Friday, November 21, 2008


It was late in the night, she still wasn't home from work. He was lying alone in his bed, holding a body pillow tight, imagining it was her. Sound asleep, snoring, TV left on. The house still in the dead of the night.

As she pulled into the driveway, she waited patiently for the garage door to open. Wired from her night at work, needing to unwind. The car lights illuminate the garage as she pulls in and closes the garage door. As she walks into her home the house is silent. She can faintly hear the television in the master bedroom. Knowing that he would always fall asleep as he would try so hard to wait up for her.

Opening the refrigerator she rummaged through for a small snack. Opening the cheese drawer she found some string cheese, and grabbed the gallon of apple cider. Pouring herself a splash of apple cider, she began to feel herself to calm down being home. Eating her snack she looked through the days mail. Advertisements and credit card offers, nothing but junk. Drinking the last drop of apple cider she placed the empty cup into the sink. Turning off the lights she headed upstairs.

Walking into the bedroom she admired him sleeping there all alone. Holding the body pillow as if it were her lying next to him. She began to undress while watching him, lifting her shirt over her head, then reaching behind her back, unclasping her bra. Her small perky breasts all warm and covered, now bared and nipples hard. Placing her hands into her waistband she slowly removed her pants. Leaving her socks on so that her feet would not get cold.

Walking over to the bed a sudden surge of lust overcame her. Pulling back the sheets his naked body was inviting to the touch. She lightly ran her hand down the side of his back, causing him to roll to his back. Lifting the pillow his cock lie there on his inner leg. She slowly leaned over, trying to wake him slowly. She never liked to be awaken quickly, so why would he.

Leaning over she began to kiss his cock, soft gentle kisses, then ever so slowly running her tongue down the shaft. With her right hand she lifted his penis and slowly placed it in her mouth. Beginning with the tip, sucking on the head, pushing the circumcision completely taunt. Running her tongue in circles around the head, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. She could feel the blood begin to surge to his cock. A completely flaccid penis beginning to harden.

As his cock became erect, snoring turned to moaning. Looking up at him she could see his eyes beginning to open. A smirk of smile showing at the corner of his mouth. Taking him deeply he moaned louder, she reached up and pinched his nipple. Stopping long enough to say "Morning baby."

Then kissing up his abdomen, making her way to his lips, kissing her back, she climbed on top. Slowly sliding him inside her, both moaning in pleasure. She leaned back, placing her hands on his knees. Moving her waist like a dolphin swimming through water. He reached out placing his hand on her waist, helping her swim, occasionally reaching up to touch her breasts. The moaning and pleasure became louder, then both of them in a loud gasp, orgasm together.

In total exhaustion she collapsed on top of him, finally exhausted and tired. Holding each other, kissing and loving, she slowly removed her body from his. Leaving a leg and arm draped over him. His penis now flaccid again on his leg, now holding her, exhausted, they fall back asleep.


  1. I love "wake up" sex, but normally it's hubby waking me up from a late night shift...yummy!

  2. Sweet writing, full of energy and vibrant, to say the least! :)

  3. I love being slowly woken up.
    This is very hot writing. I look forward to reading more.