Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kissing her turned me on!

As we lie there in bed, our mouths touching, her warm breath on my lips. Her moist tongue dancing around mine, I could feel her excitement building. As we explored each other’s mouths, I would occasionally take her bottom lip between my teeth, slightly biting, dragging my teeth over the lip as I pulled away. My hand on her cheek, thumb by her lips, holding her in place. Slowly my hand slides into her hair, grabbing it by the roots.

Kissing her was magical, both of us working ourselves to maximum arousal. I could feel my cock dripping with pre-cum, pressing against her leg. As my hand pulled at the roots of her hair, she moaned, taking her breath away. Kissing her more, I felt as if I was breathing life into her. Her back would arch, wanting to be touched more, wanting me to manipulate her into an orgasmic frenzy.

I released my tight hold on her hair, running my hand down her neck. My hand lightly brushing the side of her face, my lips still touching hers, slowly I slid my hand down. Feeling her collar bone, outlining it with my fingers, I pull my mouth from her lips, tasting the sweet perfume on her neck. My mouth now following the tracing of my fingers. Moving slowly, I slowly nibble down her neck to the collar bone, her hand now on my head, as if she was pushing me down.

My hand now touching her small breast, nipple erect, rising from her body. The skin around the nipple hard and rigid surrounded by soft beautiful skin, the texture as soft as satin. My hand continued downward exploring further. My mouth found its way to her nipple, placing it in my mouth. Circling my tongue around the nipple, warming it, and then releasing it, blowing my warm breath over it. Enjoying her reaction, deep breaths, and gasps of enjoyment. I quickly take her breast completely in my mouth. Like her lips the taste was so unique, the texture in my mouth so different. A combination of running her nipple along the roof of my mouth, followed with circular motions, then as I finished, I slowly dragged the nipple through my teeth, slightly biting, exposing all of her nerve endings.

While my mouth explores her breasts, my hand is now between her legs. Her pelvis as smooth as her breasts, shaved, well taken care of. As my fingers reach her lips, the wetness is overflowing, wetness surrounds her lips. I lift my head briefly, I can see the skin, glistening with wetness, overjoyed and amazed I continue to push her further. She spreads her legs, inviting me to touch her more, I lightly touch her, bringing my finger back to my mouth, tasting her juices. Looking at her smiling, expressing my pleasure, she is biting her lip, wanting me to continue.

Withdrawing my finger from my mouth, my hand touches her hip, outlining her hip bone, working my way down her thigh. She was hoping that my hand would find its way back to her lips, as she maneuvered her pelvis towards my hand. Teasing her more, I guided my fingers lightly back up to abdomen, I could feel her frustration through her reactions. Truly enjoying the torture in which I was giving, knowing that I was going to fulfill all of her expectations.

Her hands now on my back and shoulder, trying to direct my every move, wanting me to finish what I had started, I lifted my head bringing my lips back to hers. Kissing her again, the passion building greatly as she pulled me onto her, expressing her want for me, her mouth now aggressive with mine. As I pull away this time, I smile as she says “FUCK ME”, begging, wanting me inside her. Instead, I place my knees next to her hip, turning away, my back now facing her, my ass within hands reach. As I lean down towards her legs, I spread them wide, and then placing a hand under each cheek, I spread her even more. Leaning over, I can smell the wetness coming from between her legs, a sweet yet fresh arousal.

I begin kissing just above her lips, softly, then with my tongue, in one motion, starting at the top and working my way to her ass. Lapping up the juices along the right side, she gasped with pleasure. Her taste was fresh and plentiful, I have always appreciated how she tastes, and I slowly raised myself up. Now beginning on the left side, I replicated the same motion from top to bottom, lapping up her remaining juices.

I began slowly, however, I found myself now wanting to make her cum. Feeling her hand on my ass, then working its way to my sack, a few strokes of my cock and I wanted her bad. The way her hand was touching me, caused me to leak more fluid, she felt it, exciting her even more. My mouth now concentrating on her clit, my fingers massaging along the sides of her vagina, her wetness made them glide smoothly over her skin.

I could feel her body begin to get close, her pelvis pressing up against my face. Her hand had become motionless while she began to concentrate. I quickly lubed a finger, placing it over her anus, now circling her hole. Adding a slight pressure, then back up to the lips, and then back again to her anus. My tongue was now darting and circling her clit, I feel her press on my anus, so I gently slide my finger in hers.

The walls were smooth and tight, wrapping my finger, squeezing it like I had never felt before. Now with one finger in her ass, I slid my thumb into her pussy. She gasped with pleasure, her back arched, I knew this could make her cum. Being double jointed, I could manipulate my thumb towards her g-spot, while moving my other finger in her ass. I could feel her fingers begin to dig into my ass cheek, the grip was getting stronger, I heard her begin to say “FUCK ME HARDER”.

Now with both fingers I begin to move them in and out, finger fucking her harder and harder. The webs of my fingers ramming her ass and vagina, my hand striking so hard, the webs in my fingers began to hurt. Then without notice, I could feel her ass clamp down on my finger, she screeched out a pleasurable release. Her body shook, wetness flowed from her vagina, and I began lapping up as much as I could.
She began slapping my ass, asking me to stop, the pleasure was so strong, and she could no longer handle the intense pleasure. Squeezing me with her legs, forcing me to retreat, I pulled my mouth from her lips. Breathless she lie there, grasping for words, I smiled, knowing she was happy.

I slowly climbed up next to her, draped my leg over her body, touching the side of her face. Our eyes met, she leaned into me for a kiss, wary to taste her own juices. Then without hesitation her lips met mine again, tasting herself, turning me on even more. As our lips withdrew, she sucked my lower lip like I had done to her. Our foreheads came together, gazing into each other’s eyes, a smile, laughter, happiness, she got what she deserved.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Funeral

Attending several funerals during my lifetime, I have reached a point in my life where I have written down or discussed details that I want to have at mine. Now in my situation, I have a couple of scenarios, basically whether I am killed in the line of duty or if it were happen at another time.

Thinking about it happening on the job certainly gives a whole different perspective of the ceremony and events that would transpire. I don't know if there isn't a firefighter that hasn't pictured themselves, being the one buried, at another's funeral. Especially when a line of duty death has occured. We can all picture our own families, as we watch others go through the experience.

I have pictured my body in the casket, riding on a fire engine, the folding of the American flag, the flag being handed to my family. I have pictured my children's faces, tears flowing from their eyes. I can also see my family react as the bagpipers play Amazing Grace, then being handed my helmet. The final salute of white gloves, paying tribute to a fallen brother.

A common thread, at firefighter funerals, the Chief officer's are quick to seperate the Chiefs from the other ranks. My funeral, I want rank exempt, everyone is equal, no one and I mean no one, is more important because of their rank. Everyone is intermixed with one another, standing shoulder to shoulder. It is about brotherhood, not titles.

The fact of the matter is, if my life is cut short, firefighter's will be present. How I die, clarifies the magnitude of the event. I just want people to remember, my service is not for me, its for my family. They are the one's left, mourning, alone, needing to know that people care.

I told my wife the other day, if there is one thing they could do, something that really resonates my personality. Live music, hell have a band there, celebrate, share stories, listen to some of my favorite songs. Have the bagpipers jump in with the band, letting loose, using their music creativity. Smile, laugh, shake your head, whatever you wish, know that I enjoyed life.

Now I also realize that my body can only be on a fire engine in the event that I am a line of duty death. That is how I want it, if my death occurs off duty, have the fire engine lead the hearse. If at all possible, I would love the pipers and drums to lead me into the Cemetary. A slow march until I am brought to my final resting place.Then near the end, after all is said and done, the sole bagpiper playing amazing graze, followed by the whole band, then the solo piper playing as they walk off into the distance.

I understand that some of these requests and wishes won't be followed through. Again it not about me, but, if were up to me. This is how I would celebrate my life.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

This part of the job sucks!

My shift at the firehouse begins at 0700, usually arriving at 0630, a common courtesy that most fire fighter's honor. By arriving early it ensures that the off going shift gets off on time, letting them return home, some to head off to other jobs, others to get the kids off to school. This morning I had arrived early as usual, placing my gear onto the engine.

Grabbing a cup of coffee I headed to the apparatus floor, the morning ritual between the two shifts, sharing stories and concerns, camaraderie at its best. With laughter and jokes filling the air, I watch and listen, making sure that my crews spirits are high. Many upper management positions are always concerned about the lack of production, my concern is that my crew has its head in the game for the day ahead.

The laughter and talk was stopped by alarm in the station, 6:53am, 46 year old, unconscious and cold to the touch, our district. The address sounded familiar, many guesses were made that it was one of our regulars, a diabetic that we continuously respond too, I saw the name on the computer screen, it was name that I remembered from years ago.

Years ago I had responded to this home, domestic dispute, if you want to call it that. Although I think attempted murder is a much better classification. Knowing the former perpetrator should be out of jail soon, I couldn't help but wonder, if this time they were able complete their previous task. My mind was racing with the what ifs, never quite knowing what were walking into.

Our station is next to a busy intersection, white lines are striped in front, leaving our driveway clear. A typical morning and traffic was backed up, you can see people look as our garage doors open, wondering if we are leaving. As the doors raise it as if we are unveiling the trucks, lights flashing, all of us seat belted in. We slowly exit the station, allowing time for cars to move, a slight touch of the siren, announcing our presence we depart our home.

The address we were going too was only a few blocks away, less than two minutes. Cars pulling to the right, stopping, getting our of our way, as we pass the horns and sirens wailing through the morning air. As quickly as we got up to speed, we had to slow to make our turn. Kids at bus stops waving, wondering where we were going, curious to our call.

A few more blocks and we were there, a boy stood in the yard, jumping up and down, a scared and worried look on his face. I instantly knew this wasn't going to be good, my driver brought our engine to a halt. The ambulance directly behind us, parked near our bumper, my crew joined the ambulance, grabbing equipment to bring into the residence.

As the officer, I walked toward the boy, leading me into the home, mumbling hysterically. I could of swore he said, I think he might be dead, I was hoping that he didn't say that. As I walked through the door, I knew the boy knew his father was dead, hoping that we could do something to fix him. Looking at my crew, they knew my look, they surrounded the patient. I quickly gathered the boy and his grandmother, taking them into the kitchen, out of sight.

I began getting information, knowing that this was not a good situation, doing everything in my power to keep this boy from being next to his father. Besides himself, he could not contain his energy, rightfully so. I already knew that I was going to have to tell this family that their loved one was gone and there was nothing we could do.

As I kept the family detained, I began to ache, this boy was all of 11 or 12. Only a couple years older than mine, this call was beginning to hit home. Watching this boy scream and cry, then with a flip of a switch, helpful with information and so grown up. It was a roller coaster of emotions this boy was experiencing, I could see his pain, I could see he was scared, I knew he was now fatherless.

Trying to make conversation, I asked if he had sisters, he informed me that he did, but they chose to live with his mother who is now out of jail. "She didn't want me" he said, followed by "That's a good thing though." I could see he was at peace with that, but it did bother him as well, now tears were down his face again. Pacing and scared, crying then screaming, his grandmother now hugging him, pulls him closer to the recliner. She grabs a blanket and offers to snuggle him, now he is on her lap.

He can barely sit still, now worried that he is going to miss school. Telling me that he loves going to school, worrying that he will be in trouble for missing today. I explained to him that today he could miss school, today you need to be with grandma. My eyes are beginning to tear, I desperately trying to hold my composure, it was not working. I then explained that I was going into the other room to check on things.

As I walked through the hallway, I could see the guys had already covered the body. They were talking to the hospital on the phone, confirming the mans death. A standard procedure that we must do. I could see the guys were taxed by the situation, knowing that I was dealing with the worst. I looked at them, turned around and went back to the boy and his grandmother.

As I entered the room, the boy looked at me hopefully, I don't even remember what he was saying. His mouth moving, the words I was not hearing, all I heard was "Are you taking him to the hospital?" I got down on one knee, right in front of him and his grandmother. Without hesitation, I knew what must be done.

So this is what I said " The firefighters put him on the heart monitor, his heart is not moving, he is not alive anymore, there is nothing that we can do to help him!" Listening to my every word, hoping that I would say something different. Tears were now flowing from my eyes. Suddenly the boy was screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOO.......Then he was climbing off of his grandmother. Like an animal out of a cage, dancing in place, I opened my arms and offered a hug. The boy jumped into my arms for the embrace.

I want to see my dad, can I see my dad, he was asking. Of course I replied, so together we headed back down the hallway. The guys looked horrified that they were now going to have to watch this boy, all wondering what he was going to do. I told the guys to pull the sheet down for this boy, exposing his fathers face. I could see he was unsure what to do.

Then he lowered himself next to his dad, "Dad, we are praying for you, were praying for you dad, dad were praying for you" He kept repeating this several times, unsure how many times he said it. My eyes were teared up, such a horrible thing this boy was experiencing. I then interrupted him, telling him it was OK to kiss his dad if he wanted. So gingerly he leaned over, kissing his dad on the cheek. "I love you dad" he said one more time. With the kiss he walked back to his grandmothers arms, she pulled him in close.

They returned to the other room, the police called for the corner, our job was done. Knowing the police were doing their job, a standard death investigation. Pictures, statements, their normal routine. My concern was for the welfare of the kid, I suggest that they contact social services, and the officer agreed. So I returned to the room, the boy crying on his grandmas lap. Feeling horrible, I also felt the need to keep them informed. I explained to them that our job was done, we were going to leave, the police were going to stay. The coroner would come and they would decide what the next step would be.

The boy stopped crying, you are not taking him the hospital? He asked again, no I said, there is nothing that we can do. Then I explained everything to him again, nodding as if he understood. Wiping the tears from his face, he climbed off of his grandmas lap one more time. Standing in front of me, we hugged one more time, as we ended our hug, he reached out with his right hand, shaking mine, thanking me for everything we did.

My heart dropped, this young man had lost his father and now, he was thanking me for something that I couldn't do. I was amazed at this young mans strength. I explained that I was leaving, I was sorry for their loss. I turned, walking down the hallway, past the father, acknowledging the officers, then out through the door.

As I climbed back into the engine, the guys were silent. They knew I was hurting too, my engineer turned to me, waiting for me to make eye contact, finally I looked. My eyes were welled up with tears again, "Thanks, for doing the tough part" that's all he said, releasing the air brake, we headed back to the station. All you could hear was the moaning of the diesel engine, finding our way back home.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Naughty is Good

It was our night out, a night filled of dancing, one of our favorite local bands performing. We had arrived early, my wife downed her two shots of tequila, then making our way to stage, finding our spot where we would spend the majority of our evening. The sound of the music had our bodies moving, enjoying the freedom to let loose. The crowd was growing, our space was dwindling, now practically on top of each other.

I was now standing behind my wife, slightly off to the left, grinding my pelvis to her hip, then to her ass and back to her hip. My hands running down her back, then brushing her ass, placing my hand on her hip. A group of women began encroaching upon our space. Occasionally the back of my hand would brush the ass of the cute tall blond next to us. She didn't seem to mind, in fact, I thought she was beginning to enjoy my touch. More often than not, her ass was pressed against my hand, then when I moved my hand so I could bump and grind my wife, she joined me, looking into my eyes.

As the evening progressed, many smiles were exchanged between the three of us, all enjoying our time together. No words were ever exchanged until my wife needed to use the bathroom, the girls left together. I found myself heading to the bar, purchasing doubles of tequila, waiting patiently for their return. Looking at waiting, it had been several minutes, assuming that the line was taking forever. Then to much of my amazement, I saw them standing at the end of the bar, having a shot together. I found my way to them, handing them a second shot. Smiling both girls cheered each other, throwing back their drinks.

Again we found ourselves back on the dance floor, all dancing together. First it was my wife in the middle, both of us grinding her, Heather with her hands running down her sides, my wife running her hands down her. At one point both Heather and I had our hands on her, people around us began to watch. Soon it was Heathers turn in the middle, grinding her, my hands reaching around to my wife, then taking my hands, my wife placed them on Heathers thighs. Heather then lean back into me, whispering in my ear. "We need to get the fuck out of here!"

I pulled my wife close, damn near on top of Heather " Heather wants to get the fuck out of here!" With a smile my wife grabbed our hands and led the way. Making our way through the crowd, we found ourselves going out through the door. Laughing while falling into one an others arms and out the door. The cool fall air felt refreshing, steam rising from our exposed skin. Heather, looked at me "I'm too drunk to drive, you guys have to take me home." Without hesitation I ran to get the car.

As I pulled up, both girls got into the back seat, I adjusted the mirror, as expected they began to kiss. I wasn't even out of the parking lot and their hands were racing all over each others bodies. As my wife kissed her neck, Heather gave me directions to her town home. It was difficult to drive, wanting to watch, my wife's hand disappearing under Heathers skirt. Both girls positioning themselves so that I could see.

As I drove the 5 miles to Heathers town home, my heart was racing, wanting so bad to get into the action. My cock was pressing hard into my shorts, feeling pre-cum at the tip of my cock. Making the final turn onto her street, she looked up, telling me where I needed to stop. Pulling in, the home was dark, she lived alone, anticipation filled the air. I shifted into park, turned off the vehicle, unlocking my seat belt, I exited the car. Opening the back door, both girls exited while adjusting their clothes.

Heather, reached into her purse, fumbling for her keys, giggling as she stumbled. Both of us reaching out to prevent her from falling. Having trouble getting the key into the tumble, I reached out to help her, placing my hand over hers, we turned the key together. My wife smiled at me, letting me know it was OK, I leaned in kissing Heather as we opened the door. Stumbling into the home we quickly closed the door behind us, locking it simultaneously.

None of us made it past the foyer with any clothes, naked she led us up the stairs, her body glistened in the moonlit darkness. As we reached her room, she flipped the switch. A king sized canopy bed, sheer draping looped from corner to corner. The lighting was soft, she was as beautiful naked as she was clothed. She lay back on the bed, my wife, pushing me too her, knowing I needed to catch up.

We began kissing as my wife ran her hands down both of our legs, one hand on Heathers breast the other now on my cock. Feeling the pre-cum, I could see her smile, knowing that her performance excited me so much, rubbing her thumb over the head, she felt me tense. Bending over she placed my cock in her mouth. Heathers hands now in my wife's hair. My mouth on Heathers, my hands running down to Heathers breasts.

Pushing me away, I rolled onto my back, my wife still sucking my cock. Heather now kissing her neck, then they kissed, their mouths next to my cock. Without hesitation both of them took a side, one of their hands on my balls. I could feel that Heather must be playing with my wife's pussy, I could feel her body moving rhythmically. Slight moaning vibrations could be felt, adding to the sensation. As my wife slowed her licking, I could feel the familiar arch in her back as she came.

As I looked down to watch her cum, Heathers head was between her legs, the sucking on my cock had stopped. My wife was squeezing my cock hard, I could feel it thicken even more watching the two of them. As my wife finished her orgasm she took me back into her mouth. Heather came back to her, leaving me, kissing each other passionately.

I stroked myself as I watched, then my wife kissed her breasts, rolling her over on top of her. My wife now on bottom, positioned Heather for me, as they kissed, I straddle between them, as my wife now grabs my shaft. Pulling my cock, my wife placed it on Heathers pussy, as Heather pushed back onto my cock, letting me fuck her from behind. Breast to breast they lay there, kissing, my wife's hand rubbing Heathers clit. My cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

I could feel my balls slapping against my wife's fingers, further exciting me. Fucking her harder and harder, building my own orgasm. My wife knowing that her touch in combination with the situation had me climbing over the top. Suddenly I felt Heathers pussy clamp down, a loud scream simultaneously followed, her body shuddered. Causing me to explode as well, filling her pussy, my wife smiling in joy. I continued to stroke myself inside of her, causing her to shudder once again. I could feel her collapse on top of my wife.

I slowly pulled myself out of her, falling back onto the bed. Hearing the girls kissing, I remained hard, my cock fully erect into the air. My wife slid from underneath Heather, climbing on top of me. She knew exactly what she wanted and what it was going to take to get that. She began riding me hard and fast, she needed to feel me inside of her, her pussy felt good. Watching her expressions excited me, making me grow even harder. Heather then climbed next to her, sucking on her right breast, left hand on her face. The combination between the girls and the feel of my wife, sent me over the edge again. I could feel the orgasm travel through my balls, then my cock, causing my wife to cum instantly.

I was now exhausted, both girls still kissing, I lie underneath them watching. Then the both lean down, the three of us kiss together. Heathers hand now on my wife's back, sliding off of me, Heathers hand falls on my abdomen, my cock now semi-hard, leaning to the left. One girl on either side of me, we all lie there, intertwined, still kissing, touching, enjoying our naughty evening.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Harley Fall Adventure

As winter approaches, motorcycle trips are soon to be postponed till spring. Every chance I have, I find myself strapping on my helmet, firing my loud machine, feeling the cool crisp air brush past my face, wishing that the summer and fall days would never end. The freedom the road brings, reminds me of being a child, riding my bike all around town, without a care in the world.

The forecast for the day, mid 70's, slight breeze, sunny throughout the day. Definitely jacket weather, especially at 9am, a cool and crisp 58 degrees. As the sun shined, our dark coats absorbed it's energy, the crisp air waking our senses. Riding down the road, we both smiled and felt one with the bike and each other. Feeling my wife lean against me, her arms wrapped around me, legs against my hips. As we talked I would turn my head slightly so she could hear, moving her head forward, as if I were talking right into her ear.

Not very long into the trip, the morning rush of getting the children lunches packed and off to school, we had not eaten breakfast. Our grumbling stomach's told us we should stop and eat before we continued on. I told my wife I knew of one of those small diners, but in my 21 years in the area, I had never stopped to eat. It was one of those diner's known to locals. A small building in the middle of three intersecting roads. Eight tables and small bar with eight stools, usually standing room only.

As we walked through the door the sign read "Cash only, no credit or debit cards". The smell of that you remember as a kid, breakfast permeating the air as you walked through the door mixed with the smell of an old building. People were finishing up their breakfasts, the time now about 10am, 3 tables remained open. Others were paying their bills, the waitresses talking as if they were members of their own family. A friendly smile, recognizing that we were new " Sit anywhere, we will be right with you." The woman at the end of the bar was the owner, overseeing her girls as they worked, the years of hard labor could be seen.

We were quickly waited on, the waitresses who were super friendly, quick with a joke. Treating us as if we had been coming there for years, making sure we knew the menu, adding in the daily specials. Our coffee cups full, we ordered our food, enjoying great conversation with a great partner. All while laughing, the banter between the waitress and customers, making sure we weren't left out. As we enjoyed our breakfast, we decided where the road would lead us for the day. Knowing we had to be home around 3 to get the kids off the bus, we paid the bill, the waitress told us to ride safe and to enjoy the ride.

We had decided to ride for little over an hour, heading west, away from suburbia. Headed for a group of small towns that were surrounded by a river and state parks. Driving through there many of times, we knew there were plenty of trees, hoping to see the beginning of fall colors. Our ride would consist of a two lane high ways, farmland and small towns, those surroundings allowing us time to relax and enjoy the bike and each other.

As we left the area, traffic was moderate to heavy at times as one would expect in suburbia. The further west we went, traffic began to dissipate, occasionally passing a car or truck in the oncoming lane. Leaves would rain down upon us as trees umbrella over the road. Occasionally we would come across an animal lying in the roadway. Quickly reminding you how dull your sense of smell becomes in a car, especially when we came across the skunk. It is not only the smell that we noticed, however, we miss many things while we sit in the comfort of an automobile.

Occasionally we would come across combines and grain trucks, harvest season had begun. As corn would drop from trucks and grain bins, we would find ourselves accelerating past, hoping not to get stuck behind them. The small pieces of corn or soybeans would feel like bullets penetrating our skin. As we sped along, we soon found ourselves reaching our destination. Both of us realizing it was time to stop and stretch.

We found ourselves stopped for a very brief time, once again looking at our watches, deciding how much further to ride, we had decided to ride the river road south, then bringing the other side north, enjoying the scenery. As we headed south, the water on our left was mesmerizing, the road following the twists and bends of the river. Occasionally slowing for small river towns, we continued south. About three miles south of the last town we came across a beautiful state park.

The rocks and bluffs rose out of the earth, perking our interests about this park, we quickly found ourselves following the road between bluffs that came to the yellow lines at the edge of the road. The trees completely shaded the area as if we were in a Forrest, wishing I could remove my sunglasses. The air which had gotten warmer than what they had forecast, quickly dropped 5 to 10 degrees. As quickly as we entered the shadows and bluffs, we shot out into the brightness like a cannon. In awe of the beauty we quickly decided to pull off at the next scenic overlook.

As we pulled in, their were two other motorcycle's, a worker eating lunch and couple enjoying the afternoon fishing. The bikers nodded as I parked, unsure if they were looking at the bike or the wife, assuming if they were like me, definitely both. Especially as she gets off of the bike, her long legs, wearing her biker boots. She has that naughty kind of look that every man dreams about, always wondering how naughty they can be. As I depart the bike, I smile at her, as she removes her helmet, shaking loose her shoulder length blond hair. The bikers smiled, it was definitely her, rightfully so!

Placing our helmets on the bike, I locked the compartments, placing the keys in my right pocket, we walked over to the park information sign. Off to our left I saw a series of stairs leading up the bluff. We quickly decided that we would adventure off to see where they lead too. After the initial set of stairs we found ourselves climbing up several more flights then down long wooden walkways. Finally about a quarter of mile later we found ourselves climbing up a few more stairs, upon a platform above the river valley. A few benches surrounded the edges, a place to sit and relax, taking in the beautiful trees and river valley below. A beautiful sight, above the trees and river flowing past, the beginning of fall could be seen.

As we stood there taking it all in, we could hear the cars below, traveling the road in which brought us here. Then hearing the two Harley's accelerate out of the park heading north towards town. My wife and I began to discuss our balcony experiences, and this platform definitely qualified. As we looked around and back down the stairs, we studied the situation, both wanting each other, wondering if we could pull off the unthinkable. Knowing that many other's have probably fucked each other silly on this platform.

As I finally made up my mind, walking closer to my wife, preparing to unbutton her jeans, I see movement below us on the walkway. We both laughed, especially as we saw this older couple in their 70's to 80's come into sight. We waited patiently until they climbed past us before we left, making sure that they would make the hike safely, as they both sat on a bench to catch their breath. Holding hands, laughing about what they would have seen, we found ourselves climbing down more stairs than we remembered climbing up.

As we reached the parking lot, we found another walkway, leading down to the beach, the other couple sitting in chairs, fishing lines in the water. As we investigated the area, we saw another walkway on the far side of the parking lot, leading up into the trees, smiling at each other we headed that way. Climbing up the stairs it was much less of an incline, until the very end. Stepping up about a dozen stairs onto another platform, this one looking out over the river, no where as beautiful as the other, it had potential.

Debating what we should do, making sure no one could see us, we looked both directions. We had small view of the parking lot, knowing that if anyone were to begin to climb the stairs, we would have plenty of advance notice. My wife started unbuttoning her pants, pushing them down over her ass, down to her knees. Her pussy stared at me, inviting me to enter her, then she turned around, unzipping my pants, pulling my cock out, squatting down and placing it in her mouth.

I too began quickly unbuckling my jeans, opening them up as she stood up, kissing me, biting her lip, then leaning over the railing. I pulled my boxers past my balls, so that they could slap against her ass while I fucked her. She reached back, grabbing my cock, pulling it towards her, placing it against her lips, she pushed herself back onto me. She was very wet, I slid right in, she felt good, I knew this wouldn't take long.

Her pussy felt good wrapped around my cock, every stroke was feeling better and better. My senses were heightened, I could smell the leaves around us, acorns dropping around us, the river moving past us. My wife moaning, as I began pounding her harder and harder, exciting me even more. I continued to watch the parking lot and stairs, distracting me and wanting to cum, I began to fuck her desperately. Pants around my knees, Harley jacket still on, I could hear her excitement, growing louder and louder, suddenly I could feel my cock spasm.

I could feel the orgasm begin in my balls, tingling and pulling tighter to my body. The orgasm came from the bottom of my soul,I could barely stay on my feet. In fact I stopped midstream during the orgasm, just to ensure that I could release my load into her. My orgasm caused her to orgasm, feeling my cock twitch pushed her over the edge. Both of us stood there quivering, it was powerful, exhilarating, something that both of us needed. We stood there a minute, me still inside her, both of us coming to grips regaining our composure. I slowly pulled out of her.

Unable to clean up, I looked down, a puddle of cum rested on my cock, with no shame I reached down pulling up my boxers over my still hard cock. With me oozing out of her, she was unsure what to do as well, following my lead, she pulled up her thong followed by her jeans. As quickly as it had began we were headed back down the steps. Finding our way back to the bike. Looking at our watches, we knew we needed to get headed home.

Grabbing our helmets, we placed them on our heads, pulling the straps tight. Looking at each other, smiling, happy, wishing we had time to curl up, holding each other, falling asleep in others arms. Instead she climbed on the bike behind me, pulling me close, holding on, I accelerated out of the parking lot. The Harley found its way back to high way, headed back to reality, smiles still on our faces, looking forward to our next adventure.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harley Adventure!

With no true destination, we were allowed to sleep in at the hotel. It had rained all night, the parking lot was filled with puddles, the Harley was covered in rain drops. The smell in the air was refreshing, cleansing our lungs, waking our souls for the days ride. Working together we dried off the bike, excited to hit the road, exploring and enjoying what we find together.

Our bags were stuffed into the saddlebags, duffle bag attached to the sissy bar. We begin to don our riding gear, looking at my wife, I see her sexiness that I truly adore.As she places her black helmet with pink flames on her head, she smiles at me, that smile that warms a persons heart. Pulling the chin strap tight,asking me if I was ready for her to climb on. With a simple nod, she lifts her left leg, wrapping it around me,taking her place.

With my left hand squezzing the clutch, I press down on the shifter, releasing the clutch and applying the throttle, I pull away from the hotel. Her hands tight around my sides, balancing herself by squezzing me tight. Through the layers of clothing, I feel her breasts pressed into my back. Then a whisper in my ear "I love you" she says with a squeeze. As the bike gains speed, the cackle from the pipes rattles in the morning air. Pressing the clutch again, now with my heal, I press down putting us in second gear, gaining speed, off to our next destination.

The beautiful thing other than spending time with my wife, is that we have an idea where we are traveling, but never an itinerary that we need to follow. We soon found ourselves up to speed, traveling west, looking for a cave tour that is somewhere off the beaten path. Although the rain had stopped, sky was gray and gloomy. You could see the moisture in the air. The pavement was wet in the center, however, where tires had been was now dry. Rolling hills through the corn fields, along side the road stood the billboard, Spook Cave with a large arrow pointing to the right.

I began to slow the bike, bracing herself against me, we hoped the cars behind us would stop too. My right turn signal flashing, the bike backfiring, a pleasant sound to my ears. As we made the turn we found ourselves on a county road. Curving down huge hills, heading down into a valley, looking for entrance to the cave. At the bottom of the hill the road ended, to left was a large gate, a gravel road full of puddles to the entrance. Dodging the puddles as if I was driving through a serpentine course, hoping that road was not too soft. We soon found ourselves in the the parking area, a grassy lot, soft from the rain. Others around the cave looked as the bike made its grand entrance, heads turned, people stared.

I brought the bike to a rest, shifting it into neutral, I placed both feet on the ground. My wife stood, then dismounted from me and the bike. Placing her hand on my shoulder, raising her leg, standing next me with that happy smile that she gets. I turn the bike off, the radio still singing into the air, I kill the power. I too dismount and we both begin doffing our gear, leaving our coats on for the cave tour. We gingerly walked across the rickety bridge, finding our way to gift shop to buy tickets. The gift shop had a musty old smell, reminding me of my great grandmothers home.

With our tickets in hand, we had about a twenty minute wait. Deciding to browse the gift shop, looking, picking up, laughing at some of the gadgets. Meanwhile eyes were upon us, watching the bikers, making sure we were behaved. As we walked are boots had a distintive clunking on the wood floor. Making our way past the registar, out to where the tour began.

Several summer camp kids were standing in line, waiting for the boat to return from the previous tour. The only access into the cave was on a flat bottom boat, through the mouth of the unknown. Suddenly a boat appeared through the fog at the mouth of the cave. Kids were laughing and shouting, the adults relieved to almost be finished. As the kids exited the boat they were full of stories and excitement as they told their friends what to expect. Some almost fearful of what awaited them inside the cave. As they began to load the next tour, two seats remained at the rear of the boat, so we climbed in.

The boat crept along at a very slow speed, the cold from the cave and humid air, created an eeery fog upon entering the cave. As we entered the cave, the guide informed us that there would be a few spots where we would have to lower ourselves so that we could clear the ceiling of the cave. Within minutes of him warning us, everyone was bent over, with their backs brushing the ceiling of the cave. I leaned back, as if I were doing the limbo, my wifes face was on my leg. Jokingly she grabbed my crotch, exciting me, giving me an idea, a very naughty idea.

We remained bent over for a few minutes before the boat came into a clearing. The cave was like any other cave, scalagtites, scalagmites, formations to be seen everywhere. While everyone was distracted, even my wife, I slowly began to unzip my jeans. Reaching into the fly, I slowly unleashed my cock, the cool air of the cave could be felt. I could see the next low area up ahead, the anticipation was building, adults and kids in the boat, they wouldn't even know, that in the rear of the boat, my wife would be playing with my cock.

As the guide told everyone to assume the position, I too leaned back, my wife again put her head on my lap. When she reached for my crotch, she felt the zipper undone, looking at me with amazement. Then as her fingers ran inside the opening, her cold hand touched the head of my cock. She looked at me, smiling in disbelief then turning naughty, tempted to push her own limits. Looking at those in front of us, she attempted to get into her mouth. Unfortunatley the ceiling began to rise, she quickly tucked her friend away.

Like two teenages in love, we giggled together in the back of the boat, knowing that again we would have another opportunity to achieve this feat. A few minutes longer and the boat needed to turn back around, one way in, one way out. As we turned the boat around, my wife knew what she needed to do. I could feel her begin to position herself in a way, preparing for the low ceiling that we had just passed through. It was soon upon us again. Everyone leaned down as they had done the two previous times, again I leaned back. In one quick motion, my cock was in her mouth, sucking and licking, people all around. The exquisite feeling was just a tease, it ended as quickly as it had begun.

As everyone sat up, she quickly tucked him away again. Her smile was one of achievement, knowing that she crossed a line that she never had crossed before. We were being naughty with people all around. Both of us wanting more, she whispered to me that she was soaked, making me smile. My mind was now begining to race, thinking of any spots along the road that we could use to our advantage. We needed to finish what we had started. My mind was no longer on this damn tour, I wanted to be inside her, release my load, pleasing both of us.

Without realizing it, the tour was over, everyone was bent over again, exiting the one last low area. This time the lady in front of us had turned, watching us, wondering if she had seen or heard what we had done. Maybe she too was turned on by what we were willing to try. As we all began to sit back up, I slowly adjusted myself, zipping my fly, forcing my cock back into my boxers.

The boat broke through the opening and through the fog. The humidity was a remider that the tour had ended. The boat circled, coming back to the dock, we were smiling, happy, thoroughly enjoying Spook Cave. As the boat docked, we carefully climbed out, stepping onto the dock. Heading back to the bike, wondering wear the road would lead us too next, what adventure lie ahead.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Consumed, Obsessed, Crazed Threesome!

When our threesome began, it was fun and exhilarating. New found experiences, all three enjoying the naughtiness of a threesome. It was amazing to be in bed with two women, kissing, licking, sucking, all the pleasures we all seek in the bedroom. Having two mouths touching mine at the same time, two sets of hands touching my body, two mouths on my cock and balls. Experiencing some the most exhilarating feelings one could experience.

Emotionally and mentally though the relationship became consuming. I began calling in sick so that I could spend a day with both women. The thought of the two of them spending time without me was driving me crazy. However, my double standard of having the girlfriend to myself, did not bother me. All of us making sure to spend time as three, but needing the one on one with each other to validate the relationship and feelings.

My wife would make a point of scheduling time for me and the girlfriend. Then while I was gone for 24hrs they would spend time together, always making me feel as if they couldn't wait for me to be gone for a guaranteed alone time. The friendship that I had shared with the girlfriend prior to wife finding out about us, quickly dwindled, she concentrated on becoming closer friends with my wife. Due to her marriage it was much easier to explain the time she was spending with us, especially when she became so close to my wife. Talking on the phone, chatting online, spending time that the girlfriend normally would have spent together.Causing me to become withdrawn from my wife, withdrawn from the girlfriend. Feeling as if I was only good for one thing and one thing only.

Soon the fighting began at home, causing distention in the household, fighting with the girlfriend as well. The relationship had become a love and hate relationship, when we were together I loved it, when we were apart, I hated it. I felt as if I was the catalyst of their relationship. The fighting at home intensified, causing the kids to ask why were fighting so much.

Recognizing that the kids were being affected by our new found fun, protecting them became the most important thing for me and my wife. We tried to break off the relationship and found ourselves not being able to do so, we had both fallen for her. Always making time for her, she was a part of every moment of our marriage.

There was always a constant yearning to be with the other. The relationship came to a sudden halt when the girlfriend said she wanted to explore her relationship further, recognizing that they needed time, I planned as the wife did, a day for them to play and be themselves. The plan was for Monday, I would even take her kids if needed, the plan seemed simple, willing to accommodate their wish to be alone. Then the girlfriend added Friday, knowing that I had a important meeting at work, one that needed my full concentration. Knowing that I always wished and wondered as one's mind does, while their spouse is making love to another.

I then mentioned to my wife, how important the meeting was, I needed to concentrate completely, with no distractions. My wish was granted for this day, however, it upset the girlfriend, thinking that I couldn't handle the two of them together,then she cancelled Monday. It upset me that I was overcoming my insecurities and jealousies, rearranging my schedule as my wife did for me. So that they could have their day, I felt as if I was making an sincere effort in making their relationship work. So naturally since she cancelled their day, we made a family day.

As Monday came around, I was slightly annoyed when I spoke to the girlfriend on the phone. Upset that we had chose a family day over her, upset that I chose to do something with my wife and kids. I can't even begin to tell you the fight that it caused between me and wife, ending our relationship with her. Unfortunately, this could have been an incredible relationship, but the obsession that consumed all three of us, killed the relationship.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thirsty Thursday with the girls!

As the school year winds down, the girls and I planned a Thirsty Thursday! The plan was for Maggie to pick up April at her home, driving her to our place. Especially with all the drinking, getting her home could get tricky. As soon as the kids boarded the bus, Maggie left for April. I began preparing for festivities, first making the bed, spreading the clean brown sheets on the bed. Carefully placing the pillows, lying the bedspread, smoothing out the wrinkles.

Immediately following that I ran downstairs, pulling out the tequila, placing the shot glasses on the island. The middle of the kitchen appeared as a mini bar, three double shot glasses lined up, cut limes, all awaiting their feast. A rock medley was placed into the CD player, turned on, volume cranked up. The house felt like a Saturday night at the bar, lively, smell of alcohol in the air.

As Maggie and April arrived, their laughter filled the air, seeing them smile was a pleasant sight to my eyes. As April looked at me, I could feel her desire and passion, lusting to climb on top of me. Maggie would also stare at me, letting me know that she wanted me as well, both woman totally in love with me. Their looks would send a surge of blood to my cock, feeling it get thicker in my shorts, pressing against my boxers. April then came over for her kiss, her lips so soft, her taste so sweet, her smell so desirable. Maggie soon followed, her lips so different, so pleasant, her lips so sweet, her smell so different, drawing me in as well.

After kissing me, both women embrace, their lips touch, pulling each other's bodies close, inseparable. I watch in awe, somewhat jealous, seeing the passion that they share for each other. Then they stop, looking at me for my reaction, smiling, knowing how much it turns me on. The passion and desire are overwhelming between the three of us, we can't wait to begin drinking, celebrating our time together. All wanting to go to the bedroom, unleashing our deepest desires.

All three shot glasses are already full, waiting to be downed, lowering each others inhibitions, not that they need to be lowered, more like an excuse to say its OK. The first shot a toast is made "To Thirsty Thursday" licking the salt, tossing back the shot, sucking on the lime. Laughter fills the air again, followed by a Tequila flavored kiss, first April and Maggie, then April and me, then Maggie and I, then all three attempt to kiss together. A bit of dancing in the kitchen soon follows, more laughter, then talk as the next shot is poured. I place my salt on my hand again, licking it, taking my shot, sucking on my lime. The girls lick each other, take theirs, sucking the limes out of each others mouths.

As the double shots begin to take affect, both girls undo my shorts, dropping them on the kitchen floor. Then pulling my boxers, pushing them down as well, my cock semi erect, Maggie grabs it, smiling, grabbing the salt. Licking my shaft, she slowly takes in the head, just for a moment, then sprinkling the salt on my shaft. April picked up her shot, looking at Maggie, smiling, then bending over, she licks the salt from my cock. Taking it fully into her mouth, not only taking the salt, however, making sure she made me fully erect. Leaving my cock wet and now cold, she stands up, looking me in the eye, tossing her shot down, sucking on her lime.

Maggie could not be outdone, kneeling down, placing my cock in her hand, then taking it all the way in. Deep throating me, taking my breath away, preparing it be salted,taking her time, teasing me, making me want more. Looking up at me, looking at my pleasure, smiling at me, making sure that I was enjoying this drinking game. Standing up, April handed her the salt, sprinkling it on my cock. Then bending over she then took my cock into her mouth again, sucking it clean. Standing up she took her shot, sucked on her lime with her giggly happy smile.

Both girls grinning ear to ear, dancing happily, enjoying the game. I stood there naked, cock standing out, cold in the ambient air. Wanting to be buried deep inside one of them, wanting to head upstairs to the bedroom. As their bodies danced they began to bump and grind on each other, then kissing, Maggie's arms wrapped over Aprils shoulders. Aprils hands on her waist, lifting her shirt, removing it, throwing it on the counter. Unclasping her bra, her breasts now exposed for the next shot. Maggie then reached down, grabbing Aprils shirt, lifting it over her head, unclasping her bra, her nipples erect.

Maggie leaned over, sucking on April's nipple, her tongue circling the nipple, then the aerola, taking it completely into her mouth, slightly tugging as she removed her mouth. Pouring salt on the nipple, placing the lime in Aprils mouth. Grabbing her shot, licking the salt, throwing her shot back, smiling at me, then taking the lime into her mouth while kissing her deeply with the lime. As the kiss ended, they both looked to me, smiling and happy,I was dying to get upstairs. April then grabbed the salt, ready for her next shot, taking Maggie's nipple into her mouth. Slowly and erotic, she sucked on her nipple, soft and gentle, enjoying feeling Maggie's body respond, gasping with pleasure. Removing her mouth, sprinkling salt, asking me if I was enjoying the show. With her naughty smile and devious eyes, she licked the salt from her breast, taking her time, enjoying its taste. Taking the shot glass, drinking her shot, placing the lime in Maggie's mouth, kissing her as she took the lime.

Grabbing my hands the girls informed me that they were feeling a bit tipsy, wanting to go upstairs. Almost running through the house, hand in hand, we all went upstairs to the bedroom. Me naked, the two of them topless, all embracing, mouths meeting. I began to undress April, April began to undress Maggie. Shorts falling to the floor, panties removed, all of us naked. One by one we all climbed onto the bed, enjoying our "Thirsty Thursday" together.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kissing and Touching

She touches the side of her face, their lips touch, sending chills down my spine. I watch intently as their lips explore each others mouth. At first, neither one quite sure of the other, clicking their teeth together, a true sign of awkwardness. Pausing and giggling, then resuming, hands fall from the face, to the shoulders. Sexy and erotic, everything that I had imagined, two women that I love, sharing each other.

As I lie there, my cock stiffens, balls tingle, I am highly aroused. My mind racing with happiness, seeing their excitement arouses me more, wanting to take part, I move myself closer. As I do they stop, looking at me, smiling at my happiness. I crawl closer, kissing one, then the other, as I lift my lips, they quickly begin kissing again. The happiness emotion is quickly replaced by a surge of jealousy, wondering if it was a show for me, am I needed here? Seeing the two of them gave me mixed emotions, curious to the feelings they were experiencing themselves, never knowing, always relying on their word.

April who was lying on top of Maggie, sat up, removing her top, I lie their in disbelief. Sitting atop of her, she looked at me, removing her bra, allowing me to see her breasts for the very first time. Small and perky, her light pink nipples stood erect, highlighted by her freckled chest. Her naughty smile was inviting, inviting me to join in on the naughtiness. With a laugh she reached down, tugging at Maggie's shirt, lifting it up over her head, then removing her bra. Both women topless,their boobs both small, the way I like them, wanting to be touched.

With that naughty smile, April lowered herself, kissing Maggie, breast to breast, skin on skin. The arch in Aprils back was sexy, I reached towards her, running my fingers down her soft skin, I could see her smile through the kiss. Excited and happy that I joined in on the fun, I couldn't resist. The girls passionately kissing, stroking each others face, exploring each other's mouths. I climbed behind Stef, unsure if I should, I licked her spine in one long lick.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Every Man's Dream-A Threesome

Every man dreams of having a threesome, very few live that reality. For me it all began when my wife found out about my newest girlfriend, allowing me to keep my relationship, only if she could join in on the fun. Now I am living the reality of what every man wishes he could experience once.

After spending a weekend together with my girlfriend and her family. After much drinking, Jill and my wife became friendly and flirtatious with each other. Finding a new friendship that neither of them had ever expected. My wife found out two days later that I was already seeing Jill, causing a whirlwind of emotions. Both Jill and I sat on our couch, talking with my wife, explaining our situation, good friends as we called it. The conversation then turned to the two of them, the feelings and events that had occurred over the weekend. I sat there quietly, unsure if my wife was going to allow me to stay, this wasn't my first time being caught, my future uncertain.

Realizing that I could not remain monogamous, my wife decided she wanted to open our relationship to include Jill. Since that moment, it has been rewarding and trying at the same time. A relationship filled with happiness, insecurities, emotions always running at a high. In love with two woman, watching them explore each other, living every man's dream.

In future posts I hope that I can begin to explain and describe how wonderful this experience has been, although not as easy as any of us would hope.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What happens in Vegas!

We had made plans to watch a movie, snuggling on the couch, enjoying each other’s company. Spending quality time together, time that we had not had until this moment. As I got to her house, I rang the door bell, waiting patiently on the cold doorstep. When she answered, she looked absolutely stunning as I had remembered. It had been months since I had seen her last, keeping in touch since we met in Vegas. Keeping contact through face book, chatting, reminiscing about our experience, an experience in sin city, that one never forgets.

There was something magical about her from the first time we met, the way her eyes looked into mine. That immediate connection that draws one to each other, passion, lust, a desire to know someone new, her flirtatious smile, electrified me the moment we met. It was that feeling of complete desire that drew me to her. She made me comfortable being myself, accepting me for who I am, not judging and unbiased. A free spirit, willing to live life to its fullest, allowing me to share that with her, made for an amazing trip.

As the door opened, her smile radiated to my heart, excited to see m, she was bursting with joy. As I entered her home she took me into her arms, wrapping them around me happily, giggling, bubbling with happiness, I took her into my arms. She smelled the way I remembered, the smell of someone that lingers with you when they are gone. Wishing you could take it with you, reminding you of your favorite memories. Our embrace lasted for what seemed to be minutes. Stepping back gazing into each other’s eyes, reaching and pulling each other back in, pulling tight, feeling the closeness that we both missed.

I began to remove my coat, she quickly assisted me, apologizing for not helping me sooner, then taking it and placing it in the closet. Grabbing my hand, smiling with a skip in her step, she led me through her house. Offering me a drink, then grabbing a couple of beers, she lead me over to the couch, sitting down, one leg crossed under the other, facing me so that she could stare into my eyes. As she handed me the beer her cold fingers brushed up against my skin, causing a chill of excitement from her touch. We both sat there facing each other, smiling, excited to have each other’s company after so much time apart.

We talked about how we waited for this moment again, the time where we could get together and relive our moments over and over again. The way her eyes looked into mine drove me completely wild, she was into me, unlike any woman that I had experienced before. She understood me, so much like me, we acted as if we hadn’t lived states apart, like best friends that never missed a beat. Now hand in hand we sat on the couch talking, gazing into each other’s eyes as the beers got warm sitting on the table.

As we talked we felt our bodies get closer, pulling each other in, slowly and methodically, our bodies now were skin to skin. Naturally my hand reached up to her cheek, gently stroking her cheek bone, she smiled, that smile that radiated through me. Staring into her eyes, she stopped talking, our lips met, tasting succulent enjoying the complete surface of her lips. As we kissed, I slid my hand into her hair, slowly stroking her scalp. I could feel her exhale in relaxation, comfortable with me and my touch, her defenses were down.

As we kissed I slowly began pushing her backwards, leaning forward into her body, using my body to get her to lie on her back. Our mouths never separating, tongues dancing, passionate deep kisses, and the kind of kisses you yearn for during their absence. Her hands on my back, then down to my untucked shirt, her cool hands found their way to my warm skin. Sending a chill down my spine, the kind of chill that sends blood surging to my cock. I could feel myself thicken, pressing against her body, our lips still touching, passion building.

As we kissed, I would suck her lower lip into my mouth, slightly biting it as it retracts to her. I could feel her hold her breath as I did this, the gasp of approval. I continued to kiss her, then slowly I moved my mouth down her jaw, then her neck, softly kissing the nape of her neck. Tilting her head, allowing me access to kiss her succulent skin, tasting the delicacy of her skin. Slowly I moved her bra strap from her shoulder, my mouth working diligently to express my intentions.
Every kiss and every touch, reminded me of the first time we met, the passion, the desire, the unbearable need to express our feelings for each other. Slowly we began to undress each other, removing her shirt, appreciating everything about her. Kissing her collar bone, then her sternum, unclasping her bra, working my way to her nipples. Taking my tongue I circled her nipple, taking into my mouth, pressing it to the roof of my mouth, rolling it in my tongue. Then slowly taking my teeth, I add pressure, then biting her nipple, not letting go, hearing her gasp, moaning in slight pain, then laughing, knowing I was teasing her even more.

She pulled me back down to her, lifting off my shirt, our bare chests pressing against each other. Kissing and loving each other while her hands caressed my chest, feeling my muscles. Her touch was soothing and exhilarating at the same time. My cock now pressing hard against her, wanting to be released, so I slowly shifted my weight, lying more on my side. My hand which was on her breast, slowly slid down her stomach. Retracting it on touch, enjoying my slightly callused hands touching her so ever gently. Her waistline gapping, my hand slowly caressed her waistline.

Unbuttoning her jeans, I slowly slid her pants an undies past her hips, down her legs and onto the floor. My hand ran down the soft shaven skin, feeling the curve of her hip, then the muscle of her thigh. My hand continued down her leg to her knee, then to her calf, feeling her leg move to my touch. Rhythmically my hand ran like pianist hand on a keyboard, making her respond, slowly opening her legs, wanting my touch. My hand brushed her pubic hair, then lightly the back of my hand brushed her lips as I caressed her inner thigh. Her pussy was soaked, dripping wet, aching for me to enter.

She then pushed me back, unbuttoning my pants, sliding them down my legs, pulling them over my ankles, then dropping them to the floor. Taking my boxer briefs, she pulled them down as well, exposing my hard penis, erect and at attention, glad to be released. Gazing into my eyes, hands on my chest, pushing me down onto my back, she kissed my nipples, finding her way down to my stomach. Occasionally looking up for my approval, her eyes dancing with happiness. Slowly she kisses my hip, then taking my balls into her mouth, her hand grasped my cock, slowly sliding her tongue up my shaft. As it reached the head, she took me into her mouth, stroking at the same time, enjoying my taste.

Making sure I was extremely hard, she pulled her mouth from my cock, smiling as she climbed upon me, taking my cock in hand, she slowly guided herself onto my cock. Her pussy, dripping wet, I could feel the wetness run to the base of my cock. The look on her face was pure delight, her breath taken away, as she took me into her. I heard her moan in pleasure, her body shuddering with pure pleasure. After lowering herself onto me, she rested momentarily, adjusting to me, allowing her a moment to prepare for her ride.

Slowly her hips began to move back and forth, pressing her clitoris against my pelvis, grinding, stimulating her into a full heightened arousal. Leaning over, kissing me, sucking my lip, then a quirky naughty smile as she leaned back, and placing her hands on my knees. We began to move rhythmically together, her body responding to my stiff cock inside her, enjoying its fullness as it pressed against her love spot. Again she adjusted her position as she increased her rhythmic movement, now sitting upright, my hands moved to her hips, assisting her, pushing and pulling her back and forth. Her breath was now increasing, I could see her nose flaring, ribs retracting, the sensation she was experiencing become more intense. “Fuck me “ I said repeatedly, as she released a loud moan. I could feel her uterus clamp down as she orgasmic.

The orgasm rippled through her body, I could see involuntary muscles tremoring, as if she was convulsing. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her face wincing, all the while the moan was extracted while not taking a breath, a complete body and mind orgasm. The visual of seeing her orgasm sent me over the edge as well, triggered by her, every muscle in my body tightened. I could feel the orgasm begin, I knew it was coming, then with a large release, I could feel the rush of energy through my cock. Feeling the warmth release into her, my cock twitching, I released a moan of excitement. Looking up I could see her smile with achievement, her hips moving faster, allowing me full enjoyment of the experience.

Dripping in sweat she sat on top of me, lifting her hair up off her shoulders, smiling, happy for the experience. Her body still slowly moving with me inside her, eventually stopping and just sitting on top of me. Releasing her hair, she now placed her hands on my chest as I reached up and cupped her breasts. Goosebumps began to spread across her body, as I pulled her onto me, chest on chest, keeping her warm. Laughing and kissing, we rolled over onto our sides, pulling her close as I slid out of her. Gazing into her eyes I could see her happiness and she could see mine, meant to be together, meant to share, we lie there in complete bliss.

Sometimes what happens in Vegas shouldn’t just stay in Vegas!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Eight years and I still remember!

It was eight years ago, Labor day weekend, people everywhere, enjoying that last weekend before the school year. A typical day at the firehouse as well, the only difference between a holiday or normal day is that we are allowed to watch TV at noon, instead of five in the evening. Otherwise our day is filled with routine work consisting of house chores, rig checks and responding to calls. Hoping that instead of walking into chaos, we could rest throughout the afternoon. As most people I do not remember much of that day, however, one event that I will never forget, still haunts my mind today.

Responding to the tollway that Labor day, I was on the ambulance, getting reports of ejections, knowing I was coming into a bad situation. My mind began thinking of all the possibilities, always thinking worse case scenario, hoping that I am wrong, knowing that your gut is usually right. As expected the closer we got, the traffic slowed, then stopped, we could see it was stopped in both directions, riding the shoulder we slowly got closer to the accident. As usual we had already launched a helicopter, knowing that we can always return them if not needed. But today I had a feeling that they were needed.

As we came upon the scene we couldn't even get across to the other lanes of the expressway, grass median in the middle, cars everywhere, traffic stood still on both sides. We could see people surrounding someone on the ground in the roadway, same with the median. A car split apart, silver in color, resting halfway in the road and on the shoulder. The trunk of the car and rear axle were located in the median. Debris everywhere, it was hard to tell how many vehicles were involved. Your mind has mere seconds to input all of the information, with training, schooling and experience, your body naturally sets in motion doing what you have been trained to do. It is only afterwards that your mind is allowed to think, wondering if you did everything possible to save a life, still knowing that it was unsavable.

My partner and I split up, triaging how many patients, the severity of their injuries, it was then that we realized the magnitude of this accident. My partner went to the child in the median, not realizing it was a child until she moved through the sea of people to gain access the victim. I saw the driver for a brief second, still sitting in the car, crying, unknown if she was injured, assuming she was, like I was in slow motion, I was distracted by the people doing CPR on another child in the roadway.

Our Captain had arrived with us as well and he had put the wheels in motion for more ambulances, knowing that we were committed to our most severe patients. Mine being the most severe of them all. Alone, by myself, I grabbed my monitor, jump bag(everything I need to immediately render care,including drugs and airways). Doing the same thing as my partner, parting the sea of people, gaining access to my patient.

While they were doing CPR the woman shouted at me that she was a nurse, which I truly appreciate. I rapidly began placing the monitor on the child, wanting to see what her heart was doing. The nurse on the other hand was thrown into something that she is not accustom too, being in the field, which is a drastic difference from the controlled environment of whatever hospital she worked for, alot less equipment and people to ask for assistance. I knew she was rattled, I couldn't get her to stop CPR just to see the monitor. She had now become a hinder and not a help, which often happens in this type of situation.

I am pretty sure I yelled at her to stop, finally I could see and the monitor, it showed a rhythm, now feeling for a pulse. People shouting to do something, the nurse still wanting to do CPR, it was chaotic, stressful, sweat was rolling off my brow. To this date it amazes me the things that I remember so clearly and things I hardly remember. I began working on this little black girl with pig tails. Her brown eyes looking at me, fully dilated, staring, now realizing she was probably dead. Checking to see if she was breathing, which she was not, grabbing for my equipment, trying to give her the best care that I could.

It was not long after that when the neighboring department showed up for assistance. They too cover the expressway to the west, they were returning from the hospital and came upon our accident. One of the EMT's who worked part time with us as well, came running up to lend a hand, asking what I needed, soon followed by two other crew members giving us a total of four. Meanwhile the Captain informed me the helicopter was coming for my patient. My job was now to keep her alive until they arrived.

Everything was moving at such a fast pace, however, at the moment, it seems as if life is standing still. The other crew brought necessary equipment so that we could package this girl and get her off of the roadway into our environment, away from onlookers, allowing us to do our jobs. I was handed the C-collar, holding her head, the EMT and I placed the collar around her neck. As we did this, I looked over to see the monitor, watching her heart change from a heart rate, to a pulse less rhythm. Quickly we placed her on a board, connecting the straps and rushing into the ambulance.

Hollering at the Captain, letting him know that we arrested, redirecting the helicopter, which was now for our patients sibling. Grabbing my bags, I hopped aboard our neighboring departments ambulance, telling the other EMT to just drive. The other paramedic who I also worked with before, just sat there, stunned, frozen, unable to help. Her EMT partner yelled at her as well, still frozen, I was left to do it all. The EMT was doing everything he could, while I used my paramedic skills, meanwhile she sat there, staring, unable to help.

I remember looking at her, asking for her assistance while I tried to secure an airway.Essentially I was trying to stick a tube down this seven year old's throat, while bouncing down the roadway. I felt inadequate that day, not having my normal crew and surroundings, making the best of what I had. I felt like I had worked for hours on this young girl, feeling as if I was running a marathon with no end in sight. Looking at her brown eyes, I knew she was gone, I continued working.

As we arrived at the hospital, we were surrounded by staff, all feeling the same way, wanting to help. In a matter of what seemed seconds, the doctor came in, stopped everyone, checked the monitor, felt for pulses. Asking how long we had been working, an estimate of time was given. He gave some orders and the staff resumed their roles. We all stepped back watching them work as well, hoping for a miracle, realizing what was to become the outcome.

Our crew then removed ourselves from the room, I was physically and mentally drained, wondering if I did everything I could. Wondering if putting that collar around her neck, was the stamp that sealed her fate. Everyone was quiet, not a word was said. Slowly we began to replace and clean our equipment, preparing for the next call. Silently we all climbed back into the ambulance so that we could return back to the station. As we arrived at my department, I graciously thanked the other crew. Sending them back to their department, humbled by that days events.

Later that evening they returned for CISD otherwise know as Critical Incident Stress Debriefing. This debriefing is supposed to allow the emergency workers the opportunity to discuss the event, allowing them to opportunity to know that this is normal to feel the way we do. Some handle it better than others, some talk about it freely, others keep it hid inside. I remember talking about how I could still smell her blood, see her eyes, but I never admitted to what I have always wondered.

Still eight years later, I still ask myself, if I did everything right that day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Firefighting Writes!

Otin amoung others have asked about my writing and whether or not I have written about my job. The answer to that is yes I have, much earlier in my blog I had written a few stories about my job. In matter of fact, I have been thinking that its about time to write another one. This will allow my everyday readers to see a different side, other than the perverted warped mind that I have been currently sharing. So I have listed some links to several stories that I have written in the past. Some are basic every day type things, others put you right into my head, maybe this is one reason I escape here with my writing. Another reason my blog is called "My expressions live"

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That pretty much wraps up most of my firefighting posts. I left a couple out, videos I had posted, live videos of firefighter's in trouble, calling for help, stuff like that.

Feel free to look back, tell me what you like....enjoy! Be safe!