Thursday, March 26, 2009

13 sex toys for men

1-Black Orchid Masturbater- Wow....who would have ever thought! I may have to invest into some of these toys. Here I have been using my hands for 30 years.

2-Dual Beaded Vagina- Holy geeze Batman, lined with beads this thing is suppose to be very enjoyable. Who knew that I could find 13 toys for men.

3-Travel Pussy- So I guess if your boy is going on a trip, send him with the travel pussy. Maybe this will stop his urge of bringing someone back to the hotel. Just don't put it in his carry on. Although that would be fun, see the TSA scanning and laughing.

4- Realistic Titty Blow- I don't know what is so thrilling about the real thing, however, this does not look fun at all.

5- Ass Palm Pal- Anal sex is always fun, its the forbidden fruit, keep saying no and we want to try it. The anus palm pal does look slightly realistic. I dunno....what do you think?

6- Seductive Oral Masturbator- The tounge ring has me in this one, kind of a fantasy, however, the mouth and nose only? I guess its better than holding onto a full size head.

7- Penis Extension- I think this would take away all of my fun. Second, if you need this what is she doing with you, thats why they make the rabbit.

8- Fireman's Pump- I just had to add this It is suposed to increase the size of your penis, prolong your erection. Give me a break!

9- Linn Thomas Talking Love Doll- This thing stands 5' 3" tall, for $264 I guess its cheaper than the disease that you would get from a hooker. Who owns one of these?

10- Love Taper Cock Ring- This one I might be willing to try, supposed to prolong your erection, not a problem with that, must be my age. The hanging piece is supposed to create clitorial stimulation by tapping against her. Interesting to say the least!

11- Large Waterproof Anal Beads- This would be great if your trying to stimulate his g-spot.

12- Blue Thunder Butt Plug- This is angled to provide the best pleasure imaginable. When this stunning blue toy is inserted, the angle should drive him wild.

13- Tiffany Minx Pussy- For $120 I could find a better use of the money. Why would anyone spend this kind of money for a piece of rubber. Really can it be that good?


  1. Do those things really work? i mean can they really feel like you know...

    Hope you've been well, be safe!


  2. The fireman pump...does it work? Who would know, or better still tell if they did know? LOL A most interesting and enlightening TT as usual. xxoxx :)

  3. Well... I believe this is my first adult content blog. LOL! Thanks for the visit and comment. Have you seen that lifesize and lifelike doll that talks? The construction is amazing. Wish I remember what it was called and who made it but I think it's made in Japan.

    LOL! My word verification code was "pecswood". How apropo was that? :-D

  4. #14- Jar of vaseline and a Penthouse mag!

  5. I always did have trouble picturing men using any of these. They seemed like it would be too much work, from my point of view. BUT, I don't have a penis, so what would I know, right?
    I was actually browsing these the other night after a bout of insomnia had me watching on the home shopping network.

  6. #6 reminds me of those wind up teeth you could buy as a Joke that would chatter away - not exactly seductive or pleasurable ;0)

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