Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harley Adventure!

With no true destination, we were allowed to sleep in at the hotel. It had rained all night, the parking lot was filled with puddles, the Harley was covered in rain drops. The smell in the air was refreshing, cleansing our lungs, waking our souls for the days ride. Working together we dried off the bike, excited to hit the road, exploring and enjoying what we find together.

Our bags were stuffed into the saddlebags, duffle bag attached to the sissy bar. We begin to don our riding gear, looking at my wife, I see her sexiness that I truly adore.As she places her black helmet with pink flames on her head, she smiles at me, that smile that warms a persons heart. Pulling the chin strap tight,asking me if I was ready for her to climb on. With a simple nod, she lifts her left leg, wrapping it around me,taking her place.

With my left hand squezzing the clutch, I press down on the shifter, releasing the clutch and applying the throttle, I pull away from the hotel. Her hands tight around my sides, balancing herself by squezzing me tight. Through the layers of clothing, I feel her breasts pressed into my back. Then a whisper in my ear "I love you" she says with a squeeze. As the bike gains speed, the cackle from the pipes rattles in the morning air. Pressing the clutch again, now with my heal, I press down putting us in second gear, gaining speed, off to our next destination.

The beautiful thing other than spending time with my wife, is that we have an idea where we are traveling, but never an itinerary that we need to follow. We soon found ourselves up to speed, traveling west, looking for a cave tour that is somewhere off the beaten path. Although the rain had stopped, sky was gray and gloomy. You could see the moisture in the air. The pavement was wet in the center, however, where tires had been was now dry. Rolling hills through the corn fields, along side the road stood the billboard, Spook Cave with a large arrow pointing to the right.

I began to slow the bike, bracing herself against me, we hoped the cars behind us would stop too. My right turn signal flashing, the bike backfiring, a pleasant sound to my ears. As we made the turn we found ourselves on a county road. Curving down huge hills, heading down into a valley, looking for entrance to the cave. At the bottom of the hill the road ended, to left was a large gate, a gravel road full of puddles to the entrance. Dodging the puddles as if I was driving through a serpentine course, hoping that road was not too soft. We soon found ourselves in the the parking area, a grassy lot, soft from the rain. Others around the cave looked as the bike made its grand entrance, heads turned, people stared.

I brought the bike to a rest, shifting it into neutral, I placed both feet on the ground. My wife stood, then dismounted from me and the bike. Placing her hand on my shoulder, raising her leg, standing next me with that happy smile that she gets. I turn the bike off, the radio still singing into the air, I kill the power. I too dismount and we both begin doffing our gear, leaving our coats on for the cave tour. We gingerly walked across the rickety bridge, finding our way to gift shop to buy tickets. The gift shop had a musty old smell, reminding me of my great grandmothers home.

With our tickets in hand, we had about a twenty minute wait. Deciding to browse the gift shop, looking, picking up, laughing at some of the gadgets. Meanwhile eyes were upon us, watching the bikers, making sure we were behaved. As we walked are boots had a distintive clunking on the wood floor. Making our way past the registar, out to where the tour began.

Several summer camp kids were standing in line, waiting for the boat to return from the previous tour. The only access into the cave was on a flat bottom boat, through the mouth of the unknown. Suddenly a boat appeared through the fog at the mouth of the cave. Kids were laughing and shouting, the adults relieved to almost be finished. As the kids exited the boat they were full of stories and excitement as they told their friends what to expect. Some almost fearful of what awaited them inside the cave. As they began to load the next tour, two seats remained at the rear of the boat, so we climbed in.

The boat crept along at a very slow speed, the cold from the cave and humid air, created an eeery fog upon entering the cave. As we entered the cave, the guide informed us that there would be a few spots where we would have to lower ourselves so that we could clear the ceiling of the cave. Within minutes of him warning us, everyone was bent over, with their backs brushing the ceiling of the cave. I leaned back, as if I were doing the limbo, my wifes face was on my leg. Jokingly she grabbed my crotch, exciting me, giving me an idea, a very naughty idea.

We remained bent over for a few minutes before the boat came into a clearing. The cave was like any other cave, scalagtites, scalagmites, formations to be seen everywhere. While everyone was distracted, even my wife, I slowly began to unzip my jeans. Reaching into the fly, I slowly unleashed my cock, the cool air of the cave could be felt. I could see the next low area up ahead, the anticipation was building, adults and kids in the boat, they wouldn't even know, that in the rear of the boat, my wife would be playing with my cock.

As the guide told everyone to assume the position, I too leaned back, my wife again put her head on my lap. When she reached for my crotch, she felt the zipper undone, looking at me with amazement. Then as her fingers ran inside the opening, her cold hand touched the head of my cock. She looked at me, smiling in disbelief then turning naughty, tempted to push her own limits. Looking at those in front of us, she attempted to get into her mouth. Unfortunatley the ceiling began to rise, she quickly tucked her friend away.

Like two teenages in love, we giggled together in the back of the boat, knowing that again we would have another opportunity to achieve this feat. A few minutes longer and the boat needed to turn back around, one way in, one way out. As we turned the boat around, my wife knew what she needed to do. I could feel her begin to position herself in a way, preparing for the low ceiling that we had just passed through. It was soon upon us again. Everyone leaned down as they had done the two previous times, again I leaned back. In one quick motion, my cock was in her mouth, sucking and licking, people all around. The exquisite feeling was just a tease, it ended as quickly as it had begun.

As everyone sat up, she quickly tucked him away again. Her smile was one of achievement, knowing that she crossed a line that she never had crossed before. We were being naughty with people all around. Both of us wanting more, she whispered to me that she was soaked, making me smile. My mind was now begining to race, thinking of any spots along the road that we could use to our advantage. We needed to finish what we had started. My mind was no longer on this damn tour, I wanted to be inside her, release my load, pleasing both of us.

Without realizing it, the tour was over, everyone was bent over again, exiting the one last low area. This time the lady in front of us had turned, watching us, wondering if she had seen or heard what we had done. Maybe she too was turned on by what we were willing to try. As we all began to sit back up, I slowly adjusted myself, zipping my fly, forcing my cock back into my boxers.

The boat broke through the opening and through the fog. The humidity was a remider that the tour had ended. The boat circled, coming back to the dock, we were smiling, happy, thoroughly enjoying Spook Cave. As the boat docked, we carefully climbed out, stepping onto the dock. Heading back to the bike, wondering wear the road would lead us too next, what adventure lie ahead.

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  1. Wow! Great story. I'm trying to be a little more daring too.