Monday, November 17, 2008

The Store !

She was shopping in the grocery store, and like usual, she noticed the firemen shopping. They always seemed to flirt with her, telling her to stop by the station with the kids for a tour. She was a bit skeptical, knowing that they were pigs - like most men were - and she had never felt tempted before. Today, though, she felt frisky, not happy at home, and that need to be wanted ached through her body. She felt the desire to be naughty too, to do something daring, not the normal daily routine that she had grown so accustomed to.

It felt a bit odd to flirt while having the kids with, however, that should show the true strength of the firefighter’s confidence. A man that was confident, yet passionate was what she always looked for. Usually, she would fantasize about a certain type of man, but surprisingly, the man she made eye contact with was not her type at all.

He was an average man, big shoulders, blue eyes, the kind of man that could wrap you in his arms and stare into your eyes. His bald head was something new for her. It was shaved and smooth, so she could tell that hygiene was important to him. And a neatly trimmed mustache, too. She had never kissed a man with a mustache before. She found herself more attracted to him the longer she stared.

Daydreaming about her firefighter, she was startled when he walked over and introduced himself. The kids instantly recognized him from the safety talks at school, and he asked them if they shared their safety message with their parents. She was embarrassed when the children said no, and she began to blush. In a nice polite matter, he winked at her and then calmed her by acknowledging his own negligence at home. He then invited the whole family to the station for a tour. She declined politely, regretfully telling him that she had a bachlorette party to attend that evening.

Jokingly he mentioned that the girls should stop by for pictures before they went out on the town for the evening. She was in disbelief that he would invite that kind of trouble to the fire station. But then she began thinking about how clever that could be, she would surprise all of the other women and tell the chauffeur to make a pit stop on the way out of town.

It was after dinner when the limousine pulled in front of the station. The firefighters were all amazed, but definately pleased, to see a dozen beautiful women step out of the car. Testosterone was flowing at an all time high. The girls were excited. Everyone was happy.

Perfume radiated throughout the station, it was the best it had smelled in years. Finally, the two acquaintances met again. He admitted to her how amazed he was that she actually had the party stop for a tour. She then explained that it was more for her than the rest of her party.

They both smiled, understanding what the intentions that evening were. He then showed her his office, explaining that he usually stayed up pretty late. She asked how late, and his answer surprised her.

Later that evening, on her way home, she made a detour to see if the lights were still on at the station. Sure enough, he hadn't lied. She could see him sitting at his desk, patiently waiting. She parked her car in the lot, unsure if she should go in, knowing that she could not behave. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door, closing it quietly behind her, trying not to make a sound. Walking quietly, she peered into his office, then quietly tapped on the glass. He turned with a smile, stood and went to let her in. He greeted her with a smile, telling her to be quiet since firefighters were sleeping in their beds. She asked to see the fire trucks, and he led her by the hand. He could feel her heart pounding through their touch.

They reached the bay where the trucks sat peacefully on the floor, gear hanging from the doors, the smell of smoke lingering in the air. She felt the desire to release her inhibitions, so stopping suddenly she turned and embraced him. Then she aked for her private station tour.

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  1. My goodness, I had a more serious picture of a firehouse...LOL That picture is changed forever! :)