Saturday, January 24, 2009

~ You and Me ~

The forecast for the next several days was supposed to be in the mid eighties, sunny, no rain forcasted for days. The kids were and grandma's and grandpa's for the upcoming week, nothing exciting was planned, deciding to head out on the bike for a couple of days. No destination in mind, just ride until we decided to stop, take in the surrounding town and move on to the next stop. No responsibility than enjoying our time together, just you and me.

We packed minimal supplies for the next couple of days, the bags on the bike would not hold a whole lot of clothes. We had the bare necessities of life, toothpaste, deodorant, razors, a small collection of items. A days change of clothes, knowing that we may have to find a hotel with laundry facilities. In the other bag we placed rain gear, even though the forecast was for good weather, Murphy's always prevails.

The bike was loaded as I waited for you , when the door opened I was amazed at your naughty girl look, black boots, jeans, long sleeve shirt, the way you looked made me smile. Putting the helmet on you tied your hair in a low pony tail, keeping it off of your shoulders, again the sexy naughty look, making me desire you even more.

I climbed on, turning the ignition on, pressing the start button and the bike rumbled. A beautiful sound the Harley makes, pipes crackling a low crackle. The vibration of a machine that would lead us to beautiful destinations. Enjoy the scenery's around us, no other worries than you and me. Climbing on you hold my shoulder, balancing yourself, foot on floorboard you swing your leg over as you nestle in behind me. Now placing both hands on my sides. Your legs next to my hips, holding each other as the bike guided us down the street.

The ride was beautiful, taking the roads less traveled, winding through the countryside, coming across towns that we would not normally drive through in a car. Mostly small farming communities, some being the local hot spots. Quaint little restaurants, people sitting in chairs on their porches, people waving as we road through. Reminding us of what America used to be, friendly people waving, even if they did not know you. Something that you can still find in her heartland.

Occasionally stopping at a shop or store that interested us, finding peace and serenity in our travels. It had been several hours on the road and we were now stopping for our second tank of fuel, using the wash room, enjoying a refreshing cold drink. Stretching our legs, enjoying the beauty of the small river that ran the roadside. Small little rapids, the sound of water, peaceful and calming. The local attendant asked us where we were from, interested in what brought us here, he clued us in on a beautiful site to see up the road. Giving us directions, telling us of this secluded beauty that only the locals knew.

As we motored up the road we found the path that we were told about, carefully I turned onto the less traveled road. Trees over the roadway as if we driving down a cave of trees. The air was cool, the sun hidden, beams of light occasionally striking through. The bike rumbled through the quiet secluded area, then as told we came to the open area that we were told about. A small canyon like area, no more than 12 feet deep. Surrounding a hot spring tub that swirled from a small waterfall, creating the river that we had seen before.

It was absolutely beautiful, relaxing, secluded, a vacation hot spot. Everything that we had hoped our trip would be, we stepped down the rocks to the water. Kicking off my boots, then my socks I pulled my jeans up and placed a foot in the water. The naturally hot spring fell refreshing to me. It was then that I decided to remove my clothes and refresh myself. Laughing she was asking me what I thought I was doing. Reminding me that at any moment someone else could pull up and see me naked. I simply just did not care, I felt free, unrestrained, I felt alive.

Much time had passed and she realized as well that we all alone, wanting to feel free and youthful she too undressed and joined me in the water. Splashing like kids we enjoyed ourselves, feeling clean, riding for hours in the hot sun, we felt refreshed. Grabbing her as she swam by, our naked bodies felt slick on each others. I always loved how her breasts felt against me in the shower. Pressed against me we kissed, treading water, both being careful to stay afloat.

Near the rocks I reached out and found a shelf of rock to hold onto, pulling us to the wall, near the waterfall. We could feel the mist raining on us as the water fell nearby. Kissing passionately, pulling her closer, she could feel me getting thicker. Laughing at my excitement she muttered as we kissed. Wrapping her legs around me, pulling me closer, allowing me to enter her. The moment was unexpected, thrilling, youthful, a moment that we made for ourselves. Enjoying our time together, loving, kissing, appreciating. Her arms wrapped around my neck, my hands using the shelf of rock as leverage, her back against the rocks. We rhythmicaly moved until we both climaxed. Kissing, holding each other up, we then laughed about ourselves.

Refreshed we both swam to the side, climbing out, shivering from the cooler shaded area. We shook are arms and legs like animals, trying to rid ourselves of water. No towels to be found, we climbed back into our dry clothes. Smiling and kissing we climbed back up to our bike, again preparing ourselves to continue on our journey. Slightly wet and damp, I fire up the motor again, hand on my shoulder you climbed back on, wrapping yourself around me, kissing my neck as you sat down. I shifted into gear, accelerating as we left our romantic spot, just you and me.


  1. sounds like something i did around 20 years ago.... *sigh*

  2. wonderfully written, brings back memories.

  3. Motorcycles and romantic encounters. Almost hitting the trifecta there. ;)

  4. You guys will be making memories when you get that bike, while this story brought back memories for me. This is very romantic stuff. xxoxx :)