Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What happens in Vegas!

We had made plans to watch a movie, snuggling on the couch, enjoying each other’s company. Spending quality time together, time that we had not had until this moment. As I got to her house, I rang the door bell, waiting patiently on the cold doorstep. When she answered, she looked absolutely stunning as I had remembered. It had been months since I had seen her last, keeping in touch since we met in Vegas. Keeping contact through face book, chatting, reminiscing about our experience, an experience in sin city, that one never forgets.

There was something magical about her from the first time we met, the way her eyes looked into mine. That immediate connection that draws one to each other, passion, lust, a desire to know someone new, her flirtatious smile, electrified me the moment we met. It was that feeling of complete desire that drew me to her. She made me comfortable being myself, accepting me for who I am, not judging and unbiased. A free spirit, willing to live life to its fullest, allowing me to share that with her, made for an amazing trip.

As the door opened, her smile radiated to my heart, excited to see m, she was bursting with joy. As I entered her home she took me into her arms, wrapping them around me happily, giggling, bubbling with happiness, I took her into my arms. She smelled the way I remembered, the smell of someone that lingers with you when they are gone. Wishing you could take it with you, reminding you of your favorite memories. Our embrace lasted for what seemed to be minutes. Stepping back gazing into each other’s eyes, reaching and pulling each other back in, pulling tight, feeling the closeness that we both missed.

I began to remove my coat, she quickly assisted me, apologizing for not helping me sooner, then taking it and placing it in the closet. Grabbing my hand, smiling with a skip in her step, she led me through her house. Offering me a drink, then grabbing a couple of beers, she lead me over to the couch, sitting down, one leg crossed under the other, facing me so that she could stare into my eyes. As she handed me the beer her cold fingers brushed up against my skin, causing a chill of excitement from her touch. We both sat there facing each other, smiling, excited to have each other’s company after so much time apart.

We talked about how we waited for this moment again, the time where we could get together and relive our moments over and over again. The way her eyes looked into mine drove me completely wild, she was into me, unlike any woman that I had experienced before. She understood me, so much like me, we acted as if we hadn’t lived states apart, like best friends that never missed a beat. Now hand in hand we sat on the couch talking, gazing into each other’s eyes as the beers got warm sitting on the table.

As we talked we felt our bodies get closer, pulling each other in, slowly and methodically, our bodies now were skin to skin. Naturally my hand reached up to her cheek, gently stroking her cheek bone, she smiled, that smile that radiated through me. Staring into her eyes, she stopped talking, our lips met, tasting succulent enjoying the complete surface of her lips. As we kissed, I slid my hand into her hair, slowly stroking her scalp. I could feel her exhale in relaxation, comfortable with me and my touch, her defenses were down.

As we kissed I slowly began pushing her backwards, leaning forward into her body, using my body to get her to lie on her back. Our mouths never separating, tongues dancing, passionate deep kisses, and the kind of kisses you yearn for during their absence. Her hands on my back, then down to my untucked shirt, her cool hands found their way to my warm skin. Sending a chill down my spine, the kind of chill that sends blood surging to my cock. I could feel myself thicken, pressing against her body, our lips still touching, passion building.

As we kissed, I would suck her lower lip into my mouth, slightly biting it as it retracts to her. I could feel her hold her breath as I did this, the gasp of approval. I continued to kiss her, then slowly I moved my mouth down her jaw, then her neck, softly kissing the nape of her neck. Tilting her head, allowing me access to kiss her succulent skin, tasting the delicacy of her skin. Slowly I moved her bra strap from her shoulder, my mouth working diligently to express my intentions.
Every kiss and every touch, reminded me of the first time we met, the passion, the desire, the unbearable need to express our feelings for each other. Slowly we began to undress each other, removing her shirt, appreciating everything about her. Kissing her collar bone, then her sternum, unclasping her bra, working my way to her nipples. Taking my tongue I circled her nipple, taking into my mouth, pressing it to the roof of my mouth, rolling it in my tongue. Then slowly taking my teeth, I add pressure, then biting her nipple, not letting go, hearing her gasp, moaning in slight pain, then laughing, knowing I was teasing her even more.

She pulled me back down to her, lifting off my shirt, our bare chests pressing against each other. Kissing and loving each other while her hands caressed my chest, feeling my muscles. Her touch was soothing and exhilarating at the same time. My cock now pressing hard against her, wanting to be released, so I slowly shifted my weight, lying more on my side. My hand which was on her breast, slowly slid down her stomach. Retracting it on touch, enjoying my slightly callused hands touching her so ever gently. Her waistline gapping, my hand slowly caressed her waistline.

Unbuttoning her jeans, I slowly slid her pants an undies past her hips, down her legs and onto the floor. My hand ran down the soft shaven skin, feeling the curve of her hip, then the muscle of her thigh. My hand continued down her leg to her knee, then to her calf, feeling her leg move to my touch. Rhythmically my hand ran like pianist hand on a keyboard, making her respond, slowly opening her legs, wanting my touch. My hand brushed her pubic hair, then lightly the back of my hand brushed her lips as I caressed her inner thigh. Her pussy was soaked, dripping wet, aching for me to enter.

She then pushed me back, unbuttoning my pants, sliding them down my legs, pulling them over my ankles, then dropping them to the floor. Taking my boxer briefs, she pulled them down as well, exposing my hard penis, erect and at attention, glad to be released. Gazing into my eyes, hands on my chest, pushing me down onto my back, she kissed my nipples, finding her way down to my stomach. Occasionally looking up for my approval, her eyes dancing with happiness. Slowly she kisses my hip, then taking my balls into her mouth, her hand grasped my cock, slowly sliding her tongue up my shaft. As it reached the head, she took me into her mouth, stroking at the same time, enjoying my taste.

Making sure I was extremely hard, she pulled her mouth from my cock, smiling as she climbed upon me, taking my cock in hand, she slowly guided herself onto my cock. Her pussy, dripping wet, I could feel the wetness run to the base of my cock. The look on her face was pure delight, her breath taken away, as she took me into her. I heard her moan in pleasure, her body shuddering with pure pleasure. After lowering herself onto me, she rested momentarily, adjusting to me, allowing her a moment to prepare for her ride.

Slowly her hips began to move back and forth, pressing her clitoris against my pelvis, grinding, stimulating her into a full heightened arousal. Leaning over, kissing me, sucking my lip, then a quirky naughty smile as she leaned back, and placing her hands on my knees. We began to move rhythmically together, her body responding to my stiff cock inside her, enjoying its fullness as it pressed against her love spot. Again she adjusted her position as she increased her rhythmic movement, now sitting upright, my hands moved to her hips, assisting her, pushing and pulling her back and forth. Her breath was now increasing, I could see her nose flaring, ribs retracting, the sensation she was experiencing become more intense. “Fuck me “ I said repeatedly, as she released a loud moan. I could feel her uterus clamp down as she orgasmic.

The orgasm rippled through her body, I could see involuntary muscles tremoring, as if she was convulsing. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her face wincing, all the while the moan was extracted while not taking a breath, a complete body and mind orgasm. The visual of seeing her orgasm sent me over the edge as well, triggered by her, every muscle in my body tightened. I could feel the orgasm begin, I knew it was coming, then with a large release, I could feel the rush of energy through my cock. Feeling the warmth release into her, my cock twitching, I released a moan of excitement. Looking up I could see her smile with achievement, her hips moving faster, allowing me full enjoyment of the experience.

Dripping in sweat she sat on top of me, lifting her hair up off her shoulders, smiling, happy for the experience. Her body still slowly moving with me inside her, eventually stopping and just sitting on top of me. Releasing her hair, she now placed her hands on my chest as I reached up and cupped her breasts. Goosebumps began to spread across her body, as I pulled her onto me, chest on chest, keeping her warm. Laughing and kissing, we rolled over onto our sides, pulling her close as I slid out of her. Gazing into her eyes I could see her happiness and she could see mine, meant to be together, meant to share, we lie there in complete bliss.

Sometimes what happens in Vegas shouldn’t just stay in Vegas!


  1. i knew i should have scheduled that business trip in february instead of august ;)

  2. Oh my, now that is definitely something you'd find in Vegas!;)

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