Monday, January 12, 2009

~ Dinner and Dessert ~

The streets were lined with old buildings, all built in the late 1800's to early 1900's. Most building standing two to three stories high, consecutively attached to one another. The street was narrow, cars lined the busy downtown. Snow from the previous evening lined the street as well, creating obstacles as they tried to cross the street.

Arm and arm, they walked along the street, gazing into store windows. Snow was falling, speckles lie in her hair. Their breath could be seen as the talked and laughed. Others on the street looked on, wishing they too could share the love that this couple shared. Making those who looked on, envious.

The couple entered the famous local restaurant, known for their fried green tomatoes. Eyes were upon them as they laughed in the entry way. Again people noticing the giddy behavior that they shared. Although they had married 10 years the couple had a magic about them, making others wish they had the same thing in their own relationships.

Soon they were seated at their table, everything in its place, holding hands as they waited. A mid twenties waitress approached their table, introducing herself, bubbly and flirtatiously she smiled and laughed with the couple. She pulled the cloth napkin from the goblet, placing it in her lap, and with a smile, then commenting on her perfume. He noticed her interest right away, wondering what it may lead to later.

Throughout the dinner, he would entertain himself by imagining his wife with the waitress. Asking his wife if she would consider such a thing, knowing she was afraid to admit such pleasure. He continuously flirted with the waitress, making her feel comfortable with both of them. Her smile was radiant and devious all in the same, always looking at his wife each time she returned.

Dinner was pleasurable as they both savored their meal. Delicious seafood, over a bed of pasta, crab, shrimp, scallops, lobster, both in sauces that make ones mouth water. As the meal ended, they both sat their satisfied and full. Gazing happily in to each others eyes, their waitress happily interrupted another time. Gazing in to his wife's eyes one more time, asking if dessert was on the menu for tonite. The couple agreed they were much too full at the moment.

The restaurant was now quite and empty, the couple outlasted everyone else that was there. The staff was busy cleaning, preparing for the next day, the waitress brought the bill. That is when he finally decided, to leave her a note that she was invited. On the back of the receipt he kindly put. " We really enjoyed your company, would you like to join us for dessert? Ramada room 143."

As the couple left the restaurant the cold air nipped at their noses. Snow was now falling a bit heavier than before. She nestled into him as he pulled her closer, keeping warm and close to his heart. As he looked at her, her eyes sparkled in the light, snowflakes glistened in her hair. As they reached the car, they both climbed inside cold from the walk. Warming themselves before they drove away, staring and kissing as they waited.

Arriving at the hotel they parked and went inside. Both dashing through the parking lot, wanting to get inside where it was warm. Down the hallway they walked, again arm and arm, smiling and talking about their night out. Placing the card like key in the door, the green light steadily lit. Turning the handle they walked in, taking off their coats, making themselves comfortable once again.

He lit some candles, and turned off the lights, they both stood in the candlelight, staring at each other. Slowly he walked to her, holding her hands, he leaned into her kissing on her lips. Slowly kissing, touching and loving, they slowly began to remove each others clothes, piece by piece, appreciating each other once again.

Now they were both naked as they walked to the bed, turning down the covers before they both climbed in. First she climbed in, and he soon to follow, but then a knock at the door soon followed. She covered herself so no one could see, as he rose out of bed. Placing a towel around him he walked to the door, peering through the sight glass he was happy to see, their cute little waitress came to join them.

Unsure what he was doing his wife looked amazed, as he undid the locks on the door. Turning the handle he opened it slowly, then she looked amazed at who she saw, as he invited her in. "Happy you could join us" as he greeted her in, closing the door behind her. Taking her coat off, his wife watched in amazement, not knowing that she was invited.

Dropping his towel he climbed back into bed, smiling at his wife as he kissed her on the head. His hand now touched the side of her face, distracting her, making her concentrate on him. Forgetting that the waitress was sitting across the room, she began to kiss and love her husband. Meanwhile across the room on the couch, sat the waitress, slowly undressing as she watched.

Wanting to join in, she slowly stood up, walking over to the bed, she slowly climbed in. Climbing next to the wife as suspected, touching her so softly. Amazed by her willingness, he then moved back, allowing her full access to his wife. As she rolled over to greet her, she kissed her on the lips so gently. He then nestled in close, kissing the back of her neck. His body pressed against his wife, enjoying their dessert they all, so desired.


  1. Well now, as a waitress I have to say times husbands flirt with me I usually get the angry looks from wives not a welcome...LOL Great write! Glad you guys had a wonderful break. xxoxx :)

  2. Fantastic!! Stopped just in time for the imagination to take over!

  3. Very nice writing there! I added you to my blog roll so that way I will be back!