Saturday, April 7, 2012

Morning Blow Job!

Standing in the shower, the hot water raining on my body, rinsing the soap, leaving clean skin behind. Mesmerized by the water raining down, I just stand there, enjoying how it touches my body. Refreshing me, leaving me alive, ready to embrace the new day. It is time to finish getting ready, I turn the handle all the way to left, counter clockwise till it stops. I wipe the water away from my eyes, reaching over the top, I grab my towel. I open the glass door, wiping my face as exit, opening my eyes to see her standing there in front of me. I attempt to speak and she touches my lips with her finger. Smiling, taking the towel from my hands, she begins to dab and dry my body. Starting with my head, then shoulders, working her way down. She stands in front of me, smiling, watching my expression. As she reached my cock, she gently and distinctivly went around it, leaving it untouched. Moving downward to my legs, now kneeling on the floor, I look down, she looks up, smiling. She takes my cold wet cock into her mouth, warming it, then releasing it, standing, she moves to my back.Standing behind me she uses the towel, stroking my back, in a downward motion. My ass next, then my legs, my cock hardening as she touches me. Now standing she grabs my hand and leads me to the bedroom. Instructing me to lie on the bed, she places her hand where I should lie. I followed her directions, I climbed onto the bed, rolling on my back, now looking at her, she move in between my legs. Her naked breasts against my legs, her hand moving across my abdomen, my cock now hard, erect, ready for her undivided attention. Her hand now on my cock, she slowly strokes it, first her grip was light, gliding over the skin. Then on the downward motion she squeezed it hard, forcing the skin tight around the base, the head was taunt, exposed, as she took her tongue, flicking it gently over the head. With her hand on my cock, she lowered herself, placing my balls in her mouth, gently sucking, licking and back to sucking. Then in one quick motion, she ran her tongue from my balls up my shaft, then placing my cock into her mouth. She took it deep into her mouth, the cold skin now blanketed by the warm wetness it seeked. With a slow motion she then released my cock from her mouth, the cool air now surrounding it, she regains her composure. Taking my cock in her hand, she now put her mouth back onto my cock, moving rythmically up and down. As I lie there I watch her, she looks at me, I see her watching my body, my reactions. She then places her other hand on my balls, lightly touching them, releasing more of my senses. The warm mouth on my cock, hand squezzing my cock, her other hand massaging my balls, I could feel myself working my way towards an orgasm. She meant buisness, wanting to get me to the point of no return. Many times she work me up and slow back down, but today I had to be to work, time was not in my favor. As I laid there watching her, I began to imagine another woman eating her pussy. Her body quivering as she licked and touched her, in the positon I was in, I imagined looking down, seeing my wife suck my cock, the other woman looking up at her and me. Totally getting off on watching her suck me, knowing I was getting off watching her suck my wife. The image was clear in my mind, feeling her as she was working my cock. She could feel me getting closer, my body now moving with hers, her hand firm on my cock, her mouth going down over the head, just past the circumscison. Getting ever so closer, wanting to release my cum in her mouth. Suddenly she increased the suction, the movements became faster, her grip firmer. I could feel the tension buiding, my cock felt as if it were going to burst. Her hair brushing my inner thigh, her hand still around my balls, no longer imagining nothing but cumming. Then she pressed hard just below my balls, pressing the area next to the prostrate, sending me over the cliff. I gasp loudly, moaning in pleasure as my body released all of the energy it had, causing me to shake and quiver. Swallowing all that I gave, she giggled with pleasure, smiling, while she continued to tease my cock. My cock so sensitive to every touch, she continued to lick me dry. Sucking every last drop from the head, spreading the hole, licking into it, making sure it clean. Now just sitting there, hand still on my shaft, she stroked it, as if she were milking it, licking what she produced. My body now calming, relaxing, wishing I could go back to bed, she climbed on top, smiling, she kissed me. Wishing me a good day at work.