Monday, January 5, 2009

~ Touch ~

Like most people, I loved to be touched, caressed. My body is always warm to the touch, your hands always slightly cooler than I. My shaved smooth head, radiating heat, your hand cool, gliding softly over the skin. Reaching my neck, sending chills down my spine, I begin to tingle, my body willing wanting more. I usually scrunch my shoulders, tilting my head back as you hit that nerve, hearing you giggle as you torture me.

Fingers running across my broad shoulders, down my back, around my sides, I feel blood surging to my groin. I enjoy you touching me, surrendering to you, I follow your commands. Removing my clothes, I lie down, face first on the cool flannel sheets. My slightly erect penis pressing into the bed, the pressure is somewhat pleasurable. Kneeling next to me, you run your fingers down my back, switching to you nails. Leaving me to wonder what you will do next.

Slowly your hands work their way down my body, touching my hips, then my ass. My butt has sensual nerves that feel very nice. Most men won't admit this, however, it heightens my sexual awareness. Trusting only you, I am submissive to your touch. As you glide down the crack you slightly touch my anus, sending pleasure throughout my body. I feel my penis surge as you do this, my body reacts, you enjoy seeing me this way. Asking me to get on my knees similar to doggie position, I feel you so slightly touching my sack. My balls hanging low, pull up close to my body, your cool hands surprise them. One hand touching my buttocks, the other touching my penis and balls, I become thicker and harder the more I am aroused.

The more my body reacts, the more you touch me, intrigued, watching my pleasure. You too are aroused watching me. Curiously I anticipate your next move, hoping that you push me closer to my orgasm. Amazed with my body, you feel the head of my penis, dripping with excitement, you place it on your finger. I hear you sucking the fluid from your finger with pleasure. Now I feel your cold wet finger teasing my body.

My penis now pulsing, dripping with cum, wanting to unleash its tension. Telling me to lie on my back, I follow your lead. Hoping that my penis will be submerged in a warm wet cavity of some sort. You begin my touching my head, slowly working your way around my face. Touching my cheeks, then kissing my lips, I can taste my cum on your lips, salty but sweet.

Kissing my neck, your hands run across my broad shoulders, down my arms. I lay their almost lifeless, enjoying your touch, anxiously waiting my complete pleasure. Now kissing my nipples, hands running down my side, feeling my abdomen quiver. I know you enjoy this torture even more now. I am now squirming, on edge, wanting my penis to be inside you.

Purposely you stop, staring at me, waiting for me ask, I resist, submissively waiting for your touch. Trying not to be broken, I wait as patiently as I can. Your hair runs along my abdomen, I feel your lips on my hip bone, unbearable now, I bite my lip trying not to beg. Knowing that if I beg, you will make this last even longer, maybe stopping all together.

Without warning, not expecting, you take me into your mouth. The warm wet sensation, feeling unbelievable, I moan with pleasure. You reach up to my chest, your warm mouth still on my penis, I feel your nails bite as you drag them slowly down my body. One hand on my shaft stroking, squeezing, forcing me release the tension that I could no longer hold.


  1. Wow!!! That story is slam packed with enticing visuals... :)

  2. I've always preferred men without hair, or with long, I don't care for the in-between.
    You have a wonderful knack for writing such strong words to provide clear visuals, I'm more impressed with each bit I read...keep it up!

  3. Phew! Dang bro! That was HOT!

  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Fireman! Hope it's the best one yet. By the way, that photo Mary has up of you is darn cute. xxoxx :)

  5. your wife ratted you out.
    Happy birthday :)

  6. happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear sexy fireman....happy birthday to you!
    The big FOUR OH! The fun has just begun! After I turned 40 this past year, I started having all the good stuff! It's a magical number!


  7. great post....what a way with the words there!