Sunday, July 19, 2009

A day of living the dream!

Yesterday at work was one of those days, one of those days that just wouldn't end fast enough. We begin our shifts at 7am and work till 7am the next morning. Looking at the department calendar we were scheduled for several public appearances. The sun was out and we were looking forward to meeting lots of good looking moms out with there kids.

The first hour of work is filled with checking our equipment, putting our gear in our respectable spots. Being in charge mine stuff goes into the right front seat, I run the computer, talk on the radio, responsible for my crew. I am also responsible for my station, ambulance and engine, all paramedic equipped. Soon after checking our equipment, everyone scurries to finish there chores. Just like home, bathrooms, floors, vacuuming all needs to be done, then back out to wash the engine and ambulance.

We ordered out breakfast from a local restaurant, soon to be off to our first assignment. It was 1030hrs and we were off to a local health club for their open house. We took 300 helmets for kids, slap bracelets, refrigerator magnets and other handouts. As we pulled in we were in shock, the crowd was over 500 and waiting, I guess that's what happens when they say free lunch, bags, handouts. Let alone the car seat safety check that they offered. People were everywhere, we actually had to turn on our emergency lights to get to our assigned spot. The even wasn't going to start until 1100hrs.

Of course we parked by the cops, we get along well with them. Smiling and joking, I am sure people didn't know what to think. All day long I was making comments about the one cop, how he started off in the back and graduated to the front of the squad car. He was posing for a picture with a child and told the kid " When you grow up, you don't want to be like him!" I expect that I will be pulled over soon. It was all in good fun.

We left for a medical call and the cops had to watch our handouts, people just began to help themselves. So it actually was put into protective custody. After our call we returned, meeting and greeting the public. I am a public education person for the department,however,days like these can start to wear on your nerves. Suddenly, I hear "Ric, Ric, Ric" I was like is that someone chanting my name, I know I have fans out there but really here in public. I look over and they are frantic, a baby was choking. Walking so not create a scene, people became more frantic, a nurse from the facility was a bit pushy and snubbed me a bit. Someone even said let the paramedics do their job! All was good and I went back to my post.

As the three hour event carried on we were bombarded handing out all of the supplies that we had brought. Some things that we noticed though were people coming back for more freebies, people we recognize you, you were already here. Not to make a scene we smile and give them seconds and thirds of our supplies. This happens all the time at events like this and it always amazes me.

What also amazes me are the questions. What was your worst fire? Do you really want to know, honestly, you want to hear about the five year old that we found and how the mom screamed! What is the grossest thing you have seen? Really you don't want to know. You guys have to respond to emergencies from this event? Yes we are on duty, providing a service, of course we still respond to people in need. The questions we field are really something else. Please don't ever ask whats the worst of anything from cops, firemen, nurses....imagine the worst and there you have it! My eyes have seen more death, diarrhea, vomit, blood, domestic violence, and the list goes on, than the normal person ever wants to see.

Finally at 1430hrs we leave, heading for one of our fire fighter's wedding. A bit exhausted from standing and being bombarded we head to the church. Ambulance, Ladder truck, fire engine all staged outside the doors. When the groom and his new bride exit the church our lights were flashing, followed by blasting of our horns. The bridal party then had their pictures taken on the ladder truck. Since this wasn't the equipment that the groom was assigned too, I made a comment during pictures "Shouldn't you be on a ambulance for this picture?" I really don't hold back, those of you that know me, I have no filter. Everyone was thinking it, I just have the balls to say it.

Our next stop was to Walmart, this is when I began to lose my tolerance for stupid people for the day. We are now required to keep a firefighter with the rig at all times. I volunteered because I thought both guys were about to pee their pants. Using the facilities, then shopping for dinner and grabbing some food for lunch. While they were inside, I fell asleep in the engine, to be awaken by an older lady. "Sir are you waiting for a fire?" I was like no maam...we are grocery shopping. " You must going to buy a lot of groceries to fill that truck!" I was actually speechless. I said" Excuse me, for three guys?" She muttered something and walked away. Not to be cynical here, but do people think that we don't eat? I was feeling frustrated from stupid people that I had dealt with all day, the guys were laughing at me. I am the department spokesperson per say, the loved seeing me all wound up with the stupid questions.

Soon after that we headed back to the station to sit down and have a quick bite to eat. We get back, hoping to rest for an hr before our next assignment, we respond to another medical. Not taking to much of our time we were able to come back and sit for a half hour. Followed by getting back into the rig to meet a convoy for a soldier returning from his tour in Iraq. His father being a Sergent from one of the police departments that we work with, a honor that everyone of our soldiers deserve. Don't ever forget to thank those who serve so that we can live in this fine nation.

Now 1830 we are back at the station, my engineer, makes us this fabulous pesto and beef tenderloin dinner served on tortellini. After clean up many of us passed out until our next call. The rest of the evening was filled with calls, medicals, burnt food at midnight, car accident at 0430, another medical at 0530. Finally at 7am I was relieved to be walking out the door. I really enjoyed the busy day I did, I enjoy meeting and talking with people. I love my job, it is the best job in the world. It truly is living the dream!


  1. Oh my lord, that is a busy 24 hours! Glad to hear it all went smoothly. :)

  2. Thank you for what you do to keep others safe. Stupid people stink. I've been noticing so many more of them lately that it's a little scary. Sorry you had to encounter so many in one day.

  3. Love the 'a day in a life' posts like this! Keeping the public (even the stupid and greedy ones) safe is often a thankless job.. From one who hopes to never have to see you professionally, Thanks!! :)

  4. Busy, busy day! Not every day is another day in paradise, but when you love your job the way you do, you're not far off!

    Firemen are some of my favorite people... I'm that girl standing on the corner waving anytime a fire engine goes

  5. Thank you for your service and all that you do Ric!!!