Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mouth Watering !!!

You lie on the alter, giving yourself completely to me. The soft flannel sheets teases my skin. I crawl slowly across the sheets to your naked body. Your nipples hard and erect, my mouth wants to warm them, placing one in my mouth. I run my tongue in circles over it, sucking, biting, giving you the most sensual kiss that I can give. Your moans, feeling your hands on my head and shoulder, begging me for more.

I want to feel your back arch, pull me higher, kissing me passionately. Kissing your neck, tasting your skin. Savoring your taste, I want to taste your sweet nectar. My hand reaches down, feeling you dripping with excitement, I am anxious for what awaits me. I enjoy every ounce of your being, I want to kiss your shoulder, working my way to your nectar.

I love the way you taste, the way your body moves. I like how your body reacts when I place my fingers in those erogenous zones. My fingers dance, touching and playing while my mouth embarks on the delicacy that you provide. Forsaken I take that from you, feeding my desire to have you completely, dependent on the covenant of your nectar.

Placed on the alter, your body was given up for me!


  1. I like "Forsaken I take that from you,...dependent on the covenant of your nectar." Interesting way of writing that. Nice! :)

  2. wow, your wife is a lucky woman!

  3. interesting post! But very well written