Thursday, December 18, 2008

~13 Positions to spice up the bedroom~

1. You on top~ We enjoy watching you, plus it rubs us on the top right on the ridge between the shaft and head. For variation you can always lean back, it is all good ! The big advantage is that you control the orgasam.

2. Passionate Piston~ You on top again, however this time do not rest on your knees. Stay in squating position, acting like a piston you can go up and down, deep or shallow, your preference. Again we get to watch, we love watching. The downfall is that your legs will get tired, however, makes for a great quadracep workout.

3. Car Rider~ With both of you sitting, climb on his lap, wrap your legs around his waist. Slow rocking motion will help you orgasam. This is great for hitting your gspot, kinda reminds you of being in a back seat!

4. The edge~Have him lie on his back, his butt on the edge of the bed. Lower yourself onto his penis in reverse, your legs outside his. After you start bouncing, slowly bend toward the floor. It should be tight and electrifying.

5. Doggy~ This is always a favorite, it is especially nice when you lean down onto a shoulder, reach back and play with yourself and his balls. It gives a added sensation to the mauneaver.

7. Belly Time~ Or otherwise known as down dog.Lie on your belly, placing a pillow under your hips, keep your legs together. Have him straddle you and slide inside. You may need to arch your back a little bit to hit your favorite spot. Trust me he should enjoy it.

8. Pretzel~ Ok some women have troubles with this, however, men love when you let it slide inside while you put your legs behind your head. This usually ends up with some very aggressive action.

9. Anal~ Ok I can see a lot of you shaking your head, but wait! Try different lubes, some work better than others, KY is a bad lube, way to sticky, too much friction. Find one that works for you. Have him go slow, men want to dive right in, slow and steady. Once you have accepted him let him start to move. Being dirty is everymans dream. If it doesn't arouse you then touch yourself. That sight will send him over the edge.

10. 69~ I know nothing better than recieving oral on both ends. It has to be part of our list.

11. Slow climb~ Put a pillow behind under your back, place your legs over his shoulders, let him climb on top of you. This makes it so your gspot is exposed, he should be hitting it everytime. You will find that he should feel like he is climbing as he gets closer to his climax and yours. Digging his feet in for more leverage.

12. Table top~ Lie on the kitchen table, place one leg up over his shoulder. You can even have both feet on the table, lift your butt occasionally to add to the sensation. This will just add fun and spice to your relationship, even something to think about the next time guests are eating at your table.

13. The Spoon~ Just as it sounds, very intimate to lie there in bed and spoon your partner. While lying there get naked and allow him to enter you. Something very close and personal about the spoon. One of my favorites.

A few things to remember, enjoy yourself, worry about your climax not his. We will climax, we enjoy watching our partner as much as we enjoy the act. A big reason why we enjoy the woman on top, we can see you, touch you, kiss you and we like to enjoy the beautiful site that is before our eyes. Enjoy yourself and let me know which one is your favorite!


  1. Very nice...go for 13 in one night! lol!

  2. My fav is #7
    For #4 I recommend something like a chair or a nightstand in front of you so you can lean forward & rest on it, and also to get a better angle.

  3. Much too hard to decide which is my them all! :)

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  5. Interesting....but no matter how good the lube is, I dont do anal. It hurts. There was one I havent tried...thanks for the info.