Monday, May 5, 2008

The wound

The wound is gaping open, blood spills out, running onto the floor. Initially we apply direct pressure to it, the dressing is becoming soaked. We add more dressings to the wound and it continues to bleed. It slows it down, we are concerned, still bleeding, not coagulating.

We rush to the emergency room hoping that they can help. The doctor notices how large the wound is, and even the doctor is unsure whether he can stop the bleeding. They continue to add dressings to the wound, slowing it down.

In the meantime we begin to feel weak. We can feel the pain of the wound, the dressing help a bit, however, every time they change a dressing it opens up and the air stings our flesh. We look down at the wound and the sight of the large gaping whole is not as large as it feels. It still is going to leave a big scar, I just hope the bleeding stops.

Suddenly the doctor takes his syringe and starts injecting lydocaine into the wound so he can begin the tedious job of sewing up that large whole. I feel the needle piercing my open flesh, the pain is unbearable. Soon after I become numb, not feeling a thing. He is now sewing the wound closed, I don't feel a thing. Just thinking about the scar it will leave behind. Wondering what people will think when they see me.

Leaving a lasting impression of the things that I have done.


  1. Scars - the badge of honor and symbol of courage for people who do such dangerous and important jobs. Man, I hope they pay you well for all the danger....I don't know who has more courage, you or brave Liz. I am assuming you are telling your own story here and if so, thank God they got you there in time!

  2. The amazing thing about scar tissue is its strength. It may not have exactly the same beauty or flexibility that the original tissue once had, but it is strong to the point of being nearly indestructible.