Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bath Time!

Taking baths relax her so much, so he prepared a hot steamy bath for her. Candles were lit and placed all over the bathroom. The sweet aroma permeated the air, she could feel the steam cling to her skin as she walked into the bathroom. Already undressed he closed the door behind her, helping her undress in the candlelight. As he removed her clothes, he adored her body in the soft light.

Leading her over to the bathtub, he held her hand as she tested the waters. The water stung as she first entered into it, slowly lowering herself until she was submerged. Once she was in the water he sat next to her, just outside the tub, kneeling on a small stack of towels. He looked at her sparkling eyes with a devious, crinkly kind of smile.

Picking up a body scrub he dipped it into the water, then swirling body wash onto it. Lifting her right leg he began to scrub her feet, up her calf, then to her inner thigh. Thoroughly scrubbing and paying attention to every curve. When he was finished he moved to her left leg and repeated the performance. She began to feel relaxed and tingly, the touch of his hands and the roughness of the body scrub were a magical combination. The skin was cold as he would raise her leg out of the water, then warm and refreshed after being cleansed.

He then went to her hands, scrubbing them, soothing them, enjoying the feel of her skin. Slowly moving down her arm, shoulder, and slowly moving to her chest. Taking time to appreciate her breasts, spending ample amount of time, touching and teasing them, again appreciating the touch of his hand versus the roughness of the body scrub. Completing her breasts he then moved to the opposite shoulder and arm, finishing with her hand. Completely relaxed he helps pull her forward, lathering the body scrub he begins with the nape of her neck, then to back of the shoulders. He slowly moves down the rest of her back, she is now moaning in pleasure.

As she lies back in the tub, he now takes a cup of water and rinses her hair, running his hands across her scalp. The pressure of his fingers massaging her scalp, soothing, relaxing, erogeonous. Applying soap and conditioner her hair feels like silk, soft strings of silk running through his fingers. Tilting her head back into the water she rinses her hair, her beauty radiates like the moonlight on the ocean.

As she lies there relaxed, he now takes the shaving cream and places lather in his hand. Raising her pelvis, he lathers her between her legs. Taking the razor he shaves her almost completely, leaving a little down the middle. Her lips now smooth to the touch, trusting him with the most delicate task, his strong hands so soft and delicate. Aroused and excited he helps her finish, admiring her beautiful body, shimmering in the candlelight.

He leans over and opens the drain, they hear the water now draining. Helping her stand, he begins to dry her with the towel. Slowly drying her soft and delicate skin, occasionally stopping to kiss her delicious skin. Taking her by the hand he opens the door, leads her in to the bedroom, and removes the towel. Enjoying the evening’s dessert, that he has helped prepare!


  1. Great way to get are writing so much, I am just managing to keep up LOL :)

  2. I would love to have that kind of one is quite that romantic and intoxicating in my house...that's why I look around...

    Your wife is lucky. Firefighters are the SHIT! Just check out my older posts...gotta love firefighters and cops...and the military boys. They all have a VERY serious spot in my heart.

    I'm glad I found you, Sugar!

  3. Where the hell are the men that actually do this!! Wonderful!