Saturday, January 17, 2009

~ Can't wait for spring~

This past week has been nothing but brutal, temperatures dipping into the very low negative teens. Taking our breathe away as soon as we hit that bitterly cold air, exposed skin burning in pain. Our vehicles and homes all creak and it seems if they moan from the stress that they endure. Very few people brave the extreme cold temperatures, everyone stays inside, waiting for the weather to break.

Police officer's, public works, tradesmen, firefighters all have to brave the cold weather as they enter the Arctic. Exposing themselves, taking risks so that others can be helped. Plumber's and heating people work overtime, trying to unthaw pipes or people. On the news we can see firefighters standing outside at a fire, steam from their breath, ice on their coats.

Today I finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Excited for spring to come, like a kid waiting for Christmas, finally....finally, I have signed paperwork for my Harley. The one pictured above is similar to mine, a former police bike, how fitting. A completely white bike leaves me options for design. Giving me the freedom to make this bike personal, making it part of who I am as a individual. Over the next few weeks, I will be researching and deciding what colors and design I would like. Many of you will be surprised to hear that I am contemplating some sort of flame design. Red, Blue, Green are some of the options I am considering, however, keeping it simple with pinstripes has also crossed my mind.

Foremost, I look forward to the day that I slowly roll my bike onto the drive, turn the ignition on, engage the clutch, and then with the slight press of the button, start the engine. The loud rumble of the bike resonating through my body, I slowly let out the clutch and ride off into bliss. Taking in the surroundings, finding a lonely road, cruising through the country side. Letting my mind and body escape the normal stresses of life, enjoying being me. Taking time to think about the things only a man thinks about when he is alone with his machine. There will be those times, when the DW climbs on board, wrapping her arms around me, feeling close and loved. Enjoying our time together, admiring the beauty of each other and around us.

Then when I am done with my ride, feeling refreshed, I pull into the driveway, happy to be home. As I turn the motor off, the rumble stops, I climb off of my machine. Removing my helmet, relaxed, I enter through the door.


  1. I'm so excited for you, your own Harley. Congratulations! There is absolutely nothing like the rumble of a Harley!!! <3 :)

  2. Yea for you! How exciting! I am sure you will enjoy it ten-fold!

  3. Very exciting! I am sure the both of you will enjoy!