Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen~ Spy Camera's

In light of the recent Erin Andrews video I began to think about spy cameras. How a simple camera can change your life. I began researching spy camera's and was amazed at how small and how simple they have become. Many have transmitters so that you stream it to a computer nearby. It is kind of scary when you see some of the examples of camera's that I found. The cost of some of the camera's is below $100, however, where there is a will there is a way. So next time your in a hotel room, remember, you never know who's watching.

1. Watch Camera-So when your at dinner and a man is keeping his watch under the table, maybe he is trying to get a glimpse of under your dress.

2. Electric Razor- Next time your masturbating in the shower, you could being filmed.

3. Necktie- Have you ever wondered why that guy keeps hanging around you or if your sleeping with someone at work, maybe your being filmed. Yikes :)

4. Phone Camera- Everyone has a camera on there phone these days, however, this is a little cam that can transmit to a phone. Looks peephole size to me!
5. Pen Camera- Again that guy you keep flirting with and he keeps trying to sneak you into his office. Smile your on camera!

6. Outlet cover- Now this one scares the shit out of me, holy cow batman! How many times have you been in a hotel that has one of these by the desk that sits across from the bed.

7. Flouresent Light- Remember at work or in bathrooms, anyone can be watching us!

8. Small Camera- This is a camera all by itself, you can see how tiny it is, just imagine where you could put this thing.
9. Hairdryer- Now think about that reading about this it retails for about $520. If the person is a serious voyeur they can make that money back in a hurry. The purpose of this hairdryer is to assist salons in catching their thieves.

10. Small wonder- This camera is also small, it can fit into a pack of gum or look like a natural gaget that should be sitting on the counter.

11. Alarm Clock- Again who knows what hotel has these lying around. Let alone your spouse if they suspect you doing something that you shouldn't be doing.

12. Cigarettes- Smoke them if you got them, but not this pack, it will smoke your ass if your caught!13. Fire Alarm- As you probably guessed this is my absoulte favorite, they also have smoke detectors. Maybe this is why we get so many fire alarms...;)
Seriously they make these things in so many different objects, its absoultely scary. In today's world we never quite know if we are alone or if someone is watching. Happy Thursday Thirteen For more Thursday 13 CLICK HERE


  1. I agree....s-s-s-scary stuff! The thought of someone watching me sleep (or doing things with my husband) in a hotel room gives me the creeps. Or using the restroom? ICK.

    Here via T13.

  2. wow. I'd never think that the hair dryer in my hotel bathroom could be filming me. creepy. but today I would say the men aound here are being far more blatant... they're just openly staring at my breasts...

  3. Nothing people would do surprises me anymore....

  4. ooh, scary. Can't go anywhere nowadays.

  5. Wow, it is amazing what people will come up with. Guess it is a good thing I'm a good girl and don't have to worry about being caught with my pants down so to speak..;)

  6. That gum one looks like a memory stick.

  7. An outlet cover? Who'd a thunk it! Happy T13!

  8. who knew? scary to think about but a fun list nonetheless.