Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sssshhhhh Don't Tell

The music was loud, pyrotechnics filled the air, peoples heads moving to the beat of the music. Stage lights danced across the stage, occasionally dancing across our faces. My wife stood on my left, dancing, smiling, brushing up against me. Loving glances as we would looked at each other, enjoying the show. Now and then kissing, enjoying our time together.

As the crowd became thicker, she moved closer to my front, her right butt cheek was near my pelvis. Occasionally moving to the music she would rub against me, then turning, smiling, letting me know what she had felt. People all around us, little touches and rubs, we began to feel a bit frisky. During the concert I would slip my hands into her front pockets, knowing that this would help set the mood for the limo ride home.

The screams from the women behind me and to the right, were almost deafening. Beer from their glasses sloshed onto the people around them, they clearly had enough to drink. Singing to all the songs, enjoying themselves, my wife and I would scream to each other about their behavior. Their clothes were minimal, scantly dressed to my liking, occasionally bumping into us as we danced.

As the concert continued the fog in the arena thickened. We could feel the bass and the percussion from the drums, causing our clothing to vibrate on our skin. Still dancing, enjoying ourselves, that is when I felt a hand brush across my ass. Turning to look the girls next to me kiss, making sure that I see, immediately I felt the blood rush to my cock, slightly thickening. The music seemed muffled for a moment, as their kiss ended they looked at me and smiled. I had thought the hand brushing across my ass was only someone bumping into me.

Then it was the small of my back, a slight brushing against my shirt. It was then that I realized that these were now intentional occurrences to touch me. My wife standing next me, enjoying our time together, I began to enjoy the touch of the girl as well. Positioning myself so that the girl could touch me more easily, so that my wife would not see. Arousing the girl even more, allowing her sneak around, going unnoticed, her existence never crossing my wife's mind. I pretended as if I were trying to protect my wife from these obnoxious out of control women.

Understanding my actions, the girl took control of the situation, allowing me to enjoy the concert a bit more. She knew I was married and made sure not to get me into trouble. I felt her hand on my side, starting at my hip, slowly sliding up my untucked shirt. Reaching up to my chest, slowly using her nails, she lowered her hand to my waist. My abdominals tightened, leaving my jeans slightly gaped open. Her hand had access to my cock. Slowly she lowered her hand past my waist, pulling herself up against me. She slowly reached down, grabbing me, stroking me, giving me chills of pleasure. Her had was soft, a bit cold, refreshing against my hot skin.

I placed my hands on my wife's shoulders, making sure she would not turn around. Repositioning myself, I left my right hand on her shoulder. The girl then took my left hand, guiding it to her body. We both were pushing our limits, enjoying each others touch. Raising my hand, helping me find her waist line. Her skin was soft, the waist of her jeans was loose, easily accessible. My hand slowly slid down, the smooth skin continued until my fingers reached the wetness. As her body danced, she pushed her clit against my fingers. Her hand still in my pants, stroking me hard, her grip was firm. My fingers flicked across her clit, as her body moved more quickly. Suddenly her hand stopped, squeezing me hard, reaching that pain pleasure threshold. I felt her body shake, leaning on me as she came. Unable to hold herself up, using me as support, my hand was soaked.

Leaning forward she whispered into my ear, thanking me for her pleasure. Smiling she placed her hand on my back, holding her friends hand, they pushed their way through the crowd. Finding their way closer to the stage, smiling as she glanced back at me, truly enjoying her evening. Placing my hand in my pocket, drying my hand, I then returned my full attention to my wife. Thoroughly enjoying the rest of my evening, looking forward to the limo ride home.


  1. Holy Shit that was HAWT!!...

    Glad you had a good time!..and i'm sure she did too...
    And don't worry i won't tell anyone...shhhhhhh

  2. You have the wildest imagination and wonderful writing ability...often told you that though haven't I and the pile of envelopes you've pushed must be getting pretty high LOL {{{HUGS}}}
    xxoxx :))

  3. Hmmm, limo's, now there's a place I've never done anything naughty. Interesting.

  4. Wow, what a coincidence! I was at a concert recently and something similar happened, only my husband was so distracted by the girls behind us that he didn't even notice.


  5. Holy Shit! (stealing ~c's comment)