Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thirsty Thursday with the girls!

As the school year winds down, the girls and I planned a Thirsty Thursday! The plan was for Maggie to pick up April at her home, driving her to our place. Especially with all the drinking, getting her home could get tricky. As soon as the kids boarded the bus, Maggie left for April. I began preparing for festivities, first making the bed, spreading the clean brown sheets on the bed. Carefully placing the pillows, lying the bedspread, smoothing out the wrinkles.

Immediately following that I ran downstairs, pulling out the tequila, placing the shot glasses on the island. The middle of the kitchen appeared as a mini bar, three double shot glasses lined up, cut limes, all awaiting their feast. A rock medley was placed into the CD player, turned on, volume cranked up. The house felt like a Saturday night at the bar, lively, smell of alcohol in the air.

As Maggie and April arrived, their laughter filled the air, seeing them smile was a pleasant sight to my eyes. As April looked at me, I could feel her desire and passion, lusting to climb on top of me. Maggie would also stare at me, letting me know that she wanted me as well, both woman totally in love with me. Their looks would send a surge of blood to my cock, feeling it get thicker in my shorts, pressing against my boxers. April then came over for her kiss, her lips so soft, her taste so sweet, her smell so desirable. Maggie soon followed, her lips so different, so pleasant, her lips so sweet, her smell so different, drawing me in as well.

After kissing me, both women embrace, their lips touch, pulling each other's bodies close, inseparable. I watch in awe, somewhat jealous, seeing the passion that they share for each other. Then they stop, looking at me for my reaction, smiling, knowing how much it turns me on. The passion and desire are overwhelming between the three of us, we can't wait to begin drinking, celebrating our time together. All wanting to go to the bedroom, unleashing our deepest desires.

All three shot glasses are already full, waiting to be downed, lowering each others inhibitions, not that they need to be lowered, more like an excuse to say its OK. The first shot a toast is made "To Thirsty Thursday" licking the salt, tossing back the shot, sucking on the lime. Laughter fills the air again, followed by a Tequila flavored kiss, first April and Maggie, then April and me, then Maggie and I, then all three attempt to kiss together. A bit of dancing in the kitchen soon follows, more laughter, then talk as the next shot is poured. I place my salt on my hand again, licking it, taking my shot, sucking on my lime. The girls lick each other, take theirs, sucking the limes out of each others mouths.

As the double shots begin to take affect, both girls undo my shorts, dropping them on the kitchen floor. Then pulling my boxers, pushing them down as well, my cock semi erect, Maggie grabs it, smiling, grabbing the salt. Licking my shaft, she slowly takes in the head, just for a moment, then sprinkling the salt on my shaft. April picked up her shot, looking at Maggie, smiling, then bending over, she licks the salt from my cock. Taking it fully into her mouth, not only taking the salt, however, making sure she made me fully erect. Leaving my cock wet and now cold, she stands up, looking me in the eye, tossing her shot down, sucking on her lime.

Maggie could not be outdone, kneeling down, placing my cock in her hand, then taking it all the way in. Deep throating me, taking my breath away, preparing it be salted,taking her time, teasing me, making me want more. Looking up at me, looking at my pleasure, smiling at me, making sure that I was enjoying this drinking game. Standing up, April handed her the salt, sprinkling it on my cock. Then bending over she then took my cock into her mouth again, sucking it clean. Standing up she took her shot, sucked on her lime with her giggly happy smile.

Both girls grinning ear to ear, dancing happily, enjoying the game. I stood there naked, cock standing out, cold in the ambient air. Wanting to be buried deep inside one of them, wanting to head upstairs to the bedroom. As their bodies danced they began to bump and grind on each other, then kissing, Maggie's arms wrapped over Aprils shoulders. Aprils hands on her waist, lifting her shirt, removing it, throwing it on the counter. Unclasping her bra, her breasts now exposed for the next shot. Maggie then reached down, grabbing Aprils shirt, lifting it over her head, unclasping her bra, her nipples erect.

Maggie leaned over, sucking on April's nipple, her tongue circling the nipple, then the aerola, taking it completely into her mouth, slightly tugging as she removed her mouth. Pouring salt on the nipple, placing the lime in Aprils mouth. Grabbing her shot, licking the salt, throwing her shot back, smiling at me, then taking the lime into her mouth while kissing her deeply with the lime. As the kiss ended, they both looked to me, smiling and happy,I was dying to get upstairs. April then grabbed the salt, ready for her next shot, taking Maggie's nipple into her mouth. Slowly and erotic, she sucked on her nipple, soft and gentle, enjoying feeling Maggie's body respond, gasping with pleasure. Removing her mouth, sprinkling salt, asking me if I was enjoying the show. With her naughty smile and devious eyes, she licked the salt from her breast, taking her time, enjoying its taste. Taking the shot glass, drinking her shot, placing the lime in Maggie's mouth, kissing her as she took the lime.

Grabbing my hands the girls informed me that they were feeling a bit tipsy, wanting to go upstairs. Almost running through the house, hand in hand, we all went upstairs to the bedroom. Me naked, the two of them topless, all embracing, mouths meeting. I began to undress April, April began to undress Maggie. Shorts falling to the floor, panties removed, all of us naked. One by one we all climbed onto the bed, enjoying our "Thirsty Thursday" together.

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