Sunday, February 1, 2009

~ Strange Day ~

The kids were off from school, their mother was working, so I decided to take them to Burger King for lunch. The kids were excited to get out of the house, excited to play in the tubes. I ordered their lunch as they found a booth for us, watching them closely, making sure that they were safe. As I sat down, serving them their lunch, specific instructions were given to them about eating, then they were allowed to play.
As they finished their meal the asked if they could enter the loud and obnoxious play area, I agreed. First picking up the table, then taking the trash over to the can, I dumped the tray. Carrying my drink in hand, I entered the room. The kids noise level was almost excruciating. Finding a booth, I sat down with my back against the window. My left leg was stretched out along the bench. My right leg on the floor, always keeping my eye on the kids from my birds eye view.

They seemed to be playing well with others, so I pulled out my book and began to read. Occasionally glancing up to check on the kids. Reading pulled my mind away from the shouting and screaming in the room, lost in words I continued to read. Suddenly my concentration was broken by a familiar voice. A woman that I have met a few times at kids parties, " Ric, how nice it is to see a familiar face here."

I was shocked that she remembered my name, flattered, I smiled and created conversation. She removed her jacket, placing on the bench on the opposite side of the booth. Glancing back at her children, she sat on the bench next to me. I began moving my leg so that she could sit down, she placed her hand on my calf, stopping me. Keeping it on the bench next to her, now bent at the knee. I straightened myself slightly, making a bit more room. Surprised by the intrusion of personal space.

She was very jovial and the conversation was good, talking about the kids, people we knew. She even brought up my wife, mentioning that her husband was out of town on business. That is when the conversation changed tone. Her hand now on my leg, nestling closer, speaking softly she became more flirtatious. Her hand was now not just on my calf, it was slowly moving up to my inner leg. I could begin to feel my sac tingle with excitement.
Knowing what she was doing, she invited me to follow her home so that the kids could play. Looking over at them, she made mention of how well they were playing. Reluctantly, however, like most men, I was intrigued. I agreed to follow her home, knowing the trouble that this could cause. I gathered the kids and we headed to the cars. Disappointed about leaving, I explained to the kids that were going to play at their home instead.

During the drive over, many scenarios were playing in my mind, truly unprepared for what was about to happen. We soon arrived at their home, she pulled into the garage, leaving the door open for us to come in. Excited the kids jumped out racing inside, I followed them in. She then closed the door behind me, following me, she was just as excited like the kids. I gradually took my coat off, placing it on the back of a kitchen chair.

The home was very nice, one of those homes that smelled good, like candles, very homey. Similar to walking into a model home that you wished was your own. Everything in its place, nice, clean and very warming. She was telling the kids to go to the basement to play, leaving us alone. As I complimented her on her home, her reply was, " Its nice, but there a things I am missing." She then asked me if I would like to see the rest of her home.
I began to feel as if I was a teenager over while the parents were away, small tingles ran through my body. Agreeing to the tour, she began by showing me the basement, also another way to make sure the kids were happily playing. I began to anticipate where she was taking me, including her intentions. Amazed by the perfect basement, kids room, theatre and play area we went back to the main floor.

A brief overview of the main floor, walking through, she continued up the stairs towards the bedrooms. A bit hesitant, she reached down, grabbing my hand, pulling me along. Like most tours, she showed me the kids rooms first, very spacious and nicely decorated rooms, each having their own theme. Nice like the rest of the home, not cluttered like mine, everything in its place.

Stopping in the doorway to the master bedroom, she turned, blocking the doorway to the room. Not expecting this, I ran into her arm. Looking at her, I was drawn in, biting her lip, she had a naughty little smirk on her face. Then dropping her arm, allowing me to enter, I did, as she followed. Again amazed by the perfect room, in awe, I even checked out the the bathroom. Reminding me of a resort, again everything was so perfect, again she mentioned that things were missing from her perfect little world.

That is when her hand was placed on my chest, pushing me towards the bed. Walking me backwards, stopped when I got to the bed. She pressed her body close to mine, looking up at me, touching the side of my face. Placing her head into my chest, hearing my heart pound with anticipation, pushing me back onto the bed. Falling on my back, she climbed on top, completely taking me by surprise.

I could feel my cock pressing against my jeans, her body on top of mine, my excitement exposed as she sat on me. Laughing at me, acknowledging my excitement. Her hands were on my shoulders, holding me down on the bed, as if she were a cat that just pounced on its prey. Leaning down she placed her lips on mine, I kissed her back. She giggled with laughter, excited that she had me in this somewhat helpless position, she reached down to the bottom of her shirt. Pulling it up over her head, I was amazed, she was sitting on me, no shirt with just her bra. Then her arm draped across her breasts, while her other hand unclasped it. Her arm holding the bra in place, slowly exposing her breasts.

She leaned down over me, placing her nipple in my mouth. I slowly began to lick her nipple, tasting her sweet skin, feeling the nipple grow in my mouth. A slight moan was heard as she adjusted so that I would not forget the other, giving both of them equal treatment. Then she kissed my mouth, passionately, her tongue darted in and out of my mouth, circling and tasting me. Meanwhile her hands were working on my chest, then up to the side of my face, using her nails to graze my skin.

Kissing my neck, I was lost in ecstasy, feeling her slide her body further down on my legs. Her hand reached to my belt line, beginning to undo my belt, I reached down to stop her, grabbing my hand, she slammed it on the bed. Returning her hand back to my belt line, finishing what she had started. My cock was hard and thick, undoing my pants was like releasing a lion out of its cage. As she pulled my boxers back, I could feel it spring out at her. Taking it into her hand she stroked it firmly, kissing it with a giggle. Then without notice, she took it completely into her mouth, all the way to the base. I didn't even hear her gag, while her other hand grasped my balls, looking down at her, her eyes were looking up at me. Looking for my approval, asI smiled with happiness. With no intention to suck me to happiness, she continued to keep her mouth there, teasing me.

With her mouth on my cock, I could feel her removing her jeans. I could feel the bare skin of her legs against mine, warm, smooth, exciting. Then she took her mouth off of my penis, standing between my legs. I raised up to my elbows for a better look, smiling, she removed her panties. Naked she stood there, staring with that quirky naughty girl smile, her pussy shaved completely, a small ladybug tat on her right hip bone. She reached down, placing her fingers into her wet pussy, pulling them out I could see the wetness. Slowly she raised them to her mouth, sucking her own juices, moaning with pleasure the whole time.

It felt as if my penis stiffened slightly more, I could feel how hard it was, wanting to be relieved, wanting to burst. Leaning over she grabbed it with her hand, squeezing it, happy to see precum, she licked it, acknowledging her pleasure of my excitement. Climbing back on top, she slowly slid me inside. Watching her position herself, so that my cock would hit her most pleasurable areas. Her body began to move rhythmically, working hard to achieve her orgasm, looking down at me with a smile. I could see her pleasure, being in control, taking charge, getting what she wanted. Leaning back slightly, placing her hands on my knees, changing her angle, her beautiful breasts fully exposed, she began to shudder with orgasm. Bursting out with joy and excitement. Her pussy quivered in away that caused me to explode inside her, my ass became tense as I came. Thrusting deeper inside of her, causing her to shudder again, laughing as she threw herself over my body.

Like a blanket she laid on my chest, kissing me, laughing, happy of her conquest. Even though I just fucked her, I began to feel as if I had just been used. Was I just a conquest or was she really attracted to me. Knowing that we were both married, I was afraid to ask. She began to say something when we heard feet of small children, running up from the basement.

Hollers of mom could be heard. Panic surged through both of us, laughing as we both raced to put clothes back on. I pulled my pants up, exiting the bedroom, hurrying down the steps, hoping that I would win the race to the kitchen.


  1. Well now, I've had three very strange
    days in a row. But absolutely nothing like your day...even if it is imaginary, it certainly topped mine. xxooxx :)

  2. Hmmmmm based on a true story perhaps...

  3. Now that is definately hot. Wondering myself true story or fantasy?

  4. WOW! What a great blog, definitely got my attention! DAMN!