Saturday, March 22, 2008

Help Me!

Sometimes in life we take a hard fall, hoping that no one saw us, we try to get up quickly. We are standing on fragile ice, trying to be careful, not to crack it and fall in to the icy water. Suddenly the ice breaks and we fall into the freezing water. We are hanging on with our arms, unable to lift ourselves back onto the ice. Every time we do the ice breaks more. Now our legs begin to feel numb, we begin to feel fatigued, tired, like we can't go on anymore. Waiting and wondering if anyone will come to our rescue. Just give me something to hang on to, a rope, ladder, even hope would be enough. Somehow you find strength to try again. With no luck we are stuck, waiting for that glimmer of hope that somehow or someway we will be rescued. Will we drown if no one comes to our aid. We begin to realize that water is no longer cold, we just don't feel it any longer. Our breathing slows, we try to rest, hoping and waiting.


  1. Wow! Your imagery is amazing. I can completely feel the desperation and despair, and I want to throw out a line of hope to you.

    This is very well done.

  2. Clever, I like the layers and depth you put into your work, well done and your imagery is vivid as always. :)

  3. Hey there, I nominated your blog for an Excellent Blog award. You have to drop by my blog to save and download it. The catch is that you have to pass the award to 10 exceptional blogs of your choosing. :)