Sunday, January 3, 2010

Firefighting Writes!

Otin amoung others have asked about my writing and whether or not I have written about my job. The answer to that is yes I have, much earlier in my blog I had written a few stories about my job. In matter of fact, I have been thinking that its about time to write another one. This will allow my everyday readers to see a different side, other than the perverted warped mind that I have been currently sharing. So I have listed some links to several stories that I have written in the past. Some are basic every day type things, others put you right into my head, maybe this is one reason I escape here with my writing. Another reason my blog is called "My expressions live"

Reflections of Death


Fallen Brother


This is what I live for

Just open the god damn door

2008 Firefighter Memorial


Crash leaves one dead

It will be ok

A day living the dream


That pretty much wraps up most of my firefighting posts. I left a couple out, videos I had posted, live videos of firefighter's in trouble, calling for help, stuff like that.

Feel free to look back, tell me what you like....enjoy! Be safe!