Monday, March 10, 2008

Reflections of death

Many times in life we are faced with different challenges that push us to limits unknown to us. Life and death are part of everyday life in my world. Unfortunately the images of death distort the positives in life. I can still hear the screams of the mother when we found her dead child in a fire. The words of young man that grabbed his chest, looking at me in despair, then falling at my feet dying, taking the last breaths that he would ever take. Standing in a ditch with a deceased, while somewhere their family awaits their return. The memories of those that I have somehow or another have helped has become clouded and obscured. If for one moment I could comfort the family of one who passes. Instead I see their fear, denial, anger and disbelief. Not quite 40 and 20 years of trying to help, death of many haunt me to this day. Amazingly the death and sorrow that my eyes have witnessed, has no equal to those who have given their lives for our wonderful nation. And it is no match for those that have witnessed such devastation as 9/11.

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