Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen~ Spy Camera's

In light of the recent Erin Andrews video I began to think about spy cameras. How a simple camera can change your life. I began researching spy camera's and was amazed at how small and how simple they have become. Many have transmitters so that you stream it to a computer nearby. It is kind of scary when you see some of the examples of camera's that I found. The cost of some of the camera's is below $100, however, where there is a will there is a way. So next time your in a hotel room, remember, you never know who's watching.

1. Watch Camera-So when your at dinner and a man is keeping his watch under the table, maybe he is trying to get a glimpse of under your dress.

2. Electric Razor- Next time your masturbating in the shower, you could being filmed.

3. Necktie- Have you ever wondered why that guy keeps hanging around you or if your sleeping with someone at work, maybe your being filmed. Yikes :)

4. Phone Camera- Everyone has a camera on there phone these days, however, this is a little cam that can transmit to a phone. Looks peephole size to me!
5. Pen Camera- Again that guy you keep flirting with and he keeps trying to sneak you into his office. Smile your on camera!

6. Outlet cover- Now this one scares the shit out of me, holy cow batman! How many times have you been in a hotel that has one of these by the desk that sits across from the bed.

7. Flouresent Light- Remember at work or in bathrooms, anyone can be watching us!

8. Small Camera- This is a camera all by itself, you can see how tiny it is, just imagine where you could put this thing.
9. Hairdryer- Now think about that reading about this it retails for about $520. If the person is a serious voyeur they can make that money back in a hurry. The purpose of this hairdryer is to assist salons in catching their thieves.

10. Small wonder- This camera is also small, it can fit into a pack of gum or look like a natural gaget that should be sitting on the counter.

11. Alarm Clock- Again who knows what hotel has these lying around. Let alone your spouse if they suspect you doing something that you shouldn't be doing.

12. Cigarettes- Smoke them if you got them, but not this pack, it will smoke your ass if your caught!13. Fire Alarm- As you probably guessed this is my absoulte favorite, they also have smoke detectors. Maybe this is why we get so many fire alarms...;)
Seriously they make these things in so many different objects, its absoultely scary. In today's world we never quite know if we are alone or if someone is watching. Happy Thursday Thirteen For more Thursday 13 CLICK HERE

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I know that this is supposed to be Wordless, however, I must thank the reader that submitted this picture for today's posting. xoxox~Ric

~I am always accepting photo's to randomly and anonymously post. So if you wish, feel free to email your sexy photo. No faces please!~

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Dinner with friends!!

It was a busy weekend as usual and we had dinner plans with a group of friends. I had worked the previous day and we were up most of the night. Tired and out of sorts, kind of in a funk, I really didn't want the evening drama. I really just wanted to sit at home with a drink, relax and fall asleep. I would have much rather had everyone over for a bonfire, drinking, falling asleep to every one's laughter.

Fortunately another couple decided to go early, knowing Olive Garden is busy, reserving a table for seven. With my unwillingness, we were the last ones to arrive, everyone was standing outside, still waiting to be seated. I was really happy that we hadn't left earlier, parking the car, my wife reminded me to smile. Leaning over the arm rest, kissing me, stroking my cheek, smiling, knowing that I was tired.

As we met everyone, smiles and hugs, we were all happy to see each other again. Although I felt the way I did, our group of friends are always a fun group of people. I especially enjoyed it when Kerri joined our group, her eyes danced and smile so inviting. She was the only single one, always flirtatious, always fun. Her presence made the outing a bit more tolerable. I always had a thing for her, my wife knew that as well,however, I was not female, so she was not a threat.

Finally we were seated and all talking, many ordered drinks. Everyone was catching up and the evening was flowing very well. I was fortunate to be seated between my wife and Kerri, still feeling out of it, I was a bit quieter than usual. Kerri elbowed me, asking if I were alright, I explained that I had a very long night before and was tired. Empathic her hand patted my knee, as she did so, I felt my balls tingle. A bit of arousal surged through my body, even if it were a friendly touch.

As the evening progressed, I did join into the conversation, finding Kerri and I having more of a one on one conversation. She was explaining to me that her girlfriend and her had recently broken off their relationship. I was surprised to hear that, I vaguely knew her, although I knew she existed. She never would join our outings, partially because we weren't part of the gay community. Our group being very open and diverse, accepted anyone wishing to join us.

Dinner being served, the conversation continued at a much slower pace. I ate about half of my meal and stuffed, feeling more tired with food in my stomach. I wiped my lips, placing my napkin back into my lap. My wife asking if I was OK, I reassured her that everything was fine, I was full. Giving me that look, knowing that I usually finish mine and hers, "really I am OK" I said with a smile. I then reached down touching her knee. Her soft skin was so inviting. I ran my hand up her leg, that was until she smacked my hand, "see I am OK" I said with a smile. Again I got that look, this time with a smile in return.

I noticed Kerri had finished her meal as well, again we began to talk, I was drawn to her more than usual this evening. Her cute little sun dress, sexy tan, the way her hair lie on her shoulder. I kept imagining her and my wife, knowing all to well that wouldn't happen, however I kept imagining. I also noticed her perfume, almost like what you smell on a stripper, this also didn't help matters in my opinion. I really felt as if tonight, I was going to get myself into trouble.

Conversation at the table then became very centered on Jim and Tracy, they announced that they were pregnant. Everyone was concentrated on them, bombarding them with all of those who?what?when? Followed by my "did you enjoy it" again I was hit by my wife, as everyone laughed. With everyone focused on them, Kerri reached down and placed her hand on my knee, I looked around the table, no one was looking. I looked at her and she smiled, now running circles with her fingers, I could feel my balls begin to tingle again.

I honestly did not know what to do, finally I reached under the table and placed my hand on her knee. Her skin much different than my wife's, I could tell that she used lotion much more frequently, silky to the touch. I felt her legs spread,allowing space for me to run my hand, reluctant I kept my hand on her knee. Then without notice, she graciously placed her hand on mine. Again, little circles with the tips of her fingers on the back of my hand, then she held my hand. I looked at her, a devious smile with the raise of her eyebrow.

My hand now on her leg, I suddenly felt my wife's hand on my knee, again small circles with finger tips, my cock surged to full thickness at this point. Kerri could tell that something was going on, looking over she saw my wife's hand under the table cloth as well. Upping the stakes, with her hand, Kerri began guiding my hand under her dress. Her skin was so soft, my hand now at mid thigh she stopped, I continued, never stopping me, continuously looking to see if anyone was watching. Everyone still focused on Jim and Tracy, no one aware of what I was doing.

My hand finally reached the point where her leg met her waist, I stopped, afraid that I may offend her, not to mention nervous as hell. I looked at her, she looking at me, waiting to see what I was going to do, she seemed as if she wanted me to touch her. I sat there, now running my fingers in circles on the inside of her thigh, wanting to feel her pussy, then her hand was on mine again, pushing me closer. She widened her legs a bit more, her leg pressing against mine, my hand then touched her lips. She was soaked, her pussy was literally dripping wet, I felt her hand leave mine, touching her own clit, I was extremely aroused at this point. Wanting so bad to fuck the shit out of her, then she pushed my finger to her clit, I could feel her body react to my touch.

At the same time I felt my wife run her hand to my crotch, I needed a distraction. This was getting out of control, looking for a way to stop this madness, I saw my wife's glass of water empty with ice, quickly reaching for it, I knocked it over. My wife moving her hand, reaching for the spilled glass. Trying to help, I went to move my other hand, Kerri grasped it firmly, keeping it right where she wanted it. Then with a smile, she let go, knowing that she didn't want to get caught either. She then excused herself to the washroom.

"That's a good idea, I will walk with you" excusing myself, I followed her. When we reached the restrooms, we smiled and laughed. She then admitted that she did not want to come to dinner tonight as well and how glad she was that she did. I too told her that this made my night much more enjoyable than I expected. I entered the washroom, tasting my fingers before I washed, she tasted sweet and fresh. I enjoyed her taste, wishing I could enjoy a meal instead of appetizer.

As I exited the washroom, she was waiting for me, hugging me, kissing me on the cheek, whispering her wishes into my ear. I whispered back that I would enjoy making her wishes come true. Smiling we both returned to the table to enjoy our dinner with friends.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A day of living the dream!

Yesterday at work was one of those days, one of those days that just wouldn't end fast enough. We begin our shifts at 7am and work till 7am the next morning. Looking at the department calendar we were scheduled for several public appearances. The sun was out and we were looking forward to meeting lots of good looking moms out with there kids.

The first hour of work is filled with checking our equipment, putting our gear in our respectable spots. Being in charge mine stuff goes into the right front seat, I run the computer, talk on the radio, responsible for my crew. I am also responsible for my station, ambulance and engine, all paramedic equipped. Soon after checking our equipment, everyone scurries to finish there chores. Just like home, bathrooms, floors, vacuuming all needs to be done, then back out to wash the engine and ambulance.

We ordered out breakfast from a local restaurant, soon to be off to our first assignment. It was 1030hrs and we were off to a local health club for their open house. We took 300 helmets for kids, slap bracelets, refrigerator magnets and other handouts. As we pulled in we were in shock, the crowd was over 500 and waiting, I guess that's what happens when they say free lunch, bags, handouts. Let alone the car seat safety check that they offered. People were everywhere, we actually had to turn on our emergency lights to get to our assigned spot. The even wasn't going to start until 1100hrs.

Of course we parked by the cops, we get along well with them. Smiling and joking, I am sure people didn't know what to think. All day long I was making comments about the one cop, how he started off in the back and graduated to the front of the squad car. He was posing for a picture with a child and told the kid " When you grow up, you don't want to be like him!" I expect that I will be pulled over soon. It was all in good fun.

We left for a medical call and the cops had to watch our handouts, people just began to help themselves. So it actually was put into protective custody. After our call we returned, meeting and greeting the public. I am a public education person for the department,however,days like these can start to wear on your nerves. Suddenly, I hear "Ric, Ric, Ric" I was like is that someone chanting my name, I know I have fans out there but really here in public. I look over and they are frantic, a baby was choking. Walking so not create a scene, people became more frantic, a nurse from the facility was a bit pushy and snubbed me a bit. Someone even said let the paramedics do their job! All was good and I went back to my post.

As the three hour event carried on we were bombarded handing out all of the supplies that we had brought. Some things that we noticed though were people coming back for more freebies, people we recognize you, you were already here. Not to make a scene we smile and give them seconds and thirds of our supplies. This happens all the time at events like this and it always amazes me.

What also amazes me are the questions. What was your worst fire? Do you really want to know, honestly, you want to hear about the five year old that we found and how the mom screamed! What is the grossest thing you have seen? Really you don't want to know. You guys have to respond to emergencies from this event? Yes we are on duty, providing a service, of course we still respond to people in need. The questions we field are really something else. Please don't ever ask whats the worst of anything from cops, firemen, nurses....imagine the worst and there you have it! My eyes have seen more death, diarrhea, vomit, blood, domestic violence, and the list goes on, than the normal person ever wants to see.

Finally at 1430hrs we leave, heading for one of our fire fighter's wedding. A bit exhausted from standing and being bombarded we head to the church. Ambulance, Ladder truck, fire engine all staged outside the doors. When the groom and his new bride exit the church our lights were flashing, followed by blasting of our horns. The bridal party then had their pictures taken on the ladder truck. Since this wasn't the equipment that the groom was assigned too, I made a comment during pictures "Shouldn't you be on a ambulance for this picture?" I really don't hold back, those of you that know me, I have no filter. Everyone was thinking it, I just have the balls to say it.

Our next stop was to Walmart, this is when I began to lose my tolerance for stupid people for the day. We are now required to keep a firefighter with the rig at all times. I volunteered because I thought both guys were about to pee their pants. Using the facilities, then shopping for dinner and grabbing some food for lunch. While they were inside, I fell asleep in the engine, to be awaken by an older lady. "Sir are you waiting for a fire?" I was like no maam...we are grocery shopping. " You must going to buy a lot of groceries to fill that truck!" I was actually speechless. I said" Excuse me, for three guys?" She muttered something and walked away. Not to be cynical here, but do people think that we don't eat? I was feeling frustrated from stupid people that I had dealt with all day, the guys were laughing at me. I am the department spokesperson per say, the loved seeing me all wound up with the stupid questions.

Soon after that we headed back to the station to sit down and have a quick bite to eat. We get back, hoping to rest for an hr before our next assignment, we respond to another medical. Not taking to much of our time we were able to come back and sit for a half hour. Followed by getting back into the rig to meet a convoy for a soldier returning from his tour in Iraq. His father being a Sergent from one of the police departments that we work with, a honor that everyone of our soldiers deserve. Don't ever forget to thank those who serve so that we can live in this fine nation.

Now 1830 we are back at the station, my engineer, makes us this fabulous pesto and beef tenderloin dinner served on tortellini. After clean up many of us passed out until our next call. The rest of the evening was filled with calls, medicals, burnt food at midnight, car accident at 0430, another medical at 0530. Finally at 7am I was relieved to be walking out the door. I really enjoyed the busy day I did, I enjoy meeting and talking with people. I love my job, it is the best job in the world. It truly is living the dream!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Hidden Camera

I had hidden cameras placed throughout the house, three in our bedroom, all discreetly placed. One was in the alarm clock that I replaced, another near the television and the third was in the smoke detector. I also had one placed in our bathroom, a lovely picture upon the wall.

I had always wondered what went on at home while I was away, always wondering how honest she was about her activities. Mostly I was interested in watching her masturbate, how she did it, her technique. Was she reading a book, playing online, watching a movie, these things interested me, consumed me. I was very into watching her, so much that after I began watching, I began recording, then watching them while I was away.

When I began researching these cameras, I was amazed at how small and hidden they could be, I was also amazed at how easily I could obtain them. The tricky part was finding a place to hook up my recording equipment. That too became easy, I decided to install cabinets into our master closet. Creating a secret spot for them to be hidden.

I had noticed that she spent a large amount of time on the computer prior to many masturbation episodes. Curious to her internet habits, I began feverishly searching for potential partners. She was very careful though, always erasing her history, I was never able to find evidence, and however, I knew it was there. My obsession with her became very compulsive, I was becoming paranoid beyond belief. Our sex life was now taking a toll, I couldn’t tell if it were me or if it were her.

I remember coming home, kissing her goodbye, business as usual around our home. Barely having time for each other, our marriage seemed as if we were single parents, forced to live together. Both of us always going in the opposite direction, forgetting to make time for each other, everything were always for the kids. Our sex lives consisted of me watching video of her orgasm’s while I jerked off. She was toying herself while chatting with some stranger on the screen of her computer.

It was that day however, that everything changed, and the cameras were witness to all of my fears. As I watched she was scantly dressed that evening, the kids were in bed early. She lies in bed, touching her breasts, teasing them, reading her book. She answered the telephone, it was me, I could see the annoyed look on her face. Looks of displeasure, the look that one has when they wish they could just hang up the phone. Like their worst enemy was on the other end, they were simply being nice.

Then the crooked little smile began to appear, the smile that I once knew from a long time ago. That sparkle in her eye, I was trying to remember our conversation, what had I said the sparked her interest again. My mind was swirling, grasping for that spark that I missed so dearly. Biting my lip, watching intently, watching her eyes dance, her finger touched her lip as if she was telling me to be quiet. Still trying to remember our conversation, I then saw him walk into the picture. It was not long after that when she told me goodnight, telling me she was tired, hanging up the phone.

My heart now racing, pounding in my chest, from excitement to fear, wishing I could rewind what I was now watching. I never had considered this possibility when this all began. What is going on, the room was spinning out of control, my mind racing. Anxiety was building, sweat now beading, my hands trembling, I could not stop watching. Tears now flowing from my eyes, my life shattered, wondering what my life had now become.

Meanwhile on the screen he undresses, climbing into my bed, his cock on her leg. His mouth touching hers, hands on her breasts, she succumbs to his touch. Her breasts now exposed, her back arching, his tongue dances around her nipples. My heart feels as it is being ripped from my chest as I watch. I stared in disbelief, wondering who he is, where did I go wrong.

She then reaches for his cock, stroking it, he lies back onto my pillow. She rises up, kissing his chest, down his belly, taking his cock completely into her mouth. His hand touches her pussy as she continues to eagerly take him in, stroking and sucking. I began to turn away, then turning back to watch, I really had seen enough. My body and mind numb from the shock of what I had just witnessed, I sat there, watching the whole video till the end.

Watching him lie there with her, the way we once had been, she was now his, I was merely a single parent, who spent time with my kids.