. We both were pushing our limits, enjoying each others touch. Raising my hand, helping me find her waist line. Her skin was soft, the waist of her jeans was loose, easily accessible. My hand slowly slid down, the smooth skin continued until my fingers reached the wetness. As her body danced, she pushed her clit against my fingers. Her hand still in my pants, stroking me hard, her grip was firm. My fingers flicked across her clit, as her body moved more quickly. Suddenly her hand stopped, squeezing me hard, reaching that pain pleasure threshold. I felt her body shake, leaning on me as she came. Unable to hold herself up, using me as support, my hand was soaked.

Leaning forward she whispered into my ear, thanking me for her pleasure. Smiling she placed her hand on my back, holding her friends hand, they pushed their way through the crowd. Finding their way closer to the stage, smiling as she glanced back at me, truly enjoying her evening. Placing my hand in my pocket, drying my hand, I then returned my full attention to my wife. Thoroughly enjoying the rest of my evening, looking forward to the limo ride home.

Monday, March 9, 2009

~~Don't let it be true~~

Flames were blowing out the rear of the home, as I climbed out of my engine, the mother frantically grabbed my arm, telling me of her child trapped inside. Quickly assessing the home, making split second decisions, I turned to my nozzle man and gave him explicit orders. I began to walk around the home assessing for other dangers. People screaming, wondering what we were doing, telling us how to do our jobs as they stood from the sidelines. Like a coach I was sizing up my opponent. Reaching the front door, I slid my mask over my face. Tasting the smoke that took my breath away. I could feel my lungs tighten, my throat closing, it tasted like shit. Black smoke was halfway down the door frame, pushing out with force.

During my size up I could tell the fire was located on the first floor, the smoke was black, we call it black fire. Extremely black smoke is almost to the point of ignition and is extremely dangerous. Water was now in the hose, explaining to my nozzle man, he was going to position himself at the bottom of the stairs, while I went upstairs to the babies room. His job was to protect the stairway, leaving me an out, knowing all to well the child was probably dead at this point.

My mask was completely on, my hood pulled up, helmet on, placing my gloves on. The last thing I did before entering was place my regulator on my mask, allowing me to breathe clean air. Like a team leaving a huddle, we were in action, I couldn't even see my camera screen. It was a lifeline, showing me fire or a body, hell I can even see my pathway with it, but not today. Technology was nothing to the beast, it was way to advanced today. I found myself feeling my way up the stairs. I counted twenty three of them, now to the right, like the mom said it was the second door on the right. Feeling the first door I continued on. Another five feet I found the second door, and it was open as suspected. The smoke had gotten this baby, I knew that, however, now it was about the family, trying even if we knew it was too late. I closed the door behind me, giving me extra time. Feeling my way across the room, I found the crib, standing reaching inside I found its limp body. Taking it into my arms, I went back to the door, opening it I was blasted with heat, then hearing the nozzle man say to evacuate, were losing.

Slamming the door closed, I went back into the room, finding the window, taking my helmet, I smashed through it. Outside the firefighters raised a ladder to rescue me. I could now feel my knees burning, the floor beneath me was on fire, I knew time was of the essence. I heard the ladder hitting the side of the house. Smoke was now thick in the room, being sucked out of the open window, giving the fire more air to breathe. I was on my knees, trying to stay beneath the heat and fire. Grabbing the child I reached up to be greeted by my nozzle man, reaching out to take the child from me. I could barely visualize him the smoke was so intense. I could now feel the heat biting me, becoming unbearable, suddenly the floor collapsed from beneath me. Images of you and the kids raced through my mind as I fell, that is the last I remember.

It has been close to a year since the funeral and I am still with you everyday. Sitting next to you and the kids, unable to touch, unable to comfort, all I can do is watch. I see how lonely you are with out me, I see how badly you hurt. My decisions cost me my life, my family and friends, leaving behind emptiness and broken hearts. Giving my life for a child that was already gone, I thought I could beat the beast that day, I was wrong.

Now I sit here watching you live your life and unable to go on. I am stuck here watching until I know that your going to be alright. In the shadows I sit watching, reaching out, can you feel me? That is what made today so hard, watching you with him. I know your life must go on and he makes you happy. The way he touches you, making you smile, did you smile like that with me, I never noticed. Oh god my heart hurts watching you with him. How I wish it was me that still made you happy, holding you in my arms. What I would give to smell your hair, feel your soft skin. The touch of your hand touching me, feeling your breath on my skin. I never realized how much these things I would miss.

Now it is he who enjoys you this way. Now I feel like I have lost you twice, I am replaced, no longer a presence, I am gone. I am screaming and you can't hear me, it hurts me to watch. I want this to be me, but no it is him. I hear your pleasure, I see you happy, I hear your words.

Then in the faint distance I hear an annoying beeping, failing to recognize the noise, I open my eyes. Looking over its my alarm, I am sweating, heart pounding, angry. I reach over hitting my snooze button. Staring at the time, its 5:20 am. Was this just a dream, I don't even want to touch you, you were just with him. My mind fucking with me, what is my day at work going to bring. Is this some kind of sign, is someone sending me a sign. Jesus Christ, how the hell am I supposed to go to work now. Sweat beaded on my brow, heart still pounding I sit there pondering my dream, driving me crazy I decide to shower.

Now dressed for work, I stand beside the bed watching and wondering. Knowing you have no idea of my dreams, I slowly walk over, kissing you on the lips. You don't move, wondering if you even felt my lips touch yours. Don't let this be true. When I leave, I kiss your lips, telling you I love you. Hoping that my dreams never come true.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

~~ Waking up next to You~~

I started out today, lying next to you in bed. Lying on our right side, snuggled up against each other, the warmth of our bodies, softness of the sheets. Thinking about the day, thinking about the quietness of the house. Listening to see if the kids were awake, taking in the morning calm.

Placing my hand on your bare thigh, I run my hand up to your briefs, feeling your hip bone, I run my fingers slightly into the waist band. Your soft skin, soft like the sheets, my fingers lightly touch you, trying not to wake you. I listen to you breathe, feeling every breath, my senses are keen. I move my had down your waist, up your abdomen, moving them over your breasts. Taking them in my hand, pulling my body closer to yours. Content I hold you close, leg to leg, chest to back, arm wrapped around you.

I feel you begin to move, afraid that I may have awoke you. Then you place your hand on my thigh, touching me softly, your warm soft hand moving slowly up to my briefs. I feel my testicles tingle, they raise slightly in their sack with your touch. Pulling my legs tighter to your body, adjusting your buttocks into my groin. I feel the warm surge of blood to my penis. Slightly growing, pressing into you, I feel you wiggle a little more. Your hand now leaves my side, reaching for your own briefs, pushing them down, your bare ass is now pressed against my boxers. My penis now hardens with excitement. You feel me press harder against you, reaching back into my shorts. Stroking and touching, hoping to wake me, however, I am already awake.

Still listening for our children, not wanting to be caught, I am hesitant. You then push down on my boxers, releasing me from the confinement. Taking me in your hand, guiding me into you, warm and wet with excitement. I slowly slide into you, arching your back, pressing into me more. Your hand on my thigh, rhythmically pulling into you. My hand on your hip, pushing and pulling. The excitement building, explosion happening, we both lie there in ecstasy.

You turn to me and smile, I kiss your soft lips. Our bodies still pressed together as one, similar to our hearts. Taking in our time together, we giggle and talk about the day before us. Knowing our time alone was soon to be interrupted, we decide to rise for the new day. Another soft kiss, tender touch and loving hug, we rise out of bed.

How I love waking up next you!