Friday, February 27, 2009

~ Long day on the road ~

Riding the motorcycle through the back roads of America, taking us where ever it may. The day was beautiful, sunny and warm, temperatures were in the high eighties that day. Riding through the hills and curves, trees acted as if it were an umbrella protecting us from the sun. Occasionally stopping at small convenience stores to get fuel or something cool to drink, taking in the beautiful scenery while enjoying our time together.

I loved having my wife sitting behind me, snuggled close, body against mine. I yearned for times like this, when I could hold her close, it was like it was, before we had kids and such busy lives. Even though we were warm, we were together, nothing more pure that being with the person you love. We love spending our time together, is what makes us both happy, it is when we spend time apart that we become fragile.

We had spent the day on the road and we were coming into a small town that had a few amenities including a small motel. The entire trip we had been finding those small mom and pop motels along the way. Spending around forty dollars a night, you can't find that in the big cities. This hotel was painted yellow with red trim, bright and clean looking. The appearance alone looked appealing, a place to call it a day. She squeezed my shoulder, then pointing at the motel, I turned on the left turn signal and slowed down. Turning in the cackle of the pipes caused those at the nearby restaurant to look our way.

Pulling to the front entrance of the motel, I slowed and stopped. Using my heel I pushed down on the kickstand, while she dismounted from the bike. I leaned the bike to the left, turning the wheel slightly as I climbed off myself. My wife always looks amazing climbing off of the bike. The black leather jacket, blue jeans and black boots. One of her sexiest looks is when she takes off her sunglasses, loosening her chin strap, removing her helmet. She then takes her hair, shaking it loose from being held captive in her helmet all day long. She always looks sexy when she did this, not only to me, but everyone else who happened to be standing nearby.

Placing my helmet on the seat, I walked through the door, greeted by the owner, a older man in his sixties. He was sitting behind the desk in his recliner, watching the evening news, the space was small but it was like his home. Like a small apartment attached to an office, his life displayed for all others to see. He was friendly and kind, talkative and curious, wondering where we had traveled from. Knowing we were not familiar with the area, he told me about the restaurant located across the street. Mentioning that it being a Friday night we should go early, the crowds come from afar for their fine dining and entertainment.

Removing our luggage we headed for our room. It was smaller than average, cozy, a queen bed sat along the center of the wall, chair in the corner. It was clean, respectable, our home for the evening. Removing our leathers, we began to relax, wanting a shower she turned on the water. I loved watching her undress, her seductive smile glancing at me as she entered the bathroom. She had that sexy flirtatious walk that she has, especially when she is feeling frisky. Smiling at her I told her that she look good naked. I patiently waited my turn, watching the evening news, hoping to catch the forecast.

After our showers we decided to walk across the street to the restaurant. It was now six thirty and the parking lot was beginning to become crowded. Walking through the door you could feel the eyes upon you, people knowing you we were not locals. The smile of the cute blond waitress followed by her bubbly greeting made us feel more welcome. The restaurant was noticeably decorated by various items, a small stage sat at the one end as well. Musician's photos that were autographed decorated the walls too, we had stumbled into a celebrity hot spot.

Our waitress was you typical teenager working her way through High School. Friendly and informative, telling us to stay into the night. Usually the music started around nine, tables are moved and a dance floor is revealed. Having dinner and drinks we decided to stay and enjoy the local flare. People were friendly, saying hello, asking where we were from, that is when we met Crystal.

Most times than not, I am the one that people socialize and talk with, Crystal was different. She took time with my wife, talking, getting to know her, making her feel comfortable. It was if they were friends that had not seen each other since high school. They had more in common the more they talked. Laughing and joking the more I brought them drinks, it seemed as if they had become very close friends. It was now nine and the small band had taken the stage, everyone began to cheer. Music began to play and the dance floor was now flooded with a sea of people. Grabbing her hand Crystal pulled her out to dance, leaving me at the table to watch.

I would occasionally go out and dance, however, I felt as if I was interrupting. Finding time during slow songs she would make time for us to have our turn together. I loved holding her close, telling me how much she loved me, talking about other couples dancing as well. We also discussed the fact that we found a good place to stop for the night. Soon the song was over and Crystal was acting exhausted, she was sitting at our table with her drink in hand. We joined her for another drink, my cheeks were feeling numb. I was feeling drunk and tired, Crystal suggested that we head outside for some cooler air.

Standing outside my wife mentioned that we should head back to the motel, then she unexpectedly invited Crystal to come back with us. I knew I had been drinking, however, I knew I wasn't drinking that much. Did I hear my wife correctly? My mind was still trying to process what I had heard, shaking my head to clear my mind, I looked up and they were walking hand in hand. Giggling and laughing as they leaned on each other. I quickly followed them, watching intently, not believing what I was seeing.

As we walked into the room my wife kicked off her shoes, Crystal followed her lead. I entered as if I didn't exist, unsure if the ladies remembered that I followed behind them. My back against the door, holding it closed, waiting patiently as they stood at the end of the bed. That is when they kissed, like two young virgins kissing for the first time. Their lips touching softly, both wanting to savor every moment.

Their bodies moved slowly as they undressed each other. Kissing and touching, bodies reacting with every move. I had always dreamed of watching my wife with another woman, now it was becoming reality. I could feel my heart pounding, a portion of me was jealous, someone else sharing such a close intimacy. The other part of me was excited, seeing her react, enjoying something so much, watching her eyes sparkle. That is one of the most enjoyable parts about our own sex lives, watching her expressions. Her expressions are as satisfying as the orgasm itself. Trust me I love to cum, however, the satisfaction of seeing your partner in such ecstasy is just as gratifying. So I just stood there, taking it all in and enjoying the expressions of my wife. I could also feel myself getting excited, they kissed slowly removing their clothes, each piece revealing both of their beautiful bodies.

Now naked, Crystal was using her body, guiding her to lay on the bed. Kissing and touching as they lie down, hands exploring, bodies quivering. As Crystal explored her breasts, gently taking her nipples into her mouth, her back arching, biting her lower lip. I could see she was enjoying what was being done to her, then she looked at me, knowing that she was finally fulfilling my fantasy. As Crystal continued her journey over my wife's body, I could see her muscles twitching. Craving for more, purely enjoying the new adventure.

I began to slowly undress while I walked across the room, leaving a trail of clothes as I went. Finding my place next to the bed, sitting in the chair, stroking myself as I watched. My left knee was touching the bed, a birds eye view, within a arms reach, I sat and watched. The excitement on my wife's face was amazing to watch, seeing her enjoy this was more enjoyable than I had imagined. I could tell that Crystal had her on that edge, teasing her making sure that she really wanted to go over that edge. Now begging and asking for her to make her cum, I stroked myself harder. Crystal did not look at me once, totally into my wife, I found this absolutely amazing.

Suddenly my wife arched her back, taking a deep breath like she does, reaching out grabbing my knee. I could feel her fingers digging deeply into my flesh. Letting out a loud expression of relief, her body shook, her toes curled, her abdominals quivered. Between the sight of watching her and the touch of her hand digging into my knee, I was quickly overwhelmed with pleasure. Releasing a large quantity of fluid, shooting high and far. Some landing on her hand, some on my stomach. The warm fluid was now running down my hand and leg.

My wife turned to me and smiled, leaning towards me for a kiss, reassuring me that she still was into me. Crystal slowly kissed her way up to her lips, now both lying down next to each other. My wife was now ready to return the favor, kissing and touching, exploring. I continued to sit there, watching my wife smile, enjoying her little experiment. What a perfect way to end the long day on the road.


  1. Now if I know anything about that lovely woman your married to, she would be shaking her head and smiling. Saying to herself, "Dream on darling..."!!! Your sure do know how to write a captivating story. Well written my friend! xxoxx :)

  2. Very nice there! How it is nice to fantasize and dream isnt it!

  3. What a relaxing story, not one that's built with a lot of crescendo. Good read.