Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bath Time!

Taking baths relax her so much, so he prepared a hot steamy bath for her. Candles were lit and placed all over the bathroom. The sweet aroma permeated the air, she could feel the steam cling to her skin as she walked into the bathroom. Already undressed he closed the door behind her, helping her undress in the candlelight. As he removed her clothes, he adored her body in the soft light.

Leading her over to the bathtub, he held her hand as she tested the waters. The water stung as she first entered into it, slowly lowering herself until she was submerged. Once she was in the water he sat next to her, just outside the tub, kneeling on a small stack of towels. He looked at her sparkling eyes with a devious, crinkly kind of smile.

Picking up a body scrub he dipped it into the water, then swirling body wash onto it. Lifting her right leg he began to scrub her feet, up her calf, then to her inner thigh. Thoroughly scrubbing and paying attention to every curve. When he was finished he moved to her left leg and repeated the performance. She began to feel relaxed and tingly, the touch of his hands and the roughness of the body scrub were a magical combination. The skin was cold as he would raise her leg out of the water, then warm and refreshed after being cleansed.

He then went to her hands, scrubbing them, soothing them, enjoying the feel of her skin. Slowly moving down her arm, shoulder, and slowly moving to her chest. Taking time to appreciate her breasts, spending ample amount of time, touching and teasing them, again appreciating the touch of his hand versus the roughness of the body scrub. Completing her breasts he then moved to the opposite shoulder and arm, finishing with her hand. Completely relaxed he helps pull her forward, lathering the body scrub he begins with the nape of her neck, then to back of the shoulders. He slowly moves down the rest of her back, she is now moaning in pleasure.

As she lies back in the tub, he now takes a cup of water and rinses her hair, running his hands across her scalp. The pressure of his fingers massaging her scalp, soothing, relaxing, erogeonous. Applying soap and conditioner her hair feels like silk, soft strings of silk running through his fingers. Tilting her head back into the water she rinses her hair, her beauty radiates like the moonlight on the ocean.

As she lies there relaxed, he now takes the shaving cream and places lather in his hand. Raising her pelvis, he lathers her between her legs. Taking the razor he shaves her almost completely, leaving a little down the middle. Her lips now smooth to the touch, trusting him with the most delicate task, his strong hands so soft and delicate. Aroused and excited he helps her finish, admiring her beautiful body, shimmering in the candlelight.

He leans over and opens the drain, they hear the water now draining. Helping her stand, he begins to dry her with the towel. Slowly drying her soft and delicate skin, occasionally stopping to kiss her delicious skin. Taking her by the hand he opens the door, leads her in to the bedroom, and removes the towel. Enjoying the evening’s dessert, that he has helped prepare!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coffee anyone?

In town on business, Kate was unfamiliar with the city, she was dying to find a coffee shop. Leaving the hotel she began looking for a Starbucks. It was cool out this particular morning, in fact the bank's marquee read 38 degrees Fahrenheit. She could see her breathe as she walked, cold and refreshing to her lungs. Dressed in her business attire, black wool coat keeping her warm.

As she turned the corner two blocks to the north, there it was, Starbucks. Her bright white smile gleamed as she walked through the door. As she entered the little brass bell attached to the top of the door jingled. Causing the man in the corner to look up and see her walking through the door.

She stood about five foot and nine inches tall, shoulder length strawberry hair. He noticed her green eyes glistening in the morning sun. He sipped his coffee, and smiled when she looked over at him. He continued to work on his laptop, checking the morning news. No breaking news stories he pulled up his daily blog, looking at comments and deciding what to write for the day. He was attracted to the cute woman that walked through the door, maybe he would write about her.

Kate saw the handsome man sitting at his computer, watching him laugh and smile while she ordered. Trying very hard not to stare, however, he was very handsome. He appeared to be about six foot and three inches tall, the football player type build, definitely athletic, she liked that. The man was clean cut, clean shaven, with a short haircut. Receiving her coffee and morning roll, she walked to the empty table next to his.

"Wireless signal good over here?" she asked. Smiling at her "It was good, remarkably, it just got better." he replied. From that moment on they talked while they both surfed the web. She told him that she just arrived in town yesterday, not quite sure of activities to do between meetings. He offered to take her on a tour, she willingly accepted.

That evening he picked her up at the hotel lobby, escorting her out to his car. Like a gentleman he opened the door. She smelled his cologne as he brushed next to her. He smelled inviting, clean and desirable. The car had a fresh scent smell, he took as good of his car as he did of himself. During the car ride their conversation never ended, so many things in common, where has he been all of these years, finding a man like this after 39 years of life. So many years wasted looking for a man that she could share so many thoughts and ideas with.

Finally they arrived back at the hotel, he pulled up to the door. Knowing that she would be in town for week, hoping for another night of her company. He exited and opened her door, stepping out of the car she opened her arms receptively. Pulling him close, surprising him, taking control. She told him she would meet him in the bar after parking the car.

In the bar she found two seats at end of the bar, she ordered two shots of tequila, quickly drinking them before he arrived. He soon appeared and they drank and talked a little bit more, with her drinks gone she grabbed his hand pulling him off his stool. Startled he asked her where they were going. Giggling she turned around, placing her index finger on his lips. He couldn't believe this was happening.

Slipping the card into the door, the green light lit up, turning the handle they entered the room. Kissing him passionately she pushed him to the bed. Taken back from her aggressiveness, he was submissive to her wants. Undressing him she took control by placing his cock into her mouth. Undressing and sucking she continued her attack. Forcing him to give her what she wanted, enjoying his moans of pleasure, she pulled off of his cock. Slowly kissing his abdomen, working her way up, kissing him again. Her naked body on his, she then lifted herself, placing her pussy on his mouth.

She smelled so sweet and fresh, cleanly shaven, he ran his tongue along the lips. She demanded him to suck her clit, so he did, lapping up her juices. Feeling her grind on his face, almost hurting his face, her hips moving faster. Moaning and demanding, she orgasm's with a loud grunt. Waves of wetness poured into his mouth, enjoying her precious juices. While she dismounts from his mouth, she places her mouth on his, cleaning up some of the mess, knowing this would make him harder.

Smiling at him she slowly slid onto his cock. Feeling his thick member pressing against her insides. She maneuvers herself so that the head of his cock is pressing on her g-spot. The intense feeling that one needs to orgasm as quickly as possible, she lets it sit there, to build into the explosion that she wants. As it gets closer she begins to move, causing the intense feeling to build even more. With her hands digging into his chest, she begins to grind hard against his pelvis. Watching her excitement he begins to help, rhythmically moving together. Suddenly they both explode, every ounce of energy races through their bodies. Feeling dizzy afterwards, they both lay there motionless, holding each other close.

After lying there for about an hour, he realizes he must leave, kissing her, he slowly gets dressed. Wrapped in a bed sheet, she sits up in bed, asking him to stay. " I must go home" he sheepishly said. "I understand" Kate said, "I must call home too!"

"You better shower before you go"

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Above is a picture of Victoria falls located in Zambia. An amazing thing to reach out to take such amazing photograph. I came across a blog that showed this photo, amazed I googled Victoria falls, someday I would like to visit there. Knowing I would be scared to death to swim to edge like this, however, the view would be to die for.
The more I look at this picture, the more I begin to think about life. Thinking about how daring it must be to swim up, trusting that you won't just slip and fall over the edge, plummeting to your death. Amidst the thoughts I began to compare this picture to relationships. Whether your married or not, we all can relate in one way or another.
A time comes in our life when we must trust ourselves to be daring and take a risk. Slowly climbing into the waters, feeling wet and strange as we slowly swim towards the falls. Feeling the current pull you as we swim, swiftly bringing us to that edge. Knowing that when you reach the edge, you will see the most magnificent sight, the emotions and feelings that we will experience.
Taking that risk, the potential to have one of the best experiences of our life. Wanting to feel the awe of such a magnificent experience, however, many of us are hesitant to step into the water.
If we only were to put both feet into the water and trust that we will not go over the falls. Daring ourselves to take that step, instead many of us stand at the shore watching and waiting. Not willing to take that chance, afraid that we be the one slip and fall to our death.

Friday, November 21, 2008


It was late in the night, she still wasn't home from work. He was lying alone in his bed, holding a body pillow tight, imagining it was her. Sound asleep, snoring, TV left on. The house still in the dead of the night.

As she pulled into the driveway, she waited patiently for the garage door to open. Wired from her night at work, needing to unwind. The car lights illuminate the garage as she pulls in and closes the garage door. As she walks into her home the house is silent. She can faintly hear the television in the master bedroom. Knowing that he would always fall asleep as he would try so hard to wait up for her.

Opening the refrigerator she rummaged through for a small snack. Opening the cheese drawer she found some string cheese, and grabbed the gallon of apple cider. Pouring herself a splash of apple cider, she began to feel herself to calm down being home. Eating her snack she looked through the days mail. Advertisements and credit card offers, nothing but junk. Drinking the last drop of apple cider she placed the empty cup into the sink. Turning off the lights she headed upstairs.

Walking into the bedroom she admired him sleeping there all alone. Holding the body pillow as if it were her lying next to him. She began to undress while watching him, lifting her shirt over her head, then reaching behind her back, unclasping her bra. Her small perky breasts all warm and covered, now bared and nipples hard. Placing her hands into her waistband she slowly removed her pants. Leaving her socks on so that her feet would not get cold.

Walking over to the bed a sudden surge of lust overcame her. Pulling back the sheets his naked body was inviting to the touch. She lightly ran her hand down the side of his back, causing him to roll to his back. Lifting the pillow his cock lie there on his inner leg. She slowly leaned over, trying to wake him slowly. She never liked to be awaken quickly, so why would he.

Leaning over she began to kiss his cock, soft gentle kisses, then ever so slowly running her tongue down the shaft. With her right hand she lifted his penis and slowly placed it in her mouth. Beginning with the tip, sucking on the head, pushing the circumcision completely taunt. Running her tongue in circles around the head, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. She could feel the blood begin to surge to his cock. A completely flaccid penis beginning to harden.

As his cock became erect, snoring turned to moaning. Looking up at him she could see his eyes beginning to open. A smirk of smile showing at the corner of his mouth. Taking him deeply he moaned louder, she reached up and pinched his nipple. Stopping long enough to say "Morning baby."

Then kissing up his abdomen, making her way to his lips, kissing her back, she climbed on top. Slowly sliding him inside her, both moaning in pleasure. She leaned back, placing her hands on his knees. Moving her waist like a dolphin swimming through water. He reached out placing his hand on her waist, helping her swim, occasionally reaching up to touch her breasts. The moaning and pleasure became louder, then both of them in a loud gasp, orgasm together.

In total exhaustion she collapsed on top of him, finally exhausted and tired. Holding each other, kissing and loving, she slowly removed her body from his. Leaving a leg and arm draped over him. His penis now flaccid again on his leg, now holding her, exhausted, they fall back asleep.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Store !

She was shopping in the grocery store, and like usual, she noticed the firemen shopping. They always seemed to flirt with her, telling her to stop by the station with the kids for a tour. She was a bit skeptical, knowing that they were pigs - like most men were - and she had never felt tempted before. Today, though, she felt frisky, not happy at home, and that need to be wanted ached through her body. She felt the desire to be naughty too, to do something daring, not the normal daily routine that she had grown so accustomed to.

It felt a bit odd to flirt while having the kids with, however, that should show the true strength of the firefighter’s confidence. A man that was confident, yet passionate was what she always looked for. Usually, she would fantasize about a certain type of man, but surprisingly, the man she made eye contact with was not her type at all.

He was an average man, big shoulders, blue eyes, the kind of man that could wrap you in his arms and stare into your eyes. His bald head was something new for her. It was shaved and smooth, so she could tell that hygiene was important to him. And a neatly trimmed mustache, too. She had never kissed a man with a mustache before. She found herself more attracted to him the longer she stared.

Daydreaming about her firefighter, she was startled when he walked over and introduced himself. The kids instantly recognized him from the safety talks at school, and he asked them if they shared their safety message with their parents. She was embarrassed when the children said no, and she began to blush. In a nice polite matter, he winked at her and then calmed her by acknowledging his own negligence at home. He then invited the whole family to the station for a tour. She declined politely, regretfully telling him that she had a bachlorette party to attend that evening.

Jokingly he mentioned that the girls should stop by for pictures before they went out on the town for the evening. She was in disbelief that he would invite that kind of trouble to the fire station. But then she began thinking about how clever that could be, she would surprise all of the other women and tell the chauffeur to make a pit stop on the way out of town.

It was after dinner when the limousine pulled in front of the station. The firefighters were all amazed, but definately pleased, to see a dozen beautiful women step out of the car. Testosterone was flowing at an all time high. The girls were excited. Everyone was happy.

Perfume radiated throughout the station, it was the best it had smelled in years. Finally, the two acquaintances met again. He admitted to her how amazed he was that she actually had the party stop for a tour. She then explained that it was more for her than the rest of her party.

They both smiled, understanding what the intentions that evening were. He then showed her his office, explaining that he usually stayed up pretty late. She asked how late, and his answer surprised her.

Later that evening, on her way home, she made a detour to see if the lights were still on at the station. Sure enough, he hadn't lied. She could see him sitting at his desk, patiently waiting. She parked her car in the lot, unsure if she should go in, knowing that she could not behave. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door, closing it quietly behind her, trying not to make a sound. Walking quietly, she peered into his office, then quietly tapped on the glass. He turned with a smile, stood and went to let her in. He greeted her with a smile, telling her to be quiet since firefighters were sleeping in their beds. She asked to see the fire trucks, and he led her by the hand. He could feel her heart pounding through their touch.

They reached the bay where the trucks sat peacefully on the floor, gear hanging from the doors, the smell of smoke lingering in the air. She felt the desire to release her inhibitions, so stopping suddenly she turned and embraced him. Then she aked for her private station tour.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Your naked body arouses me every time I see it, lying there in the candlelight, illuminating your tender soft skin. Spread on the bed, black wristlets tied to the bed posts,black anklets holding your legs to the foot post of the bed. Black collar around your neck, blindfolded, waiting impatiently for me to touch you. The contrast of the black against your slightly tanned skin, inviting me to be naughty. I study your body, watching you bite your bottom lip in anticipation.

Today I invited a girl to watch, possibly join in, she quietly undresses and sits in the chair in the corner of the room. You do not know she is there, her eyes sparkle with excitement. Her fantasy has always been to watch, possibly joining the fun if she feels comfortable. Completely undressing, with the exception of her panties, already touching herself, excited with anticipation. Unaware of her presence, knowing you will be surprised, hopefully not upset.

I stand there naked, holding a whip, black leather, with strips of pink fur interlaced for the pain pleasure. The smell of candles permeate our senses, so aware of senses you even think you may smell perfume. You hear me next to the bed, admiring your hard erect nipples, your skin is cold, lying there in waiting. Small goosebumps rise from your skin, slowly I place the whip on your nipple, running it down your side, then down your leg to your inner arch of your foot. Watching your expressions as I tease your body. Your nipple standing tall, wanting to be warmed, sucked and kissed.

I look over and in the corner she is focused on every move, touching herself, one hand on her breast, circling and enticing her nipple, the other in her panties, I see her hand circling her lips. As I watch she bravely removes her panties, allowing me full view of her excitement. Smiling with approval, I hear the wetness as her finger glides through the folds. Her nipples are erect and excited as well, her smile radiates towards us.

I raise the whip and with a sharp and quick motion I strike your breast, I watch you quiver in slight pain. I then lean over kissing and calming your nipple from the shock it just incurred. Then slowly running the whip between your breasts, down your abdomen, across your lips. Biting your lip, your body begins to wiggle under my control. Anxiously waiting to feel my next touch, you brace yourself, thinking it will be a sharp painful pleasure. Instead I choose to release cold whip cream on your nipple. Making it cold, sensation extremes, I lean over and place my warm mouth over your nipple sucking away the cold, warming your breast. I pause watching, waiting, making you anticipate my next move. I position myself, I raise the whip and bring it down across your pussy, watching your abdomen tense, so I raise it again and lash it against your abdomen, left then right. In the corner her eyes widen in disbelief. Her hands stop, watching for your reaction. You arch your back, raising slightly off the bed, I lean over kissing your abdomen.

Vigorously she tugs and pulls at her nipple, touching herself excitedly. I then reach over to the bowl of Ice, placing a cube on your sternum, the cold takes your breath away. Water begins to pool between your breasts, then ever so slowly running down your ribs, then off your sides. Your body wants to be unleashed, endorphins screaming wanting more, wanting to explode. Your body now glistens with water running in different directions, once again highlighting the beauty of your skin.

I slowly raise the whip again, this time turning the handle towards the corner of the room. She looks at me in disbelief, not sure what to do. The smell of sex in the air, I can see the wetness across the room. She slowly rises from the chair, taking the invitation she quietly walks to the bed. Taking the whip she studies your body, admiring what I have admired for years. Fulfilling her and my fantasy, hoping that you will enjoy as well.

Aroused !

Monday, November 3, 2008


I see you standing there, the lines of your body intrigue me. I can imagine myself walking up behind you, my right hand brushing aside the shoulder length hair from your neck. Leaning over to kiss your neck, you feel my warm breath as my mouth approaches. You tilt your head making your neck more accessible. Soft tender kisses, with the occasional nipping of teeth.

My left hand slowly slides down your shoulder, then to your waist. I feel your body react, the deep inhalation causes the waist of your jeans to gape open, running a finger around your waistline. Your stomach tightens as I reach the front, slowly guiding my hand up your shirt.

My body is pressed against yours, pulling you close, the passion builds. Still kissing your neck, you surrender your body completely. You have lost the ability to control your inhibitions. Nipples erect, wanting to be released from the restraining bra, wanting to be touched, caressed, kissed. You reach up and unclasp your bra, allowing access to your breasts.

My hand reaches up and gently touches your breast, circling the erect nipple, you sigh deeply. Your hand touches mine, squeezing it to your breast. I place your nipple between my thumb and forefinger, gently squeezing and pulling. Meanwhile you reach down and begin to unbutton your jeans, then reaching back up to my hand pulling it down to show me what you have done. Inviting me to continue my journey across your body, the moans, the sighs, encouraging my behavior.

You slightly turn your body so that our mouths meet. Keeping your back to me, submissively enjoying my touch. My hand continues its journey to the opening of your jeans, feeling your hips press forward to my hand. Teasing I slowly reach down and brush the pubic hair with my hand, pulling your hips back to mine. You feel my swelling organ pressing back, wanting to be unleashed.

Kissing you the passion spreads to savage wanting. Intense desire and attraction, passionate for you.