Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Imagine yourself being trapped, your lost, and now you can't find your way out. It is hot, your confused, and the noise around you makes it impossible to get someones attention. You feel your heart begin to race, you begin to feel anxious, breathing faster. Breathing faster lessens your time of survival. You are breathing off a tank of air and your time is limited. You crawl on your belly to a wall, feeling for window to escape. Never feeling that window you go to the next room. Still no window you keep crawling, you feel like you have gone in complete circles. You are now very disorientated, you can't think straight. Now the bell and vibrating face piece have stopped, and through your training you know that you have less than a minute. You turn yourself, so that your feet are against the wall, you kick backwards like a donkey. Making a hole in the wall so that you can escape to the outside, instead your in a closet. Every breath your mask gets tighter to your face, no more air for the taking. If you take your mask off it will be complete smoke, it will choke you and you will pass out. The natural thing to do is to take off your mask. Otherwise you can't breathe at all, just make it quick you pray. You pull your radio to your face, you take off your mask, MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY. I am out of air.....tell my family I love them. On the radio you hear where are you? You hit your emergency alarm on your air tank, and the smoke burns your lungs. Tears come to your eyes, knowing that your children will never see their father again. Your now choking and soon it will be over. Those last seconds of life, so many things go through your head, slowly everything fades away.