Monday, December 8, 2008

Our time !

Sitting on the couch, fire crackling, the smell of wood burning. In the fireplace flames dance, mesmerizing us,snuggling close. Covered in a blanket, generously sharing to keep me warm. I pull you close, my arm around you, you huddle closer, placing your head on my chest. I touch your soft skin on your arm, feeling your hand on my inner thigh. I tingle from your touch, your hand so warm and soft. I smell your hair, the perfume that has permeated you, triggering even more excitement. I feel your body lying on mine, the closeness so delicate.

Enjoying each others company, watching television. This is our time to share, love, touch, enjoy each others company. I cherish sitting with you, appreciating the closeness that we share. Comforting, loving, mesmerized by my wife.

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