Thursday, December 18, 2008

~13 Positions to spice up the bedroom~

1. You on top~ We enjoy watching you, plus it rubs us on the top right on the ridge between the shaft and head. For variation you can always lean back, it is all good ! The big advantage is that you control the orgasam.

2. Passionate Piston~ You on top again, however this time do not rest on your knees. Stay in squating position, acting like a piston you can go up and down, deep or shallow, your preference. Again we get to watch, we love watching. The downfall is that your legs will get tired, however, makes for a great quadracep workout.

3. Car Rider~ With both of you sitting, climb on his lap, wrap your legs around his waist. Slow rocking motion will help you orgasam. This is great for hitting your gspot, kinda reminds you of being in a back seat!

4. The edge~Have him lie on his back, his butt on the edge of the bed. Lower yourself onto his penis in reverse, your legs outside his. After you start bouncing, slowly bend toward the floor. It should be tight and electrifying.

5. Doggy~ This is always a favorite, it is especially nice when you lean down onto a shoulder, reach back and play with yourself and his balls. It gives a added sensation to the mauneaver.

7. Belly Time~ Or otherwise known as down dog.Lie on your belly, placing a pillow under your hips, keep your legs together. Have him straddle you and slide inside. You may need to arch your back a little bit to hit your favorite spot. Trust me he should enjoy it.

8. Pretzel~ Ok some women have troubles with this, however, men love when you let it slide inside while you put your legs behind your head. This usually ends up with some very aggressive action.

9. Anal~ Ok I can see a lot of you shaking your head, but wait! Try different lubes, some work better than others, KY is a bad lube, way to sticky, too much friction. Find one that works for you. Have him go slow, men want to dive right in, slow and steady. Once you have accepted him let him start to move. Being dirty is everymans dream. If it doesn't arouse you then touch yourself. That sight will send him over the edge.

10. 69~ I know nothing better than recieving oral on both ends. It has to be part of our list.

11. Slow climb~ Put a pillow behind under your back, place your legs over his shoulders, let him climb on top of you. This makes it so your gspot is exposed, he should be hitting it everytime. You will find that he should feel like he is climbing as he gets closer to his climax and yours. Digging his feet in for more leverage.

12. Table top~ Lie on the kitchen table, place one leg up over his shoulder. You can even have both feet on the table, lift your butt occasionally to add to the sensation. This will just add fun and spice to your relationship, even something to think about the next time guests are eating at your table.

13. The Spoon~ Just as it sounds, very intimate to lie there in bed and spoon your partner. While lying there get naked and allow him to enter you. Something very close and personal about the spoon. One of my favorites.

A few things to remember, enjoy yourself, worry about your climax not his. We will climax, we enjoy watching our partner as much as we enjoy the act. A big reason why we enjoy the woman on top, we can see you, touch you, kiss you and we like to enjoy the beautiful site that is before our eyes. Enjoy yourself and let me know which one is your favorite!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~ Crash Leaves One Dead ~

It was your typical fall evening, the begining of jacket weather. It was almost eleven and the majority of the firefighter's had gone to bed, trying to get ahead of their soon to be interupted sleep. Little did I know that I would be the last person to hear the voice of one young man.

Upon arrival of the auto accident, I noticed six cars in the roadway. A mutiple amount of teens mingeling around. One car was on its side in the ditch, another dissinigrated in the middle of the roadway. Trying to decifer how many people were involved I began with the mangled vehicle in the middle of the roadway. The driver was pinned between the steering wheel and seat back, face bloodied, air bag stained with fresh blood. He was crying for help, mumbling, the most visibly injured. Walking around the vehicle the two individuals in the back seat were stunned, shocked, claimed to have minor injuries. Finding out later that their pranks of shooting roman candles from the back seat, would kill their friend. Quickly I made my way around the rear of the car. Coming around the bumper and to the rear door, the front door opened, out climbed the front passenger. Looking at me in the eyes, he began describing how his chest was burning. Pulling at his neck, describing his pain, looking for another paramedic, I briefly turned. The young man collapsed, dying in front of me, asking for my help, I could do nothing to save this young man.

I can still see the expression on his face, the sound of his voice, it haunts me. His friends watching him die, lying on the roadway. Others still needing our help, the driver still making noise. I felt alone, eventhough I was surrounded by colleagues. I was the last person to hear his voice. Not his mother or father, they were probably at home sleeping hoping that their son would arrive home shortly. I often find myself wondering about the parents or family of those who just died.Quickly we loaded him into the ambulance, working hard as hell, knowing that our efforts would not change the outcome.

Knowing that soon the family will have their hearts ripped from their very soul. I try to tell others that these things don't bother me. But it does, it bothers all of us that serve and protect. We are lying if we say it doesn't. Today this accident that happened several years ago is in the forefront of my mind, I have no idea why, it just happens.

We ended up transporting a total of 7 people that evening, taking a miserable amount of time to accomplish this feat. During this event of trying to sort everything out, one young girl approached me, asking me if he was going to be ok. I looked at her and I stopped for a moment. She was the daughter of one our firefighter's. I told her she needed to go home. I climbed into my fire engine and called her home, telling her father of what she had just witnessed.

Later the father of the girl approached me at work, thanking me for the call. He continued to explain that three cars were headed to a party that evening. Car number one with the boys were shooting roman candles out of the car, trying to get the cars that followed, when they misfired. The roman candle launched inside of the car, striking the driver in the chest, burning him as well as causing the accident. His daughter was in car number 2. All of our worst nightmares, dealing with those that we know.

Monday, December 15, 2008

~Male Orgasam~

She asked him to come to the bedroom. Annoyed, he finished what he was doing. Hand on the banister, he climbed the winding staircase wondering what she needed this this time. Reaching the top of the stairs, she stood in the bedroom scantily dressed. Wearing her reading glasses, thigh high stockings and one of his dress shirts. One button holding it together, her nipples poked through.

"Get undressed and lie on the bed" she told him. It always thrilled him when she took charge. Occasionally he enjoyed being submissive to her, reversing their normal sexual escapades. He slowly undressed himself, looking at her made the blood begin to gather in his cock. It was beginning to feel warm, thickening while he undressed. As he removed his shirt she walked over and grabbed his stiff member and guided him to the bed.

Pushing him on his back, he fell onto the bed. Smiling in pleasure, he willing followed her aggressive orders. She straddled him. Grabbing his wrists, she forced his arms above his head. Using the restraints that he normally used on her, she secured his hands together, making him incapable of stopping her. She sat back looking at him, giving him a devious smile that slightly frightened him. The fear of the unknown scared him greatly, however, he trusted her to do anything to him.

Taking her fingernails, she slowly scratched down his chest, using enough pressure to leave slight red marks, making sure he understood her dominance. Stopping at his pelvis, she leaned forward, kissing his chest. Working her way to his nipple, sucking and licking, then biting just hard enough, causing him to arch his back trying to escape. Again her devious smile and laughter caused him concern. Slowly working down his body, her hands reached his cock.

Manuevering herself between his legs, she positioned him the way she liked. Her right hand stroking his extremely thick cock. She knew that he was extremely excited by his thickness. Her left hand slowly tickled his balls, he always enjoyed the combination of sensations. She enjoyed feeling his shaved sack, and today it was soft, so she placed her mouth on his testicle, running her tongue in circles. As she continued to stroke his cock, she felt a small dribble of precum. Knowing that she was being affective, she slowly moved her mouth up the shaft, licking the drop from the tip.

His cock felt cold when she did this, kind of like after climbing out of a swimming pool. Wanting her to take him into her mouth, he begged. She lifted her head, and denied his request. Instead she took out a blindfold and covered his eyes. Not being able to see what she was doing, he began to wonder what she had in store. He then heard a small pop, as if she opened a lid. Suddenly her warm mouth slid over the head of his cock. The warmth felt exquisite, different from her vagina, more direct stimulation. He enjoyed how the combination of her hand on his shaft and the warmth of her mouth would soon milk the cum from his body.

Distracted by her mouth, he was surprised to feel her cold wet finger touching his anus. Like most men, he resisted until finally her slippery finger found its way inside. It felt weird at first. He felt as if he shouldn't like this, but it felt extremely good. Relaxing he began to enjoy her playing inside him. She felt his cock get even harder - harder than she had ever remembered before. Suddenly there was a small release of precum again. She knew then that she had found a new pleasure that they both enjoyed.

Reaching deep inside, she moved her finger around hoping to find his prostrate gland. Researching the male g-spot, she read that it was supposed to feel walnut shaped. Suddenly she realized that she had found it. His back arched and he became very vocal, telling her it was unbelievably unbearable. She began to massage his prostrate; he began to squirm in pleasure.

The intense pleasure was unbearable, it was like nothing that he had experienced before. Normally he felt a slight pleasure leading up to his orgasm, this time, however the pleasure was extreme. It felt as if he was cumming, although he knew that he had not cum yet. She continued this combination of sucking and playing with his prostrate. He asked her to not only massage it, he also wanted her to start moving it in and out. The combination of the two were new to both of them, surprisingly enjoyable to both.

Suddenly he felt as if he were going to cum. It became even stronger, then like the floodgates opened. He screamed in joy. His body convulsed in pleasure. Never had it done this before.

She continued sucking, taking in all of his release, amazed by the quantity. In the past fifteen years of their marriage, she had never swallowed so much of him. It continued to flow, so she continued to milk his prostrate, and he continued to release.

His body continued to quiver, asking her to stop, it was as if he were still cumming. He even thought their may be a chance that it could cause him to cum again, something that he had only done once before. Slowly, she removed her finger. He lay there breathing deeply, as if he just run a marathon.

"Are you OK?" she asked.

He explained the edge he had just experienced. One of the most unbelievable orgasms that he had ever had. He told her how that was not right, how could that have felt so amazing. Knowing that he would encourage her to do that to him again.

She explained that she had read about the male g-spot. Thinking that he might enjoy it, she thought she would try. In disbelief he lie there, thinking about what had just happened.

"Did you enjoy it?" she asked.

"Absolutely. We will have to do that again" he said.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Our time !

Sitting on the couch, fire crackling, the smell of wood burning. In the fireplace flames dance, mesmerizing us,snuggling close. Covered in a blanket, generously sharing to keep me warm. I pull you close, my arm around you, you huddle closer, placing your head on my chest. I touch your soft skin on your arm, feeling your hand on my inner thigh. I tingle from your touch, your hand so warm and soft. I smell your hair, the perfume that has permeated you, triggering even more excitement. I feel your body lying on mine, the closeness so delicate.

Enjoying each others company, watching television. This is our time to share, love, touch, enjoy each others company. I cherish sitting with you, appreciating the closeness that we share. Comforting, loving, mesmerized by my wife.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mouth Watering !!!

You lie on the alter, giving yourself completely to me. The soft flannel sheets teases my skin. I crawl slowly across the sheets to your naked body. Your nipples hard and erect, my mouth wants to warm them, placing one in my mouth. I run my tongue in circles over it, sucking, biting, giving you the most sensual kiss that I can give. Your moans, feeling your hands on my head and shoulder, begging me for more.

I want to feel your back arch, pull me higher, kissing me passionately. Kissing your neck, tasting your skin. Savoring your taste, I want to taste your sweet nectar. My hand reaches down, feeling you dripping with excitement, I am anxious for what awaits me. I enjoy every ounce of your being, I want to kiss your shoulder, working my way to your nectar.

I love the way you taste, the way your body moves. I like how your body reacts when I place my fingers in those erogenous zones. My fingers dance, touching and playing while my mouth embarks on the delicacy that you provide. Forsaken I take that from you, feeding my desire to have you completely, dependent on the covenant of your nectar.

Placed on the alter, your body was given up for me!