Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Harley Fall Adventure

As winter approaches, motorcycle trips are soon to be postponed till spring. Every chance I have, I find myself strapping on my helmet, firing my loud machine, feeling the cool crisp air brush past my face, wishing that the summer and fall days would never end. The freedom the road brings, reminds me of being a child, riding my bike all around town, without a care in the world.

The forecast for the day, mid 70's, slight breeze, sunny throughout the day. Definitely jacket weather, especially at 9am, a cool and crisp 58 degrees. As the sun shined, our dark coats absorbed it's energy, the crisp air waking our senses. Riding down the road, we both smiled and felt one with the bike and each other. Feeling my wife lean against me, her arms wrapped around me, legs against my hips. As we talked I would turn my head slightly so she could hear, moving her head forward, as if I were talking right into her ear.

Not very long into the trip, the morning rush of getting the children lunches packed and off to school, we had not eaten breakfast. Our grumbling stomach's told us we should stop and eat before we continued on. I told my wife I knew of one of those small diners, but in my 21 years in the area, I had never stopped to eat. It was one of those diner's known to locals. A small building in the middle of three intersecting roads. Eight tables and small bar with eight stools, usually standing room only.

As we walked through the door the sign read "Cash only, no credit or debit cards". The smell of that you remember as a kid, breakfast permeating the air as you walked through the door mixed with the smell of an old building. People were finishing up their breakfasts, the time now about 10am, 3 tables remained open. Others were paying their bills, the waitresses talking as if they were members of their own family. A friendly smile, recognizing that we were new " Sit anywhere, we will be right with you." The woman at the end of the bar was the owner, overseeing her girls as they worked, the years of hard labor could be seen.

We were quickly waited on, the waitresses who were super friendly, quick with a joke. Treating us as if we had been coming there for years, making sure we knew the menu, adding in the daily specials. Our coffee cups full, we ordered our food, enjoying great conversation with a great partner. All while laughing, the banter between the waitress and customers, making sure we weren't left out. As we enjoyed our breakfast, we decided where the road would lead us for the day. Knowing we had to be home around 3 to get the kids off the bus, we paid the bill, the waitress told us to ride safe and to enjoy the ride.

We had decided to ride for little over an hour, heading west, away from suburbia. Headed for a group of small towns that were surrounded by a river and state parks. Driving through there many of times, we knew there were plenty of trees, hoping to see the beginning of fall colors. Our ride would consist of a two lane high ways, farmland and small towns, those surroundings allowing us time to relax and enjoy the bike and each other.

As we left the area, traffic was moderate to heavy at times as one would expect in suburbia. The further west we went, traffic began to dissipate, occasionally passing a car or truck in the oncoming lane. Leaves would rain down upon us as trees umbrella over the road. Occasionally we would come across an animal lying in the roadway. Quickly reminding you how dull your sense of smell becomes in a car, especially when we came across the skunk. It is not only the smell that we noticed, however, we miss many things while we sit in the comfort of an automobile.

Occasionally we would come across combines and grain trucks, harvest season had begun. As corn would drop from trucks and grain bins, we would find ourselves accelerating past, hoping not to get stuck behind them. The small pieces of corn or soybeans would feel like bullets penetrating our skin. As we sped along, we soon found ourselves reaching our destination. Both of us realizing it was time to stop and stretch.

We found ourselves stopped for a very brief time, once again looking at our watches, deciding how much further to ride, we had decided to ride the river road south, then bringing the other side north, enjoying the scenery. As we headed south, the water on our left was mesmerizing, the road following the twists and bends of the river. Occasionally slowing for small river towns, we continued south. About three miles south of the last town we came across a beautiful state park.

The rocks and bluffs rose out of the earth, perking our interests about this park, we quickly found ourselves following the road between bluffs that came to the yellow lines at the edge of the road. The trees completely shaded the area as if we were in a Forrest, wishing I could remove my sunglasses. The air which had gotten warmer than what they had forecast, quickly dropped 5 to 10 degrees. As quickly as we entered the shadows and bluffs, we shot out into the brightness like a cannon. In awe of the beauty we quickly decided to pull off at the next scenic overlook.

As we pulled in, their were two other motorcycle's, a worker eating lunch and couple enjoying the afternoon fishing. The bikers nodded as I parked, unsure if they were looking at the bike or the wife, assuming if they were like me, definitely both. Especially as she gets off of the bike, her long legs, wearing her biker boots. She has that naughty kind of look that every man dreams about, always wondering how naughty they can be. As I depart the bike, I smile at her, as she removes her helmet, shaking loose her shoulder length blond hair. The bikers smiled, it was definitely her, rightfully so!

Placing our helmets on the bike, I locked the compartments, placing the keys in my right pocket, we walked over to the park information sign. Off to our left I saw a series of stairs leading up the bluff. We quickly decided that we would adventure off to see where they lead too. After the initial set of stairs we found ourselves climbing up several more flights then down long wooden walkways. Finally about a quarter of mile later we found ourselves climbing up a few more stairs, upon a platform above the river valley. A few benches surrounded the edges, a place to sit and relax, taking in the beautiful trees and river valley below. A beautiful sight, above the trees and river flowing past, the beginning of fall could be seen.

As we stood there taking it all in, we could hear the cars below, traveling the road in which brought us here. Then hearing the two Harley's accelerate out of the park heading north towards town. My wife and I began to discuss our balcony experiences, and this platform definitely qualified. As we looked around and back down the stairs, we studied the situation, both wanting each other, wondering if we could pull off the unthinkable. Knowing that many other's have probably fucked each other silly on this platform.

As I finally made up my mind, walking closer to my wife, preparing to unbutton her jeans, I see movement below us on the walkway. We both laughed, especially as we saw this older couple in their 70's to 80's come into sight. We waited patiently until they climbed past us before we left, making sure that they would make the hike safely, as they both sat on a bench to catch their breath. Holding hands, laughing about what they would have seen, we found ourselves climbing down more stairs than we remembered climbing up.

As we reached the parking lot, we found another walkway, leading down to the beach, the other couple sitting in chairs, fishing lines in the water. As we investigated the area, we saw another walkway on the far side of the parking lot, leading up into the trees, smiling at each other we headed that way. Climbing up the stairs it was much less of an incline, until the very end. Stepping up about a dozen stairs onto another platform, this one looking out over the river, no where as beautiful as the other, it had potential.

Debating what we should do, making sure no one could see us, we looked both directions. We had small view of the parking lot, knowing that if anyone were to begin to climb the stairs, we would have plenty of advance notice. My wife started unbuttoning her pants, pushing them down over her ass, down to her knees. Her pussy stared at me, inviting me to enter her, then she turned around, unzipping my pants, pulling my cock out, squatting down and placing it in her mouth.

I too began quickly unbuckling my jeans, opening them up as she stood up, kissing me, biting her lip, then leaning over the railing. I pulled my boxers past my balls, so that they could slap against her ass while I fucked her. She reached back, grabbing my cock, pulling it towards her, placing it against her lips, she pushed herself back onto me. She was very wet, I slid right in, she felt good, I knew this wouldn't take long.

Her pussy felt good wrapped around my cock, every stroke was feeling better and better. My senses were heightened, I could smell the leaves around us, acorns dropping around us, the river moving past us. My wife moaning, as I began pounding her harder and harder, exciting me even more. I continued to watch the parking lot and stairs, distracting me and wanting to cum, I began to fuck her desperately. Pants around my knees, Harley jacket still on, I could hear her excitement, growing louder and louder, suddenly I could feel my cock spasm.

I could feel the orgasm begin in my balls, tingling and pulling tighter to my body. The orgasm came from the bottom of my soul,I could barely stay on my feet. In fact I stopped midstream during the orgasm, just to ensure that I could release my load into her. My orgasm caused her to orgasm, feeling my cock twitch pushed her over the edge. Both of us stood there quivering, it was powerful, exhilarating, something that both of us needed. We stood there a minute, me still inside her, both of us coming to grips regaining our composure. I slowly pulled out of her.

Unable to clean up, I looked down, a puddle of cum rested on my cock, with no shame I reached down pulling up my boxers over my still hard cock. With me oozing out of her, she was unsure what to do as well, following my lead, she pulled up her thong followed by her jeans. As quickly as it had began we were headed back down the steps. Finding our way back to the bike. Looking at our watches, we knew we needed to get headed home.

Grabbing our helmets, we placed them on our heads, pulling the straps tight. Looking at each other, smiling, happy, wishing we had time to curl up, holding each other, falling asleep in others arms. Instead she climbed on the bike behind me, pulling me close, holding on, I accelerated out of the parking lot. The Harley found its way back to high way, headed back to reality, smiles still on our faces, looking forward to our next adventure.

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