Saturday, October 9, 2010

Naughty is Good

It was our night out, a night filled of dancing, one of our favorite local bands performing. We had arrived early, my wife downed her two shots of tequila, then making our way to stage, finding our spot where we would spend the majority of our evening. The sound of the music had our bodies moving, enjoying the freedom to let loose. The crowd was growing, our space was dwindling, now practically on top of each other.

I was now standing behind my wife, slightly off to the left, grinding my pelvis to her hip, then to her ass and back to her hip. My hands running down her back, then brushing her ass, placing my hand on her hip. A group of women began encroaching upon our space. Occasionally the back of my hand would brush the ass of the cute tall blond next to us. She didn't seem to mind, in fact, I thought she was beginning to enjoy my touch. More often than not, her ass was pressed against my hand, then when I moved my hand so I could bump and grind my wife, she joined me, looking into my eyes.

As the evening progressed, many smiles were exchanged between the three of us, all enjoying our time together. No words were ever exchanged until my wife needed to use the bathroom, the girls left together. I found myself heading to the bar, purchasing doubles of tequila, waiting patiently for their return. Looking at waiting, it had been several minutes, assuming that the line was taking forever. Then to much of my amazement, I saw them standing at the end of the bar, having a shot together. I found my way to them, handing them a second shot. Smiling both girls cheered each other, throwing back their drinks.

Again we found ourselves back on the dance floor, all dancing together. First it was my wife in the middle, both of us grinding her, Heather with her hands running down her sides, my wife running her hands down her. At one point both Heather and I had our hands on her, people around us began to watch. Soon it was Heathers turn in the middle, grinding her, my hands reaching around to my wife, then taking my hands, my wife placed them on Heathers thighs. Heather then lean back into me, whispering in my ear. "We need to get the fuck out of here!"

I pulled my wife close, damn near on top of Heather " Heather wants to get the fuck out of here!" With a smile my wife grabbed our hands and led the way. Making our way through the crowd, we found ourselves going out through the door. Laughing while falling into one an others arms and out the door. The cool fall air felt refreshing, steam rising from our exposed skin. Heather, looked at me "I'm too drunk to drive, you guys have to take me home." Without hesitation I ran to get the car.

As I pulled up, both girls got into the back seat, I adjusted the mirror, as expected they began to kiss. I wasn't even out of the parking lot and their hands were racing all over each others bodies. As my wife kissed her neck, Heather gave me directions to her town home. It was difficult to drive, wanting to watch, my wife's hand disappearing under Heathers skirt. Both girls positioning themselves so that I could see.

As I drove the 5 miles to Heathers town home, my heart was racing, wanting so bad to get into the action. My cock was pressing hard into my shorts, feeling pre-cum at the tip of my cock. Making the final turn onto her street, she looked up, telling me where I needed to stop. Pulling in, the home was dark, she lived alone, anticipation filled the air. I shifted into park, turned off the vehicle, unlocking my seat belt, I exited the car. Opening the back door, both girls exited while adjusting their clothes.

Heather, reached into her purse, fumbling for her keys, giggling as she stumbled. Both of us reaching out to prevent her from falling. Having trouble getting the key into the tumble, I reached out to help her, placing my hand over hers, we turned the key together. My wife smiled at me, letting me know it was OK, I leaned in kissing Heather as we opened the door. Stumbling into the home we quickly closed the door behind us, locking it simultaneously.

None of us made it past the foyer with any clothes, naked she led us up the stairs, her body glistened in the moonlit darkness. As we reached her room, she flipped the switch. A king sized canopy bed, sheer draping looped from corner to corner. The lighting was soft, she was as beautiful naked as she was clothed. She lay back on the bed, my wife, pushing me too her, knowing I needed to catch up.

We began kissing as my wife ran her hands down both of our legs, one hand on Heathers breast the other now on my cock. Feeling the pre-cum, I could see her smile, knowing that her performance excited me so much, rubbing her thumb over the head, she felt me tense. Bending over she placed my cock in her mouth. Heathers hands now in my wife's hair. My mouth on Heathers, my hands running down to Heathers breasts.

Pushing me away, I rolled onto my back, my wife still sucking my cock. Heather now kissing her neck, then they kissed, their mouths next to my cock. Without hesitation both of them took a side, one of their hands on my balls. I could feel that Heather must be playing with my wife's pussy, I could feel her body moving rhythmically. Slight moaning vibrations could be felt, adding to the sensation. As my wife slowed her licking, I could feel the familiar arch in her back as she came.

As I looked down to watch her cum, Heathers head was between her legs, the sucking on my cock had stopped. My wife was squeezing my cock hard, I could feel it thicken even more watching the two of them. As my wife finished her orgasm she took me back into her mouth. Heather came back to her, leaving me, kissing each other passionately.

I stroked myself as I watched, then my wife kissed her breasts, rolling her over on top of her. My wife now on bottom, positioned Heather for me, as they kissed, I straddle between them, as my wife now grabs my shaft. Pulling my cock, my wife placed it on Heathers pussy, as Heather pushed back onto my cock, letting me fuck her from behind. Breast to breast they lay there, kissing, my wife's hand rubbing Heathers clit. My cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

I could feel my balls slapping against my wife's fingers, further exciting me. Fucking her harder and harder, building my own orgasm. My wife knowing that her touch in combination with the situation had me climbing over the top. Suddenly I felt Heathers pussy clamp down, a loud scream simultaneously followed, her body shuddered. Causing me to explode as well, filling her pussy, my wife smiling in joy. I continued to stroke myself inside of her, causing her to shudder once again. I could feel her collapse on top of my wife.

I slowly pulled myself out of her, falling back onto the bed. Hearing the girls kissing, I remained hard, my cock fully erect into the air. My wife slid from underneath Heather, climbing on top of me. She knew exactly what she wanted and what it was going to take to get that. She began riding me hard and fast, she needed to feel me inside of her, her pussy felt good. Watching her expressions excited me, making me grow even harder. Heather then climbed next to her, sucking on her right breast, left hand on her face. The combination between the girls and the feel of my wife, sent me over the edge again. I could feel the orgasm travel through my balls, then my cock, causing my wife to cum instantly.

I was now exhausted, both girls still kissing, I lie underneath them watching. Then the both lean down, the three of us kiss together. Heathers hand now on my wife's back, sliding off of me, Heathers hand falls on my abdomen, my cock now semi-hard, leaning to the left. One girl on either side of me, we all lie there, intertwined, still kissing, touching, enjoying our naughty evening.

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