Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wet Ride

The sky was bright and sunny, temperature was in the mid 70's, perfect day for a ride. My morning was fill with the normal list of errands that I must complete. Hurriedly I ran from place to place, paying bills and picking up some necessities. Fortunately I was able to take the bike, however, I was feeling the need for a afternoon cruise. A nice afternoon alone, just me and the bike, soaking up the fresh air, the freedom that I so enjoy. No worries, no responsibilities. Just me and the bike.

I stopped at the gas station, fueling up, hoping that my afternoon would be filled with the freedom that I so needed. Quickly heading to the bank, depositing my wife's paycheck, making sure that I kept some cash for myself. I was standing at the teller's window when my phone vibrated in my pocket, a text message from my girlfriend. "I saw your out on the bike. Can I go for a ride?"

I bit my bottom lip, debating whether I wanted company for my ride. The thought of having her with was a hard decision, I knew she would repay me in the way that I liked.

Fortunately, today my wife was working and making excuses was not needed, so I decided to reply. "Usual place, at twelve thirty!"

Minutes later I received a short reply "See you then."

I left the bank, cruising home for a quick lunch. A sandwich, chips,a quick phone call and I was set to go. As I climbed on the bike, I straddled the machine. Turning the ignition on, the stereo begins to blare. Once the bike fires up, I will barely be able to hear it. I flip the run switch and then press start. The rumble of the bike resonates through the neighborhood.

I press in on the clutch, kick the gear shifter down. Slowly letting out, the bike pulls me away. The music is now faint, the classic oldies, a good upbeat sound to relax too. Sadly enough the classic oldies are not what I remembered them as, they were the hits when I was younger. A sign of the times I guess. As I motor to the next suburb, I enjoy the feel of the bike. Something about how the Harley feels underneath you. The rumble, power, the pure horsepower between your legs. I pull into the parking lot, Crystal was standing next to her car.

I was fortunate that her husband rode a bike as well, much easier to explain the biker gear this way. I always love the way she looks with her black boots, blue jean riding jacket. The way she ties up her blond hair, keeping it off of her neck. She is especially sexy when removes her helmet. What I like most, was the smile on her face the moment she saw me, it was that kind of smile that draws you in, makes you feel desired. By the time I got to her car, her helmet was already on, she was ready to go, quickly she climbed on and we pulled away.

As we rode out of the parking lot, Crystal squeezed me tightly, I loved the way she pulled herself near. We rode for about an hour west, getting away from areas that people would know us, although we still had to be careful. I enjoyed being by myself, however, Crystal always appreciated our time together. Her hands would wander to my sides, hips, occasionally rubbing my inner thighs. She loved to get me all wound up while riding, waiting for the moment that I couldn't stand it anymore, pulling over the bike to madly fuck her.

As we rode along, the sky began to change, dark clouds were building quickly. You could see the rain in the distance. I began to quickly look for a spot to park the bike, hoping that this would be a brief shower. Knowing that we couldn't be stuck out all afternoon. Cruising the back roads had its advantages, old barns, abandoned farms made good places to stow away while a storm passes. A few rain drops began to splatter on the windshield, occasionally hitting our helmets. They were large, the type you see during a brief shower that soaks everything in sight.

Speeding up I saw a corn crib about a mile down the road. Crystal hugged me tight, knowing I was on a mission. I could feel her look up as I motored up the grass driveway, driving right into the open crib. Remnants of old corn cobs lie on the floor, spilling out from the walls. A wagon sat parked inside towards the rear, tires were almost flat. The barn like structure looked as if it were abandoned over the years. You could smell the corn surrounding us.

Shutting off the bike, we both climbed off. Smiling and talking we both disrobed our riding gear, laughing how we beat the shower. Suddenly a bright flash across the sky, followed by a loud crack of thunder.

Crystal came to me, throwing herself into my chest, asking me to protect her, wrapping my arms around her, I embraced her. Looking up at me, we gazed into each others eyes, placing my hand on her cheek, holding her as my lips touched hers. Her lips were soft like velvet. Lightly sucking on her lower lip, her mouth gaped open for my taking. My other hand ran up her neck, combing through her hair, taking away her breath. Pulling slightly, causing her neck to be more exposed. Moving from her lips to her neck, she moans so ever slightly, as my hand slides from her cheek, down her arm. I can feel the goose bumps grow with every touch.

She was melting into my hands. Her arms fell limp, allowing me to do whatever I wanted. I quickly spun her around, not wasting a moment, the smell of fresh rain permeated the air. The sound of water raining down around us, all adding to the passion we both desired. My chest now against her back, mouth on her neck, kissing, licking, drawing her into me. My hand slips underneath her shirt, pushing the bra out of the way, placing her breast into my hand. She now pushes her ass tightly against my cock, grinding, showing me that she wanted me inside. Reaching back she places a hand on my head. Pulling it into her neck, making sure that I would not stop.

With my left hand I unbutton her jeans, guiding my hand down to her wet pussy. Her clit swollen, I flick it with my finger, gasps of pleasure as I do so. Dripping wet she presses harder against me, I begin to push her jeans down past her hips. Her jeans fall to her knees, and I push her forward, using the bike for leverage, placing her hands on the seat.

With one hand I begin to undo my pants, my cock pressing them taunt. My other hand begins to play with her pussy, slowly inserting a finger, pressing down on the front wall. Once I feel that small spot, I begin to run my finger in circles on the sensitive location. Crystal is now begging for me to enter her, reaching back, grabbing my stiff member, pulling it towards her dripping wet spot.

I tried to pull back, teasing her, however, her grip was firm, she wanted it now. Pulling me to her vagina, my cock, twitched at its wetness. Once she introduced it to its destination, it slid in quickly. Resting with one elbow on the seat of the bike, her other hand reaching back, playing with my sac. I begin to thrust inside of her.

"Harder, Harder, Fuck me Harder", Crystal was quite vocal of what she wanted.

The more excited she got, the less she played with my balls. I could now feel them slapping against her, I could also feel them slap against her hand. She was masturbating herself as I fucked her. This turned me on more than ever, knowing that I had her so hot that she couldn't wait for me to make her cum. She wanted it now, the thought of that caused me to thrust harder.

Her moans got louder, as were mine, expressing that I was going to cum soon. This excited Crystal as well " I am almost there, don't stop" I began to feel myself let loose. A loud gasp came from her at the same time, my cock was so sensitive, trying to thrust was almost unbearable. Her pussy clamped down so tight that she actually pushed me out for a second as she came, I quickly placed it back inside of her, causing her to shriek. Like two school kids, we both laughed with joy as we finished. Both leaning over the bike, noticing that the brief shower had stopped, the warm sun was reappearing.

We both agreed about the perfect timing, I slowly slid out of Crystal, standing there semi hard. She squatted down, sucking her and my juices from my cock. Describing the taste to me, she also described that she enjoyed me more at this size. Not too big, not too small, just the perfect size. Looking up at me the whole time, smiling, knowing how much I enjoyed her mouth on me. Using me and the bike she tried to stand, holding her legs together. Explaining that we must have cum a lot. Shuffling over near the wagon to squat, peeing, letting the excess cum drip from her body. I quickly went to the bike, grabbing diaper wipes that I kept for mechanical breakdowns. Allowing her to clean herself, I too took one so that I could wipe off.

Realizing that our day together needed to end, both of us needing to get home. We quickly donned our riding gear, climbing aboard, she pulled herself tight against me again. Both thanking each other, we drove back down the grass driveway. Steam rising off of the road, the smell of warm wet roads, as we accelerated down the road. Holding me tight we rode until we came back to the parking lot where it had all began. Pulling up next to her car, holding onto my shoulder, she gingerly climbed off. Wanting to kiss me goodbye, knowing that we couldn't.

"I will call you" she said, as she climbed into her car.

Letting out on the clutch, I pulled away, heading for home. Needing to clean up from my wet ride, I slowly made my way home, enjoying my day on the bike.


  1. and it was such a boring, ordinary day at the office for me...

  2. Well Jaime, mine wasn't much better.
    Good to know someone had a better day, even if it was in his head. xxoxx :)))

  3. I don't know WHY I torture myself at work reading your stories, they always have me all hot and bothered!! Great writing as always! *HUGZ*