Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Consumed, Obsessed, Crazed Threesome!

When our threesome began, it was fun and exhilarating. New found experiences, all three enjoying the naughtiness of a threesome. It was amazing to be in bed with two women, kissing, licking, sucking, all the pleasures we all seek in the bedroom. Having two mouths touching mine at the same time, two sets of hands touching my body, two mouths on my cock and balls. Experiencing some the most exhilarating feelings one could experience.

Emotionally and mentally though the relationship became consuming. I began calling in sick so that I could spend a day with both women. The thought of the two of them spending time without me was driving me crazy. However, my double standard of having the girlfriend to myself, did not bother me. All of us making sure to spend time as three, but needing the one on one with each other to validate the relationship and feelings.

My wife would make a point of scheduling time for me and the girlfriend. Then while I was gone for 24hrs they would spend time together, always making me feel as if they couldn't wait for me to be gone for a guaranteed alone time. The friendship that I had shared with the girlfriend prior to wife finding out about us, quickly dwindled, she concentrated on becoming closer friends with my wife. Due to her marriage it was much easier to explain the time she was spending with us, especially when she became so close to my wife. Talking on the phone, chatting online, spending time that the girlfriend normally would have spent together.Causing me to become withdrawn from my wife, withdrawn from the girlfriend. Feeling as if I was only good for one thing and one thing only.

Soon the fighting began at home, causing distention in the household, fighting with the girlfriend as well. The relationship had become a love and hate relationship, when we were together I loved it, when we were apart, I hated it. I felt as if I was the catalyst of their relationship. The fighting at home intensified, causing the kids to ask why were fighting so much.

Recognizing that the kids were being affected by our new found fun, protecting them became the most important thing for me and my wife. We tried to break off the relationship and found ourselves not being able to do so, we had both fallen for her. Always making time for her, she was a part of every moment of our marriage.

There was always a constant yearning to be with the other. The relationship came to a sudden halt when the girlfriend said she wanted to explore her relationship further, recognizing that they needed time, I planned as the wife did, a day for them to play and be themselves. The plan was for Monday, I would even take her kids if needed, the plan seemed simple, willing to accommodate their wish to be alone. Then the girlfriend added Friday, knowing that I had a important meeting at work, one that needed my full concentration. Knowing that I always wished and wondered as one's mind does, while their spouse is making love to another.

I then mentioned to my wife, how important the meeting was, I needed to concentrate completely, with no distractions. My wish was granted for this day, however, it upset the girlfriend, thinking that I couldn't handle the two of them together,then she cancelled Monday. It upset me that I was overcoming my insecurities and jealousies, rearranging my schedule as my wife did for me. So that they could have their day, I felt as if I was making an sincere effort in making their relationship work. So naturally since she cancelled their day, we made a family day.

As Monday came around, I was slightly annoyed when I spoke to the girlfriend on the phone. Upset that we had chose a family day over her, upset that I chose to do something with my wife and kids. I can't even begin to tell you the fight that it caused between me and wife, ending our relationship with her. Unfortunately, this could have been an incredible relationship, but the obsession that consumed all three of us, killed the relationship.