Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shaving Bald

Rain had drenched the area for the past several days. Waking up this morning the air was fresh, sun shining bright, the smell of fresh mowed grass permeated the air. I lie in bed, stretching myself, loving the smoothness of the cranberry red sheets.

I rose out of bed and into the bathroom, turned on the shower, then walked to the toilet. Most of us men wake up erect when our bladder is full, mine was definitely full. Pulling my penis through the opening, I pressed it down so that I could aim for the toilet. The pressure in which I released was strong and powerful, refreshing, I could feel my penis getting smaller. Finishing I put the lid down, flushed and back to the shower.

Opening the door I could tell the water was hot, unlike others, I like a mediocre temperature shower. Placing my fingers in my waistband, I slid my boxer briefs down, kicking them to the laundry pile. With my left foot, I stepped in, the water refreshing to my skin. I stood under the shower head, water in my face, looking into it, waking my senses. Running my hands over my chest, then grabbing my cock, making sure it was wet too, cleaning the most important part of my body.

Reaching for the shaving cream, then squeezing some into my hand, I lathered my scalp. Slowly I shave the surface, until it feels completely smooth. My hand glides over it, smooth as a babies butt. Grabbing my bar of soap, I lather the rest of my body. Tantalizing my senses as my hand touches every part of my body. Taking extra care of my privates, lathering up my member, now becoming slightly erect again. As I cleanse the circumcision it feels good, not as good as when she touches it but good. I take some more time as my hand caresses my cock. My mind begins to wonder, images of women flash through my mind, wondering if I have what it takes to masturbate.

With no avail I change my mind, I grab the Oil of Olay body wash. Filling my hand again, I decide to lather my balls and cock. Grabbing the razor, I begin to shave my privates. It is sensual as the razor glides over my sac, my cock is now stiff. I run the razor down the sides, around the head, being very careful not to cut myself. Last time I found out how vascular the skin could be, however, the biggest problem that presented was that I couldn't cum for a couple of days. Now that is a tragedy.

A few minutes had passed, like my head, my balls were smooth and soft. I liked how sensual the were after I shaved. When I touched them it added the sense of awareness that I didn't notice before I shaved. The skin was exposed, wanting to be appreciated. My hand felt good on my cock and balls as I rubbed myself. I was very stiff, it ached it was so stiff. I stroked it a few more times and still it wasn't there, so I finished my shower.

Stepping out onto the rug, I grabbed a towel and began to dry myself. Drying my scalp first, then my body, eventually drying my legs. Finally I began to dry my cock, then my balls, the towel even felt different. I was enjoying the sensitivity that I hadn't experienced before. Today I just felt like shaving them, I am glad I did, I should have done this long ago.

Back in the bedroom I climbed onto the bed, the ceiling fan drying me the rest of the way. Naked and spread out, I lie there on those cranberry red sheets. The softness under my back, thoughtless I lie there watching the fan. She walked into the room, noting that I was naked, wondering what I was doing. That is when she noticed my cock and balls. Curious she touched them, cupping her hand around the sac.

Her warm hands against my slightly cool and damp skin. My cock still extremely hard, she squeezed it, making it twitch. She giggled, looking at me, then leaning over she placed her warm wet mouth over the head of my cock. As her mouth slid down the shaft I could feel the warm and wet sensation overcoming my thoughts. One hand still cupped on my balls, the other now wrapped around my shaft, the head in her mouth. She began to slowly suck my cock, feeling it twitch and move with every motion. Sighs of enjoyment as she bobbed up and down, her hand squeezing me harder.

Slowing down she looked up at me " I am glad you decided to shower!" Then taking me in her mouth she continued to suck my cock. I am so glad that I had decided to shower when I did, exposing my skin, allowing myself to experience senses that I had never experienced before.


  1. I shouldn't be surprised...but that wasn't where I expected this story to go

  2. many will say that the bare experience is the best....I do too. Love the increase in sensitivity!

  3. I love the way bare, hairless skin feels, too. There is nothing quite like it.

    The problem is in finding a guy willing to take a razor blade down there ...