Friday, March 28, 2008

This is what I live for!!!

Passion, Dedication, Knowledge, Pride, Integrity, Tradition, all of these are words associated with firefighting. Someone recently asked me to talk about firefighting. I will try my best attempt do so, however, it is just a job that challenges us.

Like I said, being a firefighter is a job, but you have to be passionate about it. You have live it, breathe it, and be in love with it. It seems quirky to say that, being said in the movie "Backdraft" and all. It is very true, I once was told by a very special person, " Someday I hope you love me as much as you love your job!" Lets think about that, very strong words when a person is about to get married. 13 years later I still remember that very day. In fact I remember putting off to go see the minister to set up the wedding, all for a structure fire.

To some people that may seem a bit radical. Think about the situations that we are sent into, maybe just a bit radical don't you think. The statement that these guys are rushing in as people are rushing out. A big reason why 115 people die every year in the line of duty, not counting those that die from occupational cancers. Thank god for unions that fight for workers rights, otherwise cancer would not be recognized.

The firefighters are called when someones world has just took a shit on them. The men and women who do this job are expected to fix it, even if they can't. That is what I live for, that moment when I can walk into someones life and possibly fix or help them in a time of need. Being the person that reaches out with that helping hand. Whether it be running into a burning building or assisting at a motor vehicle accident. Even something as simple as changing a battery in smoke detector. We are called for many things, basically when you don't know who to call, people call us. Some things you just have to take as a grain of salt.

With good also comes the bad, which I have written about before. Somewhat you are the bearer of bad news. Cutting a dead body out of mangled car, doing CPR on a dad before his daughters wedding. Many times people ask what is the worst thing I have ever seen, do they really want to know? I see lots of bad things, and I really don't want to share the horrible things that I have seen. Hell a few years back I had to deal with three suicides in three shifts, thanks have a nice day. Fucking nosey people is all have to say about that.

Yes this is what I live for. The moment that I can walk into someones life and possibly fix or help them in the time of need. If you knew me, you would definitely say that I am passionate about my job. Passionate about the people in my life, life is short, have fun, and live it to the fullest. Passionate for the best job in the world, I am living my dream.


  1. Funny, 13 years later, I remember that day, too. I'm so glad you have a job you love!

  2. that was a very good post. Very eloquent....

  3. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your work and the reasons you love it. You told it with heart!