Saturday, November 15, 2008


Your naked body arouses me every time I see it, lying there in the candlelight, illuminating your tender soft skin. Spread on the bed, black wristlets tied to the bed posts,black anklets holding your legs to the foot post of the bed. Black collar around your neck, blindfolded, waiting impatiently for me to touch you. The contrast of the black against your slightly tanned skin, inviting me to be naughty. I study your body, watching you bite your bottom lip in anticipation.

Today I invited a girl to watch, possibly join in, she quietly undresses and sits in the chair in the corner of the room. You do not know she is there, her eyes sparkle with excitement. Her fantasy has always been to watch, possibly joining the fun if she feels comfortable. Completely undressing, with the exception of her panties, already touching herself, excited with anticipation. Unaware of her presence, knowing you will be surprised, hopefully not upset.

I stand there naked, holding a whip, black leather, with strips of pink fur interlaced for the pain pleasure. The smell of candles permeate our senses, so aware of senses you even think you may smell perfume. You hear me next to the bed, admiring your hard erect nipples, your skin is cold, lying there in waiting. Small goosebumps rise from your skin, slowly I place the whip on your nipple, running it down your side, then down your leg to your inner arch of your foot. Watching your expressions as I tease your body. Your nipple standing tall, wanting to be warmed, sucked and kissed.

I look over and in the corner she is focused on every move, touching herself, one hand on her breast, circling and enticing her nipple, the other in her panties, I see her hand circling her lips. As I watch she bravely removes her panties, allowing me full view of her excitement. Smiling with approval, I hear the wetness as her finger glides through the folds. Her nipples are erect and excited as well, her smile radiates towards us.

I raise the whip and with a sharp and quick motion I strike your breast, I watch you quiver in slight pain. I then lean over kissing and calming your nipple from the shock it just incurred. Then slowly running the whip between your breasts, down your abdomen, across your lips. Biting your lip, your body begins to wiggle under my control. Anxiously waiting to feel my next touch, you brace yourself, thinking it will be a sharp painful pleasure. Instead I choose to release cold whip cream on your nipple. Making it cold, sensation extremes, I lean over and place my warm mouth over your nipple sucking away the cold, warming your breast. I pause watching, waiting, making you anticipate my next move. I position myself, I raise the whip and bring it down across your pussy, watching your abdomen tense, so I raise it again and lash it against your abdomen, left then right. In the corner her eyes widen in disbelief. Her hands stop, watching for your reaction. You arch your back, raising slightly off the bed, I lean over kissing your abdomen.

Vigorously she tugs and pulls at her nipple, touching herself excitedly. I then reach over to the bowl of Ice, placing a cube on your sternum, the cold takes your breath away. Water begins to pool between your breasts, then ever so slowly running down your ribs, then off your sides. Your body wants to be unleashed, endorphins screaming wanting more, wanting to explode. Your body now glistens with water running in different directions, once again highlighting the beauty of your skin.

I slowly raise the whip again, this time turning the handle towards the corner of the room. She looks at me in disbelief, not sure what to do. The smell of sex in the air, I can see the wetness across the room. She slowly rises from the chair, taking the invitation she quietly walks to the bed. Taking the whip she studies your body, admiring what I have admired for years. Fulfilling her and my fantasy, hoping that you will enjoy as well.

Aroused !


  1. Wow! You've outdone yourself here, what an amazing piece of writing!! :)

  2.'m impressed. A man with a big hose and can write! :)

    But I still can't tell where you are from (???)