Saturday, March 7, 2009

~~ Waking up next to You~~

I started out today, lying next to you in bed. Lying on our right side, snuggled up against each other, the warmth of our bodies, softness of the sheets. Thinking about the day, thinking about the quietness of the house. Listening to see if the kids were awake, taking in the morning calm.

Placing my hand on your bare thigh, I run my hand up to your briefs, feeling your hip bone, I run my fingers slightly into the waist band. Your soft skin, soft like the sheets, my fingers lightly touch you, trying not to wake you. I listen to you breathe, feeling every breath, my senses are keen. I move my had down your waist, up your abdomen, moving them over your breasts. Taking them in my hand, pulling my body closer to yours. Content I hold you close, leg to leg, chest to back, arm wrapped around you.

I feel you begin to move, afraid that I may have awoke you. Then you place your hand on my thigh, touching me softly, your warm soft hand moving slowly up to my briefs. I feel my testicles tingle, they raise slightly in their sack with your touch. Pulling my legs tighter to your body, adjusting your buttocks into my groin. I feel the warm surge of blood to my penis. Slightly growing, pressing into you, I feel you wiggle a little more. Your hand now leaves my side, reaching for your own briefs, pushing them down, your bare ass is now pressed against my boxers. My penis now hardens with excitement. You feel me press harder against you, reaching back into my shorts. Stroking and touching, hoping to wake me, however, I am already awake.

Still listening for our children, not wanting to be caught, I am hesitant. You then push down on my boxers, releasing me from the confinement. Taking me in your hand, guiding me into you, warm and wet with excitement. I slowly slide into you, arching your back, pressing into me more. Your hand on my thigh, rhythmically pulling into you. My hand on your hip, pushing and pulling. The excitement building, explosion happening, we both lie there in ecstasy.

You turn to me and smile, I kiss your soft lips. Our bodies still pressed together as one, similar to our hearts. Taking in our time together, we giggle and talk about the day before us. Knowing our time alone was soon to be interrupted, we decide to rise for the new day. Another soft kiss, tender touch and loving hug, we rise out of bed.

How I love waking up next you!


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  2. that was beautiful to read. really lovely. and there's nothing like a little morning sex to kick start the day!

  3. I absolutely love reading your stories! This one was another good one!

  4. Beautiful! ;) You know I enjoy reading about your love for your wife.

    How I do miss that part of a relationship so much.