Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coffee anyone?

In town on business, Kate was unfamiliar with the city, she was dying to find a coffee shop. Leaving the hotel she began looking for a Starbucks. It was cool out this particular morning, in fact the bank's marquee read 38 degrees Fahrenheit. She could see her breathe as she walked, cold and refreshing to her lungs. Dressed in her business attire, black wool coat keeping her warm.

As she turned the corner two blocks to the north, there it was, Starbucks. Her bright white smile gleamed as she walked through the door. As she entered the little brass bell attached to the top of the door jingled. Causing the man in the corner to look up and see her walking through the door.

She stood about five foot and nine inches tall, shoulder length strawberry hair. He noticed her green eyes glistening in the morning sun. He sipped his coffee, and smiled when she looked over at him. He continued to work on his laptop, checking the morning news. No breaking news stories he pulled up his daily blog, looking at comments and deciding what to write for the day. He was attracted to the cute woman that walked through the door, maybe he would write about her.

Kate saw the handsome man sitting at his computer, watching him laugh and smile while she ordered. Trying very hard not to stare, however, he was very handsome. He appeared to be about six foot and three inches tall, the football player type build, definitely athletic, she liked that. The man was clean cut, clean shaven, with a short haircut. Receiving her coffee and morning roll, she walked to the empty table next to his.

"Wireless signal good over here?" she asked. Smiling at her "It was good, remarkably, it just got better." he replied. From that moment on they talked while they both surfed the web. She told him that she just arrived in town yesterday, not quite sure of activities to do between meetings. He offered to take her on a tour, she willingly accepted.

That evening he picked her up at the hotel lobby, escorting her out to his car. Like a gentleman he opened the door. She smelled his cologne as he brushed next to her. He smelled inviting, clean and desirable. The car had a fresh scent smell, he took as good of his car as he did of himself. During the car ride their conversation never ended, so many things in common, where has he been all of these years, finding a man like this after 39 years of life. So many years wasted looking for a man that she could share so many thoughts and ideas with.

Finally they arrived back at the hotel, he pulled up to the door. Knowing that she would be in town for week, hoping for another night of her company. He exited and opened her door, stepping out of the car she opened her arms receptively. Pulling him close, surprising him, taking control. She told him she would meet him in the bar after parking the car.

In the bar she found two seats at end of the bar, she ordered two shots of tequila, quickly drinking them before he arrived. He soon appeared and they drank and talked a little bit more, with her drinks gone she grabbed his hand pulling him off his stool. Startled he asked her where they were going. Giggling she turned around, placing her index finger on his lips. He couldn't believe this was happening.

Slipping the card into the door, the green light lit up, turning the handle they entered the room. Kissing him passionately she pushed him to the bed. Taken back from her aggressiveness, he was submissive to her wants. Undressing him she took control by placing his cock into her mouth. Undressing and sucking she continued her attack. Forcing him to give her what she wanted, enjoying his moans of pleasure, she pulled off of his cock. Slowly kissing his abdomen, working her way up, kissing him again. Her naked body on his, she then lifted herself, placing her pussy on his mouth.

She smelled so sweet and fresh, cleanly shaven, he ran his tongue along the lips. She demanded him to suck her clit, so he did, lapping up her juices. Feeling her grind on his face, almost hurting his face, her hips moving faster. Moaning and demanding, she orgasm's with a loud grunt. Waves of wetness poured into his mouth, enjoying her precious juices. While she dismounts from his mouth, she places her mouth on his, cleaning up some of the mess, knowing this would make him harder.

Smiling at him she slowly slid onto his cock. Feeling his thick member pressing against her insides. She maneuvers herself so that the head of his cock is pressing on her g-spot. The intense feeling that one needs to orgasm as quickly as possible, she lets it sit there, to build into the explosion that she wants. As it gets closer she begins to move, causing the intense feeling to build even more. With her hands digging into his chest, she begins to grind hard against his pelvis. Watching her excitement he begins to help, rhythmically moving together. Suddenly they both explode, every ounce of energy races through their bodies. Feeling dizzy afterwards, they both lay there motionless, holding each other close.

After lying there for about an hour, he realizes he must leave, kissing her, he slowly gets dressed. Wrapped in a bed sheet, she sits up in bed, asking him to stay. " I must go home" he sheepishly said. "I understand" Kate said, "I must call home too!"

"You better shower before you go"


  1. This doesn't happen when I go for coffee...then again I don't go to Starbucks LOL :)

  2. I guess I should start frequenting startbucks. Nice way to start the day.