Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kissing and Touching

She touches the side of her face, their lips touch, sending chills down my spine. I watch intently as their lips explore each others mouth. At first, neither one quite sure of the other, clicking their teeth together, a true sign of awkwardness. Pausing and giggling, then resuming, hands fall from the face, to the shoulders. Sexy and erotic, everything that I had imagined, two women that I love, sharing each other.

As I lie there, my cock stiffens, balls tingle, I am highly aroused. My mind racing with happiness, seeing their excitement arouses me more, wanting to take part, I move myself closer. As I do they stop, looking at me, smiling at my happiness. I crawl closer, kissing one, then the other, as I lift my lips, they quickly begin kissing again. The happiness emotion is quickly replaced by a surge of jealousy, wondering if it was a show for me, am I needed here? Seeing the two of them gave me mixed emotions, curious to the feelings they were experiencing themselves, never knowing, always relying on their word.

April who was lying on top of Maggie, sat up, removing her top, I lie their in disbelief. Sitting atop of her, she looked at me, removing her bra, allowing me to see her breasts for the very first time. Small and perky, her light pink nipples stood erect, highlighted by her freckled chest. Her naughty smile was inviting, inviting me to join in on the naughtiness. With a laugh she reached down, tugging at Maggie's shirt, lifting it up over her head, then removing her bra. Both women topless,their boobs both small, the way I like them, wanting to be touched.

With that naughty smile, April lowered herself, kissing Maggie, breast to breast, skin on skin. The arch in Aprils back was sexy, I reached towards her, running my fingers down her soft skin, I could see her smile through the kiss. Excited and happy that I joined in on the fun, I couldn't resist. The girls passionately kissing, stroking each others face, exploring each other's mouths. I climbed behind Stef, unsure if I should, I licked her spine in one long lick.