Sunday, November 23, 2008


Above is a picture of Victoria falls located in Zambia. An amazing thing to reach out to take such amazing photograph. I came across a blog that showed this photo, amazed I googled Victoria falls, someday I would like to visit there. Knowing I would be scared to death to swim to edge like this, however, the view would be to die for.
The more I look at this picture, the more I begin to think about life. Thinking about how daring it must be to swim up, trusting that you won't just slip and fall over the edge, plummeting to your death. Amidst the thoughts I began to compare this picture to relationships. Whether your married or not, we all can relate in one way or another.
A time comes in our life when we must trust ourselves to be daring and take a risk. Slowly climbing into the waters, feeling wet and strange as we slowly swim towards the falls. Feeling the current pull you as we swim, swiftly bringing us to that edge. Knowing that when you reach the edge, you will see the most magnificent sight, the emotions and feelings that we will experience.
Taking that risk, the potential to have one of the best experiences of our life. Wanting to feel the awe of such a magnificent experience, however, many of us are hesitant to step into the water.
If we only were to put both feet into the water and trust that we will not go over the falls. Daring ourselves to take that step, instead many of us stand at the shore watching and waiting. Not willing to take that chance, afraid that we be the one slip and fall to our death.


  1. It looks incredible! I wouldn't want to stay on dry land, but I wouldn't want to lean over those falls without a safety harness either.

  2. How many times are we willing to take that step, to take the chance...this is the question...

    I took it once already...will I take it again?

  3. There's a bridge I want to take photos from, I have yet to figure out how to do it. Stopping the car and getting out is not an option, not if I want to live...LOL. But, I WANT those photos real bad. :)

  4. Its a beautiful photo. Feeling like you are on the edge and not being able to take that step. Yes, I get that feeling

  5. awesom. if you can see the falls, sometimes it is hard to jump in though.