Monday, November 3, 2008


I see you standing there, the lines of your body intrigue me. I can imagine myself walking up behind you, my right hand brushing aside the shoulder length hair from your neck. Leaning over to kiss your neck, you feel my warm breath as my mouth approaches. You tilt your head making your neck more accessible. Soft tender kisses, with the occasional nipping of teeth.

My left hand slowly slides down your shoulder, then to your waist. I feel your body react, the deep inhalation causes the waist of your jeans to gape open, running a finger around your waistline. Your stomach tightens as I reach the front, slowly guiding my hand up your shirt.

My body is pressed against yours, pulling you close, the passion builds. Still kissing your neck, you surrender your body completely. You have lost the ability to control your inhibitions. Nipples erect, wanting to be released from the restraining bra, wanting to be touched, caressed, kissed. You reach up and unclasp your bra, allowing access to your breasts.

My hand reaches up and gently touches your breast, circling the erect nipple, you sigh deeply. Your hand touches mine, squeezing it to your breast. I place your nipple between my thumb and forefinger, gently squeezing and pulling. Meanwhile you reach down and begin to unbutton your jeans, then reaching back up to my hand pulling it down to show me what you have done. Inviting me to continue my journey across your body, the moans, the sighs, encouraging my behavior.

You slightly turn your body so that our mouths meet. Keeping your back to me, submissively enjoying my touch. My hand continues its journey to the opening of your jeans, feeling your hips press forward to my hand. Teasing I slowly reach down and brush the pubic hair with my hand, pulling your hips back to mine. You feel my swelling organ pressing back, wanting to be unleashed.

Kissing you the passion spreads to savage wanting. Intense desire and attraction, passionate for you.


  1. Passionate and evocative writing here! Made me feel like a voyeur, seeing something intensely personal.
    Lovely! :)

  2. Your detail is so vivid, I can almost feel everything. You've really captured the passion. Fabulous!